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Fairy Tail Chapter 536 Review - Savage Dragon Fire

Written by Shiggins


No. No introduction this time. Let's just jump in to the good and the bad while I scream because we only have TEN MORE CHAPTERS LEFT!

Deja Boo Hoo!
Natsu punches Zeref and Zeref punches Natsu. They commit the sin of one of my guilty pleasures (screaming each others' names) as the flames and the darkness crash into each other. The Guild literally explodes and Mavis peeks an eye open as we see Natsu's flames literally melt his arm's flesh. Also, Zeref describes the intensity of the flames for some reason...

Back to Acnologia as he is crushing Jellal, and we get the rescue I predicted... from Anna actually. She's controlling the limping airship, which is about to explode, and plans to use it to take down Acnologia and smash him into the Timelapse. She's about to fall when the Parfum Prince himself, Ichiya, grabs the wheel for her.

So a Deus Ex Machina from 8 chapters ago is about to use a Deus Ex Machina from 6 chapters ago to defeat one of the two biggest villains of the entire series...... *breathing*
Ichiya frees Jellal from Acnologia's grasp and offers him some advice about protecting who you care about, before both he and Anna let out a roar and crash into the dragon. Acnologia hits the Timelapse and... disappears. Meanwhile, Natsu strikes down Zeref, having won the punch-off because his fires are hot and if you aren't hot, then you're just not.

Beautiful Parfum Prince. Too good for this world.
Acnologia, Anna and the great Ichiya have gone into the Timelapse, as Erza, Wendy, Shiggins Jenny and the Trimen shed tears. Meanwhile, Zeref's Love form disappears and Natsu decides he's going to go to Happy and co because he's tired. He'll leave this to Mavis, no longer wanting to waste his time.

Opinion: *takes a shot*

Alright... Where do I start? I have so many places to start today. How about we go with... Zeref. Let's go with Zeref. I like Zeref. Actually, no. I love Zeref. What a great villain, and what a disappointing resolution for his final battle. While not as awful as some other final battles in manga (cough, Bleach, cough), this one is still going to make it a Top 10 one day. Maybe. If I can be arsed.

Emotion Power? Does that mean the "fans" will stop saying "nakama power" over and over and over and over and over...
Natsu's power-up, again, was most likely caused by Lucy's meddling with the E.N.D and chances are she is in severe trouble because of how powerful she made her future husband. So while that in itself isn't a problem, the lack of climax and spectacle is what we're here to criticise. A punch we've seen a thousand times, except this one is "hotter" apparently. No variety. No strategy. Just a flaming punch. I'd almost be impressed if I wasn't so upset.

Let's move to Acnologia. Or should I say, Ac-no-logia!

I'll repeat that hilarious joke, so you can appreciate it twice.


For your sake, it better not be. No... for all of us.
Anyway, he went boom. He went into the Timelapse and I AM REALLY FREAKING OUT, YOU GUYS! As I'm sure we're all aware, the Fairy Tail manga would be the most idiotic series on the planet if this was actually the death of Acnologia, since we've been building him up for so long and The Timelapse is as pathetically hammered into the plot as was Uryu's "Silver Arrow" bullshit. It would also mean that Natsu and Lucy never had a proper fight against the evil dragon, and he was defeated by none of the main cast. His defeat would have come at the hands of Ichiya and a character who literally wasn't in the manga ten chapters ago. So of course, that would be suicidal for Fairy Tail to quit like that.

Another reason that backs up my theory that Acnologia will return is Lucy herself, who isn't even aware her ancestor is literally in her timeline and fucking shit up. I refuse to believe that Anna Heartfilia could drop by and not even meet Lucy before she heads off back to the past. It's just too ridiculous for words.

Love Zeref's Lost...
On the other hand though, ICHIYA! Don't let the Parfum Prince die! His fragrance is too perfect! He is true MEN! His sacrifice was brilliant, but I don't want him to die... this is my selfishness taking over, I admit, and I'm sure many of you will be glad because more deaths = more orgasms for you heartless wretches!

On a final note, I want to talk about what was my personal favourite moment of the chapter; Natsu just walked off. He wasn't smiling or cocky or crying or angry... He was just done. Fighting his brother has been exhausting, depressing and painful, and this shows the pain Natsu is going through far more than his bloodied arm or tears ever would. If he was angry and roared, I would not acknowledge it. A cold, tired goodbye to his brother as he just walks off to find Happy, Lucy and Gray? That's far more subtle, and therefore far more powerful.

Zeref: "Mavis... How the fuck are you awake?"
Manga Rating: 2/5

Character of the Week: Ichiya for his (hopefully) temporary sacrifice.

Best Part: Natsu just leaves.

Worst Part: Acnologia is "defeated".

P.S; With Fairy Tail ending in ten chapters (sob), I think we should give up on some of our theories. Anna Heartfilia being evil, the Wizard Saints being useful, Yuriy's death being important in any way and whatever else... Such a shame.

Man, you guys were sooooo useful during this war. I mean, I loved how you did... that thing. Against those guys... it was awesome.

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  1. We can lso scratch Gajeel meeting his dad from the list *sigh* Hope we at least see him before the epiloge.

    Hey, perhaps the whole FT-ends-in-a-few-chapters-thing is just a ruse after all and sending Acy back was actually a bad thing... We can only hope.

    1. *sadly scratches Gajeel and Acnologia being related since they have very identical appearances from the list*

      Ha, maybe. Fairy Tail Z!

