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QUICK FIX: Origin Dragon and the World Before Alma Torran

Written by: Micha

A billion years ago, I made up a theory that Origin Dragon could have been a God from another universe. And considering the trajectory Magi is currently heading towards, I suspect we will be talking about universes a lot nowadays.

For some reason, even after 2 years, this theory has survived the test of time, most probably because we don't get to hear much from the Origin Dragon as we are currently in deep shit with Sinbad. So enjoy me going on a brief trip to lunacy as I explain why Origin Dragon was the God of the world before Alma Torran and his relationship with Il Ilah.

Why are dragons drawn pretty, what is even this manga??
Origin Dragon lived in the bottom part of the rift in Alma Torran. 
This is kind of like the underground of that world, and he never came up, to our knowledge. The same is applied to the dungeons in the current world, which are parts of Alma Torran world, in where people of the previous world are residing. So according to my theory, the Origin Dragon (and the Red Lions) are from a previous world that existed before Alma Torran. It was also said that the laws of physics did not apply to the bottom part of the rift. Maybe he was living in a void, or maybe the laws of physics in Alma Torran was not consistent with the laws of the previous world.

His name is Origin Dragon.
And I know it's a name they gave him because his race lived for more than 8000 years and was the longest lifespan in Alma Torran. But where I get hazy is what happened to his race. It seemed that he was the only surviving one out of his folks, and I'm inclined to believe that there was a war that led to a mass extinction. This may very well be a war, a battle for power, between his race and Ilah.

You may think that me bringing up Il Ilah and the Origin Dragon's "rivalry" is out of the blue. It's not. There has been some references. For instance, it was said (click the link. CLICK IT.) that the bottom part of the rift was the "nothingness that God has forsaken." And even light did not reach it despite the lack of obstruction. This does put the bottom of Continental Rift and Ilah on opposite ends of the spectrum. How unusual for a God to neglect such a place. Or maybe he didn't neglect it as Ugo said, but it simply was incomplete for a reason.

I will also draw a parallel here with the the continental rift in the current world where Yunan and Morgianna's clan are living in. These two places are vast, unexplored, and has little relation to the worlds they are attached to. It is as though they are segregated as a compromise, as a consequence of a paradigm shifting event.

He is so fucking white!
This doesn't prove anything. For all we know, Ohtaka maybe just wanted him really pretty. But from a conceptual perspective, this is very much in contrast to Ilah's dark nature and and his rukh. Afterall, we do know that Ohtaka is a huge fan of symbolism. And isn't it kind of weird that Ilah has black rukh to begin with? Maybe it's the whole white rukh dominating over black rukh (Solomon's apotheosis) and black rukh dominating over white rukh kind of thing. And maybe Ilah's black rukh dominated over the dragon's white rukh flow, making him Alma Torran's God.

Magi is ending soon (apparently) and yet we have so many questions unanswered and so many possibilities unexplored. The Origin Dragon is one of them. And I hope to Solomon that these loose ends will be tied rather than the storyline being laser focused on Sinbad and Alibaba.

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