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My Hero Academia Chapter 147 Review - Togawice

Written by Shiggins

And I'm back!

My depression is done, for now, and I'm ready to resume reviews! While I had several choices to choose from, as you can see in this article here, I decided to go with the much-loved and awesome series of My Hero Academia! You can never go wrong with a life of reviewing superheroes, unless it's Suicide Squad because Jesus Fucking Christ... Anyway, back to weekly reviews!

Blaming an ally instead of the villain who can control the area around you... I guess Lock-Rock is a Lock-Cock.
We return to the present, having finally finished the epicness of Kirishima's and Fat's battle, with Nighteye's group taking the lead and currently being crushed as the walls around them are literally being moved by Irinaka. This is when Lock-Rock finally shows off his own Quirk, Lockdown, which keeps things in place around him.

However, it doesn't keep everything in place and a rock-fist charges towards them, which is handled by our own excellent protagonist Izuku Midoriya. Since Eraserhead/Aizawa can't find who is doing this, he can't cancel the Quirk. We also then get this page which, quite honestly, is far too much talking so I decided to just show it to you here.

Talking... Talking... Talking...
As Irinaka shows his determination to stop the heroes, Midoriya shows his own by remembering how far these heroes have come to be stopped here and now. The entire area suddenly opens up and the rocks move, separating the heroes instead of trying to crush them. And this is when Lock-Rock is ambushed by easily the best villain in the entire series... Himiko Toga!

Funnily enough, that's the exact same expression I had when Toga popped up. "Oooh!"
Midoriya knocks down the wall to Lock-Down after hearing his cries and finds two of the hero, the obvious-fake saying he was ambushed and knocked out the impostor. As Aizawa turns his head to talk to Midoriya, Toga shows that she was Lock-Down 2 and goes to attack. Before she manages to sadistically stab Midoriya, Aizawa grabs her with her bandages to prevent a naked display.

Eraserhead is just telling me here that he ships Deku x Uraraka.
Toga manages to get a stab in before ducking back towards her clothes that happen to be there, and Aizawa realises that Irinaka changed his plans earlier to let the members of the Villain Alliance enter. We get a brief flashback where Tomaru Shigaraki/Handjob is refusing to play shogi with Chisaki/Overhaul, as they negotiate over who Overhaul gets to use for his defence plan against the heroes, as a sign of trust to help the Villain Alliance and the Eight Precepts of Death work past their problems. And back to the present, as we see Twice is now about to fight Sir Nighteye!

Opinion: What a weird title to begin my hero business!

After the past few chapters, that focused splendidly on Kirishima's internal struggles as he fought alongside Fat Gum, it's hard not to feel like this chapter is slightly unfocused by comparison. The focus seems to be shifting from character to character now, although there is a chance that they just wanted to use this to set up these battles and next week's chapter will just be about Sir Nighteye fighting Twice. Hopefully anyway, since a scene is always more engaging when it isn't being interrupted constantly.

He most certainly is not okay. He looks like he was drawn by an intern in this panel.
As I stated earlier, Himiko Toga is my favourite villain of MHA so far. With a murderous tendency that rivals Harley Quinn's, Toga makes herself memorable through every scene. Her affectionate nature towards Midoriya is both hilariously disturbing and disturbingly hilarious, and I am sure that this isn't anywhere near her final battle. At least, it better not be.

With the exception of Rappa, none of these new enemies have so far been that interesting, if I'm being brutally honest, which is a shame because they have such epic masks. The Villain Alliance, while somewhat overly-designed, can be a lot of fun though so it's a huge relief to see Twice and Toga make their entrance. Twice is someone who has been somewhat underused in the past, so we'll hopefully get a fitting turn here as he goes against Nighteye.

Speaking of Nighteye, we know that his Quirk of "Foresight" will almost definitely be used here, but I'm wondering in what capacity. I've recently began to feel that this arc will actually result in a failure, another blow to the heroes since the "interns" must face another brutal lesson, and I'm now starting to consider the possibility of a death. Could Sir Nighteye be about to watch his own demise? Or will Twice enjoy a flashback-filled development before he is eventually defeated?

I never knew how much I wanted Deadpool vs Ishida until this very moment.
Lastly, and this might be a nitpick, but how could Eraserhead fall so easily for Toga's switch? I know her disguise is great, but he's meant to be a teacher. He's not an idiot. That felt completely out of character for him.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Toga for her sadism and making the current situation all the more intense.

Best Part; Toga returns!

Worst Part: Eraserhead's loss of logic.

Heheheheh... Butt-teeth.
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  1. I liked this chapter, it threw a good antagonist at our protagonist and she was absolutely glorious.

    I don't mind Eraserheads lack in logic as I see him being out of practice as he teaches kids for a living and is more used to dealing with threats that he himself has tracked instead of the other way round.

    As for Lock Rock his quirk is absolutely ridiculous in an attack scenario since he can't lock living things in place his only use is what he did in this chapter. I wonder of he's the kind of hero that the others only invite when all the other options are out.

    The pose that Twice threw is so funny and just makes me think of Dragonballs Ginyu Force and I now want Twice to form a posing team.

    Overall good chapter liked Toga's craziness along with Twice's hilarious posing. If he has cloned Rappa I will be so happy but I'm not sure who it is he's cloned.

    1. Oh Toga is always glorious. Her and her love(?) for Midoriya!

      I suppose so but I feel like the first rule you should have when seeing two people in a world full of superheroes is "which one is the one I know?". Hell, there's probably a guidebook about it!

      Well, Lock Rock did seem like quite an asshole too so I'm betting he's not usually invited, yeah. Unless he's fighting Pica from One Piece, I can't really see why you would invite him round.

      Ha ha, yeah I do like Twice. He's certainly got an edge to him that the next few chapters will hopefully highlight more of. And oh my god, the Twice Squad! WE NEED A TWICE SQUAD!

      I think it was Rappa he has cloned, yes. Which is the best choice, frankly, unless this Rappa doesn't have the personality of the original.

    2. I think Twice's quirk copies the person down to the personality so hopefully we get another good Rappa fight.

      I also hope to see Kirogiri(Shadow guy) as he is so cool.
      My only fear for this arc and indeed the rest of My Hero Academia is that some of the other sides characters do get chucked under the character development bus such as the tail guy he is awesome and needs more screen time.

      Glad to hear your Fairy Tail blues have passed I too was rocking back and forth in a corner muttering about its end. I would read any of your reviews for any series but I eagerly await your next one.

    3. Knowing Kirogiri, I would bet he's going to appear later. It seems like Overhaul only wanted two members of the Alliance for this arc, to make it more fair on the heroes.

      That happens with a lot of manga, although to be fair Kirishima has gotten a lot more development than I expected so we could get lucky and see a class-sized arc after this one.

      My blues are held down and buried. I have to keep going haha. And thank you! Hope you keep enjoying my work then!

  2. I'm not gonna read these reviews for a while because I'm not caught up with the manga yet. I'll read 'em when I catch up though!