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Fairy Tail Chapter 535 Review - The Greatest Power

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...I don't need more of an introduction than that really. Let's just get going.

(sob) The translation is in the review...
Lucy is in pain, veins across her body as she seems to struggle to even move. Inside her is literal fire, as Natsu's flame seems to actually be burning her. Lucy plans to use this somehow to rewrite Natsu's power, and Gray provides support with his ice to keep her cool. Meanwhile, Zeref glares at Natsu who has stood back up and his wounds are gone.

It feels a bit wrong to have Natsu fighting Zeref without Lucy by his side... Here's hoping they are reunited for the Acnologia battle.
Zeref starts to wonder where the book of E.N.D went, realising that a human must be writing in it right now but is most likely being corrupted in the process. Natsu starts to feel regret for how he's acted during this arc, and resumes his fight for Fairy Tail.

"Don't be the second Hiro Mashima character with blue hair and a tattoo on his face to die tragically which he will later regret!"
Back to Jellal, who is in the air and charging towards Acnologia with full-rage. Of course, this doesn't hurt the dragon who eats his power to get stronger, but Jellal doesn't care because he just has to make Acnologia touch the Timelapse and that's the end of it. The airship crashes and Acnologia grabs Jellal, about to crush him with his claws while Erza watches in fear.

Natsu punches Zeref, who of course fights back. Natsu says... a lot of words actually. To sum up it up, Zeref is being selfish and only thinking of himself. Natsu then goes super-flamer and charges with a punch. Zeref activates his own attack and... we'll find out next week!

Opinion: Damn, Natsu can talk.

It's almost impressive how much we've heard from Natsu over the years that, when you really think about it, can be summed up with a quick "I love my friends so I'm going to defeat you". I'd actually respect it if we didn't have to spend so many chapters hearing the same crap over and over and over and over again... We get it. Natsu fights for Fairy Tail. At this point, it's not even annoying. It's just boring.

Proof that you could replace the words with lyrics from your childhood and this speech would have the same effect.
And speaking of boring, doesn't that just sum up the fighting this week? Natsu talked. Then Natsu punched Zeref. Then Zeref magic-slapped Natsu. Then Natsu talked. Then Natsu and Zeref hit each other. The end. I wouldn't that the choreography was bland if the words were interesting, but as previously mentioned, they weren't. The big battle between Natsu and Zeref ends with this? I certainly hope not.

If my tattoo started glowing for no reason whatsoever, I'd probably freak out. Is Lucy writing that in the book perhaps? "And then Natsu's tattoo like totally glowed and it was so super-bright and cool like O.M.G".
Is Natsu's power-up truly just "nakama power", as so many others have been in the past? Personally, I don't think so. Maybe I'm being too optimistic but I saw this upgrade as a result of Lucy's actions, not Natsu's words. And with her influence comes a potentially dangerous sacrifice.

Honestly, the Jellal portion was the more interesting side this week. While cliche and mostly predictable, it is still competent and not as straight-forward as you'd expect. Especially since I'm just curious who will save Jellal next week. Gildarts? Gajevy? The Wizard Saints who are still the most pointless fuckers in this arc and possibly the entire series? Place your bets in the comments!

Manga Rating: 1.5/5

Character of the Week: Lucy for turning "nakama power" into something defendable.

Best Part: Acnologia isn't down yet!

Worst Part: Another boring speech.

I ship Laxus with Freed, Evergreen with Elfman and Bickslow with Risley Law from Mermaid Heel.


We only have two volumes to go apparently...

This is the Crunchyroll translation of the afterword from Hiro Mashima, in Volume 61 which is about to be released in Japan this week.
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  1. Oh my God, how could he make the fight with the main goddamm villain of the series this boring. Jellal can also push Acny back somehow. And yes you're right the wizards saints were pointless.

    1. Jellal was only pushing him for a short while. Nothing wrong with that, really.

      The Wizard Saints are so disappointing. We're at what seems to be the final thrust and they have contributed nothing whatsoever.

    2. i wonder if we should care about the remaining saints we havent seen

  2. Just walk through the door!!!!!!DAMN this villain stupidity or whatever random rule that's says every time some makes a speech people should be polite and wait perfectly still to for the speech to finish. This arc has me feeling like an addict The highs last less and less but the lies feel so terrible that I just want to stop but I can't. What ever happened to that random demon in the grand magic games arc the one that could empty out peoples magic reserves?

    1. Leaving during a speech?! That's like attacking during a transformation! It's just rude! And yes, this arc has been a bit of a mess. Some of the best moments are fantastic, but the balance of great to bad is constantly shaking.
      Do you mean Obra from Raven Tail? He went back to Zeref then... That's it really. Maybe the anime will give him a death.

    2. Yea, I agree with that. I have to say, this arc had some of the best moments in all of Fairy Tail. However starting from chapter 500, things just got way to messed up. Quite sad really..