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Fairy Tail Chapter 526 Review - My Name Is...

Written by Shiggins

The fan theories were right!

I never like it when the internet figures out the secret beforehand, because it gives them a right to brag and act like they're superior to the series. I only like it when I make a prediction beforehand, and I was starting to notice it myself this week as well, so I suppose the main thing I want to say here is... I was right and that's all that matters.

Cana has a point, and the fandom hates him for this.
It's back to August vs Gildarts and Cana, with sparks flying everywhere and the artist drawing Cana at inappropriate angles that enhance the story. Cana throws more cards, August dodges, then he charges through Gildarts' attack without harm. Talking again about the love between parent and child, August tries to stab Cana but Gildarts blocks him and takes the hit.

Another panel from Fairy Tail that highlights Cana's ass-ets.
Gildarts has no shame in fighting to protect his daughter so much, saying he only left because he'd feel like a nuisance or a pest to her. Gildarts charges forward, and Cana cries out for him to stop pushing himself so much. (By the way, is this the first time she actually called him dad to her face? I can't tell...).

However, it's time to go back to Larcade and... oh poor bastard. Larcade isn't his son, but in fact a creation from the Book of Zeref that he made to try to give Natsu a body. Larcade is essentially, the beta version of Natsu. The prototype. Zeref is angry, and only falling apart even more as he kicks his "kid" and goes back to his brother.

Sorry Zeref. Frieza and Doflamingo's rage moments far exceed yours.
We then get a flashback where Precht has the child of Mavis in a basket now and is trying to decide what to do with it. Due to the high level of magic inside the baby, Precht is worried he shouldn't have let the kid live and decides to abandon the child. The child managed to survive thanks to such a high power level and even knew about Mavis and Zeref because magic reasons are magic reasons.

In the present, Gildarts has finally figured out the truth behind August's power. He can copy and nullify magic, but he was dodging Cana's cards this whole time. It turns out that he cannot copy "Holder Magic" and can only copy "Caster Magic". Essentially, if a magic has a vessel like a card or key, August can't copy it. And unfortunately for him, that includes Gildarts' robot arm that he got after fighting Acnologia so many years ago.

As August takes a very painful direct hit from Cana and Gildarts, we finish the flashback by seeing Zeref discover the child and name him August...

Opinion: So it technically wasn't nakama power!

Yes, for all the complaints and moans about "nakama power" defeating August, this one was more about actually figuring out an enemy's weakness and striking at the most critical point. I even looked back at previous chapters, and yes he did only dodge the cards from Cana. By the way, is Gildarts' robot arm a reference to Berserk? I want it to be.

So Mavis was pregnant... Okay. Ignoring the dozen of biology questions rising from this, such as "Was it good?", when did Zeref and Mavis have time to do this? It obviously wasn't when they first met because Mavis isn't that easy, but Mavis mostly-died right away from one kiss when they met after the death of Yuriy's wife. So around the death of Yuriy's wife/Makarov's mother, Mavis must have had sex with Zeref? She died in the year X697, Makarov was born in the year X696 and I doubt she did what Irene did and was pregnant for years upon years with the power of magic... So in conclusion, Mavis must have had sex with Zeref almost immediately after she killed Yuriy's son, then he left and she went into that starved state we saw. Then Zeref appeared and kissed her. Then Precht.

Holy shit, Precht is a major asshole! The child of one of his best friends and he's like "Pfft. Fuck it, bye!"
Actually, this is one time I wish the series could go darker. I mean, horrifically darker. Not only has FT possibly added in an uncomfortably timed sex scene, just shortly after the death of a friend's wife, but Zeref left almost immediately. We could say that he just wanted to keep her safe, but then when she died he dropped her on the ground like she was nothing. If he knew she was pregnant... This relationship and Zeref's madness suddenly takes on a whole new depth.

Larcade smells like Natsu because he was meant to be Natsu's vessel. Yes, even I started to feel bad for him this time as Zeref lost his temper. Admittedly, it was a slight disappointment to see Zeref's temper right now, as I do love when a villain truly feels rage for the first time, but we have Acnologia for that. Let's hope his rage causes the planet to explode in five minutes...

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Gildarts for figuring out August's magic.

Best Part: August's magic discovered.

Worst Part: Pregnant lolis are still weird.

I thought we agreed never to talk about this ugliness!

