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Fairy Tail Chapter 525 Review - Why Was His Majesty's Child Not Loved?

Written by Shiggins

Hi Larcade. Bye Larcade.

No wasting time here, let's get right into it! Gildarts is pissed and August is grinning like a madman who just discovered what a bidet does, which is just making Gildarts even angrier. Ignoring Cana's warning, Gildarts charges and the two clash. August asks Gildarts why, even though parents are meant to love their children, that Zeref doesn't love his own child.

........Brexit? (Sorry, I couldn't resist. The joke was too easy)
Cana jumps in finally, and now the two are going to face off against August who is still wondering about Larcade. Speaking of whom, Larcade is literally dragging himself across the cobblestone path in pain to find his father. His father, being Zeref, currently fighting Natsu brutally with his evil Death Magic. Mavis contacts Lucy, Gray and Happy via telepathy to tell them to leave the Guild and meet up with her instead of just watching the fight like a couple of spare parts. Mavis has a plan!

Wow, what a panel. Good thing she wore the dark trousers today.
Zeref's contradictions are finally coming back though, and I have to admit I forgot how much I loved it. He knows he needs to destroy Natsu for the "future of humanity" but he's having far too much fun fighting his brother. So essentially, he's in the Goku-Trap. Suddenly, Natsu is affected by the power of sleep as Larcade enters.

Damn it. I cannot get over how good Zeref's jacket looks.
Natsu tries to fight the sleeping spell while Larcade happily boasts for his father to wipe him out now. Unfortunately, Zeref is not a happy bunny and we see a flashback of Precht/Hades studying the frozen Mavis and realises she is definitely alive in there. As he ponders whether he should let her die or let her live, we go back to the present where Zeref has just created a hole through his son's torso.

Opinion: I'm sensing a theme here.

Fairy Tail has always been about family and bonds, but it feels like we're going up a gear. Erza and Irene, Zeref and Natsu, Zeref and Mavis and Larcade, Brandish and her mother, Ajeel and Yajeel,.. Lots of families involved in this war, but if that's on purpose than I really like it.

I can't tell if he's unlocked the Rinnegan, or he just became a Yandere.
Zeref's behaviour is getting more erratic and crazy, which is a good sign that we might be about to see his "Death Aura" soon. As we all know, when he gets emotional and worried about life, his magic goes out of control and everything around him dies. With everyone nearby in the town, Zeref's powers could cause a massacre for all sides.

Anyone else picturing a Spirit Bomb as Mavis' plan? She said she needs everyone for this plan and I just imagine them pouring all their mana into someone to summon one of the beings from Final Fantasy. Personally, I'd prefer to see Ramuh or Bahamut from Final Fantasy XV rain down from the sky and kick some serious ass.

Is this a good time to ask about the structure of Zeref's magic? Is it like fire? Smoke? Acid? Buu? Or can it change to his will?
Lastly... oh Larcade. You literally were just a pawn by the writer to show Zeref's cruelty. I personally don't believe that Mavis was pregnant, so I think it'll be more accurate to consider Larcade a "clone" or "copy" of Mavis. Something made using her DNA and adopted by Zeref because he wanted his very own Mavis to cuddle, but he was disappointed because the kid was male. Or religious. Or not blonde enough.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Zeref for going full-villain.

Best Part: Zeref is mean to his son.

Worst Part: Lucy not even trying to help Natsu.

Ah the meh old days...

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  1. I've got to say - I enjoyed seeing Zeref being affected by the curse of contradictions. It reminds me why I love Zeref so much - he is basically a lot of personalities in one. And Larcade.... I kinda feel bad for him. Hiro showed us the flashback to convince us that Larcade was inside Mavis, but let's be honest - it's definetly not like that. Since Larcade has the exact smell like Natsu, I'm willing to be he is also a demon.
    Also phew, it seems August did that just to rile Gildarts up. I was afraid he was gonna be sadistic, which would ruin his character. I really feel bad for Larcade, doing everything to impress his father, and being killed off like that. If I was him, I would also get jelous of Natsu, so I can see where his jealousy comes from.

    1. Yeah, it definitely gives Zeref an "unhinged" feel to him that I just love. Even he isn't aware what he might do next. I think we can assume Zeref didn't impregnate her, for multiple reasons. Most of which are... very graphic so we'll avoid saying them.