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Fairy Tail Chapter 524 Review - Black Future

Written by Shiggins


No, I'll talk about the chapter in a moment since it was actually pretty awesome and gave me an actual shock, but let's focus on the recent reveal that this is supposedly the final arc of Fairy Tail. Apparently, there is an official website for the upcoming Fairy Tail movie "Dragon Cry", that is to celebrate the series' 10th anniversary. And on this website, they say that the manga is in it's final arc. I WANTED E.N.D, NOT END!

Natsu is gonna be in the movie? Fucking spoilers, man.
Argh, fine! I'll focus. I'll focus... Chapter 524! What's going on? Oh, it's Acnologia! He's scary and having the time of his life! Sweet! Erza and Wendy are terrified but don't even know who he is yet, but Acnologia just saunters past and goes to Irene's body. After acknowledging that she's the one who created Dragon Slayer Magic, which means she's technically his mother too... he smashes her face in so hard that blood splatters everywhere and so does the shit in every reader's trousers.

Geehee... Oh wait, this is Acnologia, not Gajeel. So it's... Aeehee!
While Acnologia has a laugh, we go to the Guild where Lucy, Gray and Happy watch as Natsu battles Zeref. Lots of flips and kicks, but Zeref may have the upper hand since Natsu no longer has the power of Igneel anymore. Suddenly everyone, including Zeref, are shocked when they feel a presence and Zeref decides he has no choice but to kill Natsu... even though that's meant to kill himself, right?

Claydragon, I found the next cosplay you and I can do together after we go Grunkle Stan and Ford!
Meanwhile, August seems to say the same thing Zeref did and tells Gildarts and Cana that they've ran out of time. They can all sense Acnologia has arrived. August believes he is doing the right thing, despite Gildarts comparing the Empire to Acnologia's wrath. Cana is pissed off and speaks up against him, before activating her Fairy Glitter attack and... Damn it, does anyone get hurt by this thing?!

Not August at any rate, as he stands there without harm. He suddenly shows a more twisted side to his personality as he reveals he has never felt love, and is curious about the love between father and child he sees before him. Which means August has decided he will kill Cana and see how Gildarts reacts.

Opinion: E.N.D, not END!

So in just a few pages, Acnologia defied expectations. Not only has he nearly petrified Erza and Wendy for at least one chapter, he also crushed the body of Irene and told me to stop thinking she was coming back to fight him. This is me sure that she's dead now, and I very much doubt we'll get a happy ending where Erza and her mum have girl talk over boys or swords or whatever. To put it simply, Acnologia does not give a fuck and I like it!

....Do you? I'm still unsure what you have and what you don't.
August has snapped... or has he? Yes, I'm not fully convinced he's not experienced love before. He loves his empire, and he clearly cares for Brandish. I think he's trying to make Gildarts fight at full strength for some sort of moral reason, and he's actually just a great actor. At any rate, I'm excited to see next week's chapter. Especially since the title seems to hint at something involving Larcade...

But I want to talk about this "final arc" that we're supposedly on. Personally, it feels rushed to suddenly be told that, especially since there feels like a lot more we can do. Without Makarov, I'd love to see the antics Erza gets up to as the official Guildmaster now. And how she handles the group that always break the rules. I want to see how Gajeel and Levy handle actually dating, since I am so goddamn sick of watching manga just throw two people together at the end and not show the actual lives of a romantic couple. (Seriously, well done Yamato series for doing that properly.) And most importantly, I want someone to tell me why the fuck Gray killed Frosch and caused Future Rogue. What brought that on? We've never seen anything that shows he actually would kill Frosch! Hell, Gray loves Frosch, so this is really backwards. It feels like this decision to make the war the final arc was spur-of-the-moment and I really don't want to say goodbye yet...

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Acnologia for SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT!

Best Part: Acnologia Smash!

Worst Part: Zeref saying he'll kill Natsu now...

Every single time I see her, I just... More! NEED MORE CANA! (foams at mouth)
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  1. I can't describe it but there was something satisfying about seeing Acnologia brutally destrdestroy Irene's skull and the terror shown on Erza and Wendy. If this is the last arc it will be rushed it feels like more should be done and this arc in particular wouldn't be the best place to end it hope not I really really hope there is more. Thanks for the review.

    1. Probably because it's just so goddamn good to see a villain actually do villainous shit, instead of just laugh and say they're going to do it! Acnologia kills and crushes and that is so entertaining in a sick sadistic way.
      I need there to be more, man. I can't handle this, man. I'm breaking apart, man!

    2. Makes sense. I would wait for more information before panicking over this being the end it would seem weird for Hiro to say this in the middle of this arc. A couple of questions though. Where has been the actual army for ishgar? Now that is zeref wants to win does that mean his curse will make him weaker? if so is that the grand plan? Why is Zeref still not using his instant death wave? When or maybe if fairy tail wins is that "good" cause if I remember correctly didn't they attack the empire first?is Acnologia simply a psychopath who hates dragons or is he just being an excellent dragon slayer? Did he enjoy the Orange slices he had while of screen?

  2. Hey, nice review!!
    There is actually a chance that this is NOT the final arc, since the japanese version can also be translated to "final chapter". Which would mean that Fairy Tail is in its finals, but not exactly a final arc. I'm 50/50 on this, but I REALLY hope this is not the last arc. There is so much to be explored on!! People keep saying that there isn't much that can happen after this arc, but they said the same about Tartaros. Hiro could show us Ankseram, or make another arc for Acnologia separately. Damn, he could also add more lore, backstory, explain more about the 18 War Gods, explain how did the Celestial Spirit King meet Mard Geer, explain more about Anna, Acnologia, etc. So PLEASE don't end it right now. I still have some hope that this is really a mistranslation, because it simply cannot END yet!!
    P.S Also, I think that even though Hiro has a lot to explore even after this arc, I doubt he'll touch the Gray/Frosch subject. He pretty much cleared up that Gray would kill Frosch if Rogue would go to Avatar instead of Natsu, and that since Natsu "changed" the future, that won't happen again.
    Though who knows, Hiro *could* potentially reveal more about this later.

    1. Aww damn, I forgot about half that stuff! All those freaking "War Gods" and Anna Heartfilia... Those two alone could cause interesting arcs. Polly is Grandine from Edolas but we've never talked about that again! There is so much!

      Yeah, most people are saying that about Gray/Frosch really. I still want to at least know why Gray killed Frosch in the original timeline though, since your version still implies Gray may have done it accidently. But... how? He wouldn't attack Rogue head-on with death magic or anything. Aaargh...

    2. So yea, I really hope Fairy Tail won't end this arc. I'm not sure how I feel if Ankseram really is the final villain. That would definetly mean FT is not ending any time soon, but I'm also not that sure about having a villain who gets introduced so late into the series.
      What I would like most, is if Acnologia is left for another arc. Acnologia is the best villain and character in FT right now, so I hope he is left for other arcs. There are so many ways the story can develop, which is why I see this arc as a semi-final arc. Which I really hope it is...

  3. feels like irene was ezras mother just to have the suicide scene to get rid of her