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Fairy Tail Chapters 527 & 528 Review - Emotion & Dragon of Magic

Written by Shiggins

Um... I have questions.

I was hesitant to even write this review because of the amount I have to deal with in my real life and how confusing some moments were, but then I remembered I have you people to talk to me and help me out. So while I try to guess and fumble about in this review, you can all scoff and correct me since you're oh-so superior to me.

Speaking of things that are superior to me, holy shit!
Our chapter begins with Larcade in tears, confused as to why he's being put in such pain by his "daddy" Zeref. Natsu is just watching with mild discomfort, and Zeref decides to make Larcade super-duper-magical-girl-dead by literally vaporising him from existence and leaving nothing but a scorch mark and a memory.

Natsu: I'm just here for the food.
Natsu now speaks up and is sickened apparently by how Zeref could do that to his comrade. Zeref begins to say how Larcade was never his comrade or child, and for his denial he is punished by Natsu's fist. Back to August once again as he stands up, barely harmed from Gildarts' full blast. August is full of magical power and he's about to show off just how strong he is!

August is now about to sacrifice his life by activating a magic that will destroy the entire village and kill everyone in it, friend and foe alike. Gildarts holds Cana close, wanting to protect her and just as August remembers the only one who could defeat him... He sees Mavis and disappears. And nothing happens.

This totally counts as a Gajevy cameo!!!
Mavis thinks Gildarts must have defeated August enough to drain him of his magic power, but Gildarts is unsure. A final spectre of a young August looks at Mavis' back, wishing he could have been embraced before he completely disappears forever... without Mavis even knowing he ever existed.

Amazing. Tragic. Amazic.
Gray and Lucy finally catch up to Mavis, where she explains that while she was held in captivity, she actually managed to retrieve the book of E.N.D! Mavis is convinced Zeref will be defeated by Natsu, robbing us of tension, and that she can use this book to save Natsu's life. Natsu and Zeref have another debate/discussion about family as they power up to battle once again.

Bet you a tenner that Zeref let her take it.
In the next chapter, we're finally back to Acnologia. He's still hitting Irene's body, but is interrupted from his laughter by Erza. After having a smell of the two women, Acnologia confirms who both of them are and lets out a casual attack. Jellal appears so he can block it, and I'm going to be mature and not make fun of the poopypants this week.

Lolicon confirmed!
There is a short fight ending with Jellal activating his "Grand Chariot" that wipes out literally every enemy it comes across, but then he is shocked to see it didn't work. Acnologia ate it, and his "attribute" is all magic. Yes, he can eat anything. He transforms into the big dragon and Wendy prepares to fight back as best she can with Dragonforce when... something unintentionally hilarious happens.

Ichiya has returned on his ship and gets the trio on board, saying that if they go to a certain location then they can find a way to defeat Acnologia, thanks to a mysterious woman who is now on the ship as well....

Opinion: The last Spriggan is dead.

From what I can tell, August's death was caused by activating the spell and as soon as he started it, there was no way for him to survive. However, he felt some compassion for his mother and choose not to finish it, but it was already too late for him to live and he was killed by his own... implosion? Let's call it an implosion. Personally, I feel he should have seen Brandish and that was what stopped him from committing mass murder, since we know he's fond of her and her adorable waifu face, but he never shared any moment with Mavis which makes the decision feel a bit weak.

That being said, August might be the most tragic character in the Fairy Tail series. Not only did he grow up alone, abandoned in the woods by an eyepatch-wearing bastard and forced to fend for himself, but Mavis didn't even know he ever existed. He sacrificed his life and saved hers, and she didn't even know she had given birth in the first place. To Mavis, his family, he was never alive. It's actually one of the most emotional developments I've ever seen in a character.

Oh thank good, she has big boobs! Now we KNOW she's an important character.
Thanks to Mavis though, I've lost almost all tension I had for Natsu vs Zeref. Like she said, he's going to win. He doesn't even need any help or strategy since he's just stronger, and the real drama is coming from how we'll bring him back from the dead after Zeref passes. While I do applaud the series for trying a different route, it still sucks the fun out of the battle we're meant to be enjoying.

Acnologia is a lot of fun but by god, did they really just rip a "Deus Ex Machina" of supreme levels out of their anuses? Just as Acnologia gets started, a sudden appearance from Future Lucy/Anna/Layla Heartfilia threatens to destroy his reign of terror before it can even properly begin and that could be very upsetting, unless it turns out we've been missing foreshadowing this entire time.

Manga Rating:

527: 3.5/5

528: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Acnologia for stepping up our villain game.

Best Part: Everyone run from Acnologia!

Worst Part: Mavis just gave away the ending.

Ah Erigor... the first time Fairy Tail put some effort in.
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  1. I'm not sure that Mavis's words can be trusted. I doubt the outcome of the battle will be as easy as that. Most likely she will destroy/open the book, and unleash Natsu's Etherious form. She believes he'll defeat Zeref, and somehow she will be able to save Natsu.
    However, I don't think that the fact that Mavis plans something, means it's going to work out that way.

    1. Maybe, but at least try and keep things tense, Mavis! For one moment!

  2. so both irene and august were given relations to a member of fairytail which would be their undoing, was honestly expecting u to rip this one up, *sigh* honestly i dont remember the last time i was happy reading a fairy tail chapter, maybe am just more blood thirsty as of late, i dont know, to me no spriggan has been satisfying till the end, hell i was ok with ajeel untill he lost to the strauss siblings

    1. Well, as I said in a prior review, I think the theme is meant to be family relations and how they can affect everyone. Natsu and Zeref, Lucy and Anna/Layla, Brandish and her mother, Irene and Erza, August and Mavis, Ajeel and Yajeel... But I do admit I wish it might be going a bit too far with it.
      And honestly, I probably would have been a lot harsher if it was anything like Irene and Erza, but August and Mavis' relationship was so poetic yet tragic that I had to give it approval. It wasn't a happy ending for August where he redeemed himself last-second like Irene did. He did it for his own reasons, and he didn't have anyone go "maybe the villain wasn't so bad after all".
      Not even Dimaria? She got smashed by END!

  3. What I really like about the last schapter is that Acnologia actually made some main characters flee. I can't remember THAT ever happening in FT (you can correct me if I'm wrong)

    I have to agree with you on August. It was very well pulled off, even if we've had that theme often enough in this arc.