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The Best Manga of 2017 that you Should be Reading, you Pickle

Written by Shiggins

I want to do some promoting.

Every year, we get new manga. Some of it I hate, like the Parasyte-esque Jagaaaaan, and some of it I love like My Hero Academia. (I review that now. Tell your friends). However, I want to take a moment to tell you all about the manga you should be reading and why it is the best manga to come out of 2017. Not only will I be telling you what is the best manga of the year, but why it is the best manga of the year. Here we go...

The Premise

Dr Stone stars main protagonist and highschool student (because all manga must at least begin in a school) Senkuu, who is a super-genius that is embedded in stone alongside the rest of humanity. Thousands of years pass and Senkuu is freed from his prison and finds himself in a jungle-like world where all modern technology has disappeared and no idea why any of this happened.

Of course I was choosing Dr Stone! What were you expecting, one of the million of manga out there about someone being transported to a fantasy world? Bah.
Right away, the story starts us off with one of the most important qualities that any journey should have; Motivation. Senkuu has a truly understandable cause to keep himself moving and finding new obstacles in his path that will keep him from obtaining this goal, including a tribe full of wonderful characters. Add to that a mystery about why they got frozen in the first place, and you've got one hell of an opener that keeps you invested.

The Characters

At the time of writing, we have been introduced to three sets of supporting characters. One is Senkuu's best friend Ooki Taiju and Ooki's crush Yuzuriha. Another set is an antagonistic force that I won't dare spoil for you, but let's just say that he's cray-cray. And lastly, there is the wonderful tribe that Senkuu has joined to help create his civilisation of science. Several different characters, and all of them are their own.

Ladies? Satisfied?
What's great about them all is that they aren't just one-event-then-gone. Each of them have a role to play and a design to remember, and they know when to share screentime with the others. Ooki might not be in the series 24/7 like Senkuu is, but he's invaluable. As are the tribe members, including my personal favourite, the badass warrior girl known as Kohaku. They're all heavily flawed but heavily likeable, and everyone of them gives off the impression that they have much to learn.

The Science

Do you remember how awed you were when you first saw Shikamaru fight Temari in Naruto Part 1, before that series became all about the eyes? You were able to sit back and appreciate it all, as it was clearly well thought-out by the writers but they explained in a way that meant it was accessible to everyone.

Now take that feeling, but double it. That's what reading Dr Stone is like.

I should really start working on that anime kart game I've been writing...
Senkuu is a scientist with a weak body but a brilliant mind, and he makes sure you know that. Instead of just pulling a red curtain over every discovery or creation, Senkuu makes you focus on what he is doing and teaches you about how he did everything. We see him create iron, glass and even carts, yet every reader is able to understand it because of how approachable and well-explained it is. That's proof the writing is incredible. It's like if Minecraft became an anime.

This Face

This face is the best face ever.

To sum up this article, just read Dr Stone. It's smart and fun and worth your time. Much more so than Attack on Titan or One Piece. That's right! I SAID IT!

Any others you want to recommend? What was your experience with Dr Stone like? Comment below!

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