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Ongoing Manga You Should Read

Written by Shiggins

You need my guidance, children.

We have lost many manga over the past few years, but we must continue. We cannot close our hearts to the joys of others, and we must let them into our lives. And to help you begin your quest to find something to fill the void in your heart... please look at my guide. I shall be your Guardian of the Pages.

To celebrate the 3 Year Anniversary of such an amazing series, I'd like to announce that My Hero Academia is my choice to review every week from now on!

Dr. Stone

When a student named Ooki Taiju was about to confess his love to another student, the world was suddenly destroyed when every single living creature on the planet was petrified in stone. Thousands of years later, Taiju breaks out of his stone prison and finds himself in a whole new world without a civilisation to run it. Taiju comes across an old friend of his, Senkuu, a scientist who seeks to use nothing but knowledge and determination to discover the truth behind the petrification and restore humanity to its former glory.

One of Shonen Jump's newest properties, this series is an absolute must for anyone who wants a heavier focus on knowledge and science over action and fanservice. Written by Riichiro Inagaki (best known for Eyeshield 21) and drawn by the artist of Sun-Ken Rock, Boichi, the series is only 20 chapters in but is already making its mark as one of 2017's best manga. Funny, clever and full of heart, I cannot personally recommend this series enough. Read it now so you can be smug to everyone who only become fans after the anime debuts.


A local police officer called Shintarou Jagasaki is miserable at his job and seems to dream of just killing everyone that annoys him, which weirdly becomes true when a Rowlett from Pokemon gives him the power to turn his right arm into a gun so he can kill Parasyte-like abominations in gory, unpleasant ways.

I'm going to be honest with you guys and say I don't actually like this series, at least what I've seen of it. The protagonist is a very dark character, cynical and disturbed, and that makes it hard for me to personally root for him. However, I know fans of horror and blood are definitely enjoying this so I'm recommending it for you anyway. It is worth at least a chapter of your time, especially if you are looking for something fucked-up beyond belief.

My Hero Academia

Oh, shush! I needed to at least mention this one. You know I did!

Izuku Midoriya is a normal boy in a world where superheroes are the norm. He's a nerdy geek who obsesses over details to make sure he doesn't fall behind and just wants to prove himself to the #1 hero in the world, All Might! Of course, Midoriya eventually ends up being given a power, also known as a "Quirk" and he can finally enlist in the Hero Academy to learn how to become a true hero.

I've spoken about this series before, so I'll keep it brief. I will say however that this is easily the best choice if you're looking for something to replace Naruto or Fairy Tail, since a lot of this feels like a classic shonen series with a modern update. There are dozens of interesting characters, all unique with their own backstories and quirks, and the battles are just so much fun. The story-telling can be a bit shaky at times, but this series truly is... super.

UQ Holder

A semi-sequel to the hit series Negima! Magister Negi Magi, the series is set in the 2086 and focuses on a young boy named Tota who is turned into an immortal vampire by his guardian Yukihime and must join a secret society of other immortal beings called "UQ Holder" to learn about his new powers and future. As he comes to terms with his immortality, he begins to learn the secrets of Yukihime's past and even some unanswered questions of Negima.

So it sounds like you need to read Negima to understand what's going on, but the truth is you don't. UQ Holder more-or-less explains everything you need to know and is strong enough to keep you interested without relying on the previous entry, although I can say you would probably enjoy it even more if you read the former. The action is smart but intense. The characters are very identifiable and have a tragic air to them despite their eccentricities, and the artwork is great. The only thing that would turn people off is the romantic element to the series, but even that is given a different spin and manages to play around with cliches rather than wallow in them. For fans of action, romance or anything in-between, this is a great choice that I can't recommend enough.


Set during the Warring States period in China, the story of Kingdom focuses on two boys who have formed a brotherly bond, but eventually they have to part and both of them vow to become great generals to fight in the war. What follows for Xin Li, the main protagonist, is a story of bloodshed and trials.

While a lot of people will be turned off by the artwork, those who can look past it are in for a long ride of drama and intrigue set during one of Asia's most fascinating periods of history. If you're a hardcore reader not afraid to really get into a series and obsess over it until you bleed, this is the one I'd recommend for you. Some may find it overwhelming, but the strong will survive... Are you strong enough, children?

Other Series Worth Reading that You Probably Already Know About But I Decided to Mention Anyway

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