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  1. But the problem with that, is that Zeref clearly hasn't met Mavis at that time, since as he said when she was trying to kill herself "I've been looking for you". And while there is a possibility that they had sex, went separate ways, and then met again, I still doubt that. However when did they do the deed then?? Most likely it was right after the kiss, because we had a few panels between the kiss and her death... still though, I hope it gets adressed.
    P.S Btw, do you still dislike One Piece? I remember you saying in previous reviews that you don't like it, but since you mentioned Doflamingo I started wondering....

    1. Yeah, the timeline is really confusing right now. Fairy Tail Zero showed us the timeline of Mavis until Precht froze her, so that is going to be a constant reference for me until we get to that point.

      I.... Aaaargh, I don't hate it! I fucking despise Luffy and some of the over-the-top arcs the series goes through, but some of One Piece is so good that I can't help but love PARTS of it. The arc with Franky and Rob Lucci is utterly fantastic, and characters like Zoro and Sanji are just pure badass. If they ever fixed the series' problems, I'd probably adore it. Right now, I like elements of it.

    2. Oh cool! I'm still catching up to One Piece, I'm at the Impel Down arc at the moment :p ! I did spoil a lot though....
      I have to agree. People say that One Piece's quality is on whole other level than FT, and that it is consistent, but I have to disagree. I find the aspects of something of "good quality" very different than many. As I see it, One Piece is more unstable than the others. It has arcs that are flat out boring, and there are arcs that are perfect, so perfect in fact, that you cant help but love OP for that. In that regard, FT keeps its arcs pretty consistent.
      P.S Heh, I see you Natsu is not the only main character you hate ;)

    3. Impel Down is a good arc.
      One Piece created a skeleton with an afro and a guitar and a suit and a cane. Which is one of the most badass creations of all time. Then they ruined him by giving him an ugly suit and making him fairly pointless. That's the perfect example of OP to me. A huge up and a huge down.

      Ha... No, I hate quite a few protagonists actually. I don't hate Natsu anymore. Like Ichigo, he's... meh.

  2. A Dragneel family picture must be made. Precht findings remind me of that whole "Ultimate Magic world". I hope Acnologia finishes up making sure Irene is dead or Zeref to actually go berserk a nice couple of chapters were the main cast gets beaten would be nice.

    1. I shall have to consider actually going to Paint and drawing up a family tree at this rate.
      Oh yeah, been a while since we heard about Precht and his magic world idea. Shame that more didn't come from that.
      I doubt we'll get a few chapters of utter defeat, but maybe one from Acnologia since he tends to be the end-all villain when it comes to fights.

  3. so the king of magic is just a cheap copy cat, *sigh* as goku recently said, how unoriginal, seriously we have a guy freom raventail that did that and at least the guy from sabertooth mixed and matched them. and is mind reading now a caster magic? so august pretty much is saying that he wont stop untill he sees his mommy, is that really what he was banging about with the only mavis can defeat the child line. And i always asumed natsu was the kind of person who wouldnt let even an enemy get treated like larcade , dude is gettting kicked about and his just chilling

    1. I suppose it was inevitable. Everyone said it was impossible to have every kind of magic possible, so there needed to be a trick and weakness to it.
      Mind reading would count as Caster, yes. Holder requires an item like keys or cards.
      As for Natsu... that kinda makes me laugh. He tells Zeref to stop it, but it's so half-hearted he might as well have gotten a chair to relax with.

  4. Obviously Fairy Tail runs on grade school logic so getting a baby from kissing is to be expected.
    Nah, it's probably some magic thingie.

    Nice that there was some actual teamwork involved. Last time I remember was Gray and Lyon against this racer guy and the first half of Gajeel and Levy's fight on Sirius Island, if you stretch it.

    Yea, where is the next Acnologia chapter? Last we saw of him he was about to slaughter Wendy and Erza.

    1. Excuse you but my parents held hands once and I'm here now. So BEAT THAT LOGIC! HA!

      Well, there's been plenty of teamwork fights. There's Erza and Wendy vs Irene, Natsu and Lucy vs Jason Statham, Thunder Gods and Ichiya vs Wahl, Erza and a freaking cannon vs Ajeel... And that's just this arc alone.

      Maybe Acnologia is just reeeeeeally enjoying smashing that corpse. In fact, I'd laugh if the next time we saw him he was just kicking a puddle of blood. It'd be horrific but in a funny way.