  2. Damn... I usually don't complain about FT chapters, but this was the most dissapointing chapter in a long time.
    First of all, Zeref. Hiro better explain this attack Natsu used, because otherwise it's bullshit. Even if it is explained though, the battle still wasn't as good as it should've been. Sure, if it is animated it will look epic, but... there was no variety. And even though Natsu battled Zeref for almost 15 chapters already, Zeref didn't showcase much. So either way, this is a bit dissapointing. And if Hiro doesn't give an explanation to the "Power of the Guild" attack, then that's the new "Because it's Erza" for me.
    Secondly, Acnologia...... Wtf? I swear, if Acnologia is really gone, then that is the WORST thing that could happen in the manga. I mean all this buildup, Natsu swearing he'll take Acno down, and.... Acno is done by a timelapse, that was introduced a few chapters ago, withought even showing any good feats!?? I'm 50/50 on this, because I still can't believe Acno is done by that. He might still return... But if he doesn't, then I'm gonna be EXTREMELY dissapointed. We better have an Acno vs Hybrid Natsu battle, that doesn't involve just fist attacks!!!

    1. Weird to hear you disappointed in FT...

      Anyway, I feel like the main explanation we'll get is Lucy interfering with Natsu's book, rewriting his biology to make him strong enough. You could even argue the reason his arm melted like that was because Lucy wrote in too much strength and it backfired on him. (Ha... backfired... Damn it, I am so funny)
      Love Zeref is gone far too soon. I feel like we missed an entire arsenal of magic spells. When villains like Aizen or Obito gain their final forms, they get new powers. Zeref deserved the same!
      Acnologia isn't gone. No way. No how. No no no. Acnologia, Parfum Prince and Anna-Sigh are going to come back. I'm literally going to be in denial until he returns. I don't even want to acknowledge that we have ten more chapters without battling him.

    2. Yea, I'm not the person that can be easily dissapointed in FT tbh...
      But Zeref and Acnologia were built up during the whole series... And I expected a bit more from Zeref, but even so, I can let it slide(Still slightly dissapointed). The only BIG thing I'm mad at is Acnologia. For now I still think he'll return, since we have 10 chapters remaining, but if he doesn't... Then I don't even know.

  3. So this was pretty bad. Zeref has near infinite magic and control over space-time and he gets beaten by a punch. Just wow. Acnologia gets beaten by timey wimey hole. Remember when Natsu swore vengeance against him. Remember how Natsu didn't even see Acny once in this arc. This beyond lazy. Will Acny come back? Will Fairy Tail fight Ankhsheram? Who cares? This arc was crap. At least there were a couple good fights I guess...

    I need stop before I start rambling.

    1. Acnologia has to come back. I hate the idea of him not returning, especially when we have ten chapters and a disappointing ending to Zeref left.

      As for Ankhseram, I doubt we'll see him. He probably works best as a name, a background influence we don't need to see.

  4. ichiya is the real dragon slayer of the series, and to answer fairytails question, no fairys dont have tails, ichiya is confirmation of this

    1. Ichiya is not a fairy! He is the Parfum Prince! MEN!

  5. If Acnologia is still alive that give us at Max 8 chapters of fighting. I'm gonna lie this chapter would've broken my love for the series if you hadn't made me see it wasn't as bad , the arm melting panel was cool though. The real tragedy of death is this war had far more consequences for everybody but fairy tail makarov death was depressing not gonna lie but every other guild lost a great number of members special mention to cheria and being permanently disabled. The part of this war I really hoped Hiro would have addressed our main characters sort of got away with igniting a war to save the master but his death proves it futility and as a result countless of lives lost are partially their fault, I get it fairy tail is a family and it would do anything to protect each other. It just sad that everyone else's families had to suffer for it.
    Can Zeref catch a break, I swear this is ridiculous on top of the curse the empire he built was beaten in less then 3 weeks his own general committed suicide, betrayed him or just failed miserably and even with infinite power and the doorway to victory two steps away he sti'll can't win.

    1. To be fair, in the Guild's defence, this is an entire army created by Zeref and he's planning to wipe out their entire timeline. There is no way the other Guilds wouldn't battle him, since he was clearly going to invade their country and try to take over anyway. If anything, Natsu and co just started the war earlier than planned, but its clear Zeref was going to attack sooner or later. I wouldn't blame Fairy Tail for it.

      Zeref is a life of misery, and for all we know he wanted to lose this fight. He's a poor soul who lost far too much, just like a child of war. I'm actually wondering if he, subconsciously, wanted to be defeated by Natsu.

      Also, I am super-glad to hear my review helped. Even if the ending is bad, don't let it ruin your love for the series. So many manga out there have had bad endings, but that shouldn't erase the good times like the Grand Magic Games or fanservi... I mean emotional scenes!

  6. We might still get some confirmation on Yuriy's death (*e.g. Mavis and Warrod pass away from their injuries, meeting with the spirits of Zera, Yuriy and Precht... and so we find out just how Yuriy died.*) Otherwise, this chapter did feel rather rushed and disappointing, but as with Kubo, I'll make the best of whatever happens next in these last ten chapters. Thanks for covering Fairy Tail after all this time.

    1. I wouldn't mind a scene like that, although I will always be upset that God Serena was not Yuriy. THEY LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE, GODDAMNIT!
      And that is the best attitude to have. Thankfully, this arc never reached to Bleach's depths. Zeref is still better than Yhwach.

      And you are very welcome, thank you!