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My Hero Academia Chapter 152 Review - Lemillion

Written by Shiggins

I think Mirio is trying to tell us he's a hero.

The battle between Mirio and Overhaul finally comes to its tragic conclusion, although I'll admit to a surprise with the outcome. On the bright side, it was definitely an emotional event that Midoriya will never forget, and that has cemented Mirio as one of the most badass characters of MHA.

Please... no more flashbacks. I can't handle so many at once.
Overhaul has yet another flashback, although a mercifully brief one, where he remembers how the Quirk-removing bullet was finally perfected. To sum up, these bullets are special and cause anyone shot to lose their Quirks permanently, instead of just for a day or two. To the present again, where Nemeto is making sure to choose what the best strategy with this gun would be.

Since the bullets are so rare, Nemeto plans this carefully and realises that the smartest plan is to aim it at Eri. Mirio launches, while Eri closes her eyes and grits her teeth. Mirio is aware that the reason she does this, instead of screaming or crying out, is because she is bracing herself to pain that she can't avoid. A feeling she is very much used to.

So... do we just have a random narrator now?
The bullet fires. Mirio smiles to comfort Eri. We see Mirio talking to his father about the dangers of his Quirk, working his hardest to become the man he is today, meeting his friends, and finally tasting success as one of "The Big Three". Then the bullet hits him.

You know what Quirk I want? Quirk that lets me skate on any surface. You ever seen the opening of Persona 5? Kinda like that. I want to do that.
Overhaul gets back up, mocking him, and goes on the offensive once more. However, that is interrupted when the unconscious body of Chrono is kicked over. As Overhaul avoids it, Mirio suddenly smashes his mighty fist against him with pure ferocity. The battle between Mirio and Overhaul goes on for 5 full minutes, which is a third of the time Mirio has been in Overhaul's presence.

Mirio has finally stopped moving, a few spikes broken through his body. He calls out Overhaul's name Chisaki, enraging him further, and prepares for the final blow when... Midoriya smashes through the wall to join the battle!!

"Oh God, there go my organs..."
Opinion: Aaah, I love an epic entrance!

Midoriya has been mostly behind-the-scenes during this arc, with Kirishima and Mirio stealing the show, so I am admittedly ecstatic over his re-occurrence. He really has been feeling like a supporting character in this arc, and his big moment to shine is finally here. I love when supporting characters get the spotlight for a while, but Midoriya has been underused far too much.

Mirio's death is no longer likely, but once again MHA has diverted my expectations and brought out something far more interesting. Much like when we all thought Bakugou was about to become a villain like Sasuke but instead told the villains to go to hell, MHA takes a brilliant left turn and instead of a death and humiliating defeat, they took away Mirio's power and let him fight to the end!

I'm unsure how he would have heard all this going on or known the situation so... He must have just gotten lost on the way to the bathroom.
Mirio has been doing a great job of proving exactly why he was almost given the One for All power and what it means to be a hero. His battle against Overhaul has been one of the series' best, and the emotional impact of sacrificing his Quirk to save a girl is one that that is certainly going to be in the highlight reel. Knowing him, Mirio will look back on this day with pride. He saved the girl.

The next arc should be a very emotional one when it comes to Mirio, as we watch him have to deal with the fact he has lost his chance to become a hero. Someone Midoriya truly looked up to, now taken out of the battle. While I can think of several anime characters who lost their powers and returned later on, that shouldn't lessen the impact of Mirio's sacrifice any less. Maybe Midoriya will offer to give One for All to him, and Mirio will give an emotional speech about Midoriya's future as a hero. There is so much that can be done here!

Lastly, I can't help but shudder at the segment involving Eri's pain. While I am slightly perturbed by how she seems to not get to show actual personality and feels more and more like an item for Mirio to protect rather than a character, the reasoning of why she grits her teeth and never cries is something quite disturbing and well thought-out. It's a moment I just can't get out of my mind.

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Mirio for his sacrifice.

Best Part: Mirio fights until Midoriya gets here.

Worst Part: Eri isn't getting to show who she is as a person.

Is it bad I totally forgot his superhero name until right now?

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  1. Really liked this chapter, I thought that the defeat of Lemillion was very sad but at the same time awesome. However it does make you question Chisaki's capability as a leader of villains if he is getting beat up by a guy who has no quirk and with one touch would be dead.

    But I loved this chapter I thought that Lemillion was great as well as Nemeto. However if Eri had been shot surely that would have screwed all of Chisaki's plans as they need her quirk so if she had no quirk there would be no more reason to keep her captive.
    I suspect that Chronostasis will come back as he has been built up as Chisaki's number two so he better do something and from his name I suspect it involves time.