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My Hero Academia Chapter 151 Review - Toogata Mirio!!

Written by Shiggins

Edna was wrong!

It's weird to say, but I've never seen a story actually tell me the reason a hero wears a cape. Not only did they manage to deliver a fairly badass chapter for Tintin, they had him actually fight against the will of Edna Mode as he tells us that heroes should wear capes! Pixar, we await your response!

Now THAT is worth a salute.
Our chapter resumes where the last one left off, with Mirio now holding Eri and Chisaki/Overhaul in shock and rage. Overhaul starts talking to Eri, telling her she is an existence made to destroy. Before Eri can be hurt too much by his words, Mirio speaks up and asks how he can be so cruel to her. Overhaul replies by saying he has no children.

Overhaul then activates his Quirk, and the entire ground becomes rubble then reforms into spikes, as his Quirk appears to be the power to disassemble and reassemble everything he touches. Mirio's own Quirk allows him to pass through the spikes unharmed, but he's angry because Overhaul nearly harmed Eri.

Don't ever make this a video game. Escort missions are the worst.
Overhaul just scoffs, saying that he can just disassemble and reassemble her, as he's done in the past. The area is locked off, and if Eri gets hurt too much then Mirio won't be able to heal her. To make matters worse, Overhaul's assistant Kurono is here, and he has a gun that can nullify Quirks. (See the past chapters involving Kirishima, or just watch X-Men: The Last Stand).

Mirio comes up with a plan and hides Eri in his cape, using it as a distraction so he can go under the floor and uppercut Kurono. Overhaul's Quirk gets in the way however, and Kurono escapes the attack but the gun skids across the floor. Overhaul is impressed by Mirio but notices Eri is alone for the moment, so chooses to attack her. Mirio appears behind him and smashes his fucking face in!

Goddamn, that is cathartic!
Mirio explains why a hero wears a cape, while Eri watches with big eyes. Mirio says he is impressed by Overhaul's strategy and strength, but hits him again because he is stronger! As Overhaul falls and Mirio says the name Chisaki, he has a flashback to when someone (most likely All for One) took him under his wing.

As the flashback ends, we see Nemoto from last week struggling to get back up because of how much faith and trust he had in his master Overhaul. Nemeto crawls into the battlefield and is thrown bullets by Overhaul, aiming the Quirk-nullifying gun at Mirio.

Opinion: Oh, I'm scared he's going to die.

It has to be said that Mirio is surprisingly engaging to me. When I first saw him, I expected him to either reveal to be a traitor or, even worse, a bland shell that is full of perfection and privilege. However, he has proven to be fun, strong and endearing thanks to how much effort he puts into every action. Do I think he's about to fall at the hands of Overhaul? Absolutely. I'm expecting a tragic end to this arc, and Mirio is at the centre of it.

Damn it, more rubble pictures?! I thought after Irinaka, we'd be done with that.
Overhaul is also becoming a lot more fun, although I am wishing we could put more time into who he actually is. The true depths of his malice is displayed here thanks to his treatment of poor Eri, but it does feel like we're only beginning to tap into him. My biggest request for the next few chapters is to devote more time to him and his past, including his true feelings towards his "daughter".

Oh and capes are awesome.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Mirio for his heroics.

Best Part: Mirio's cape allows him to hit Overhaul.

Worst Part: Really starting to miss Midoriya.

Naruto flashbacks, anyone?
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  1. I loved this chapter because it has brought Overhaul to the fore and made the last few Yakuza exempting the drunk one actually feel threatening and intimidating. I suspect however that Nemoto is actually aiming at Eri so that Mirio takes the bullet for her.
    I thought that Mirio's fight was excellent it shows why he is considered the best at UA. However the end of this chapter has death flag all over it. I sincerely hope I am wrong as I want to see more of Mirio but I suspect that he will not survive the arc.
    Overall I greatly enjoyed this chapter and I cannot wait for the next one. I do however want to see the other hero's fight Overhaul and get some more cool shots of him destroying the ground and remolding it to his desire.

    1. Yeah, with the exception of Rappa, the Yakuza have really been failing. That is until this chapter and last week's, with Overhaul doing absolutely great. He's such an interesting monster.
      That does seem likely, especially since we saw her reaction. I am quite convinced Mirio is going to die, and I am going to be upset when it happens. But MHA has been great at subverting expectations, so I'm eager to see what they do.
      Chances are Mirio is about to fall next week and Midoriya will finally appear to take on Overhaul. That's my prediction at least, and my hope since we haven't seen him take proper action in quite a while.

    2. I do admit I want to see more of Uraraka and her mentor whose name escapes me as they have barely appeared at all during this attack.
      However I now demand a scene where Mei Hatsume the inventor girl has a full Edna Mode scene involving the discussion of capes.