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My Hero Academia Chapter 164, 165 & 166 Review - Masegaki, Win Those Kids' Hearts & A Warm Provisional License Training Course

Written by Shiggins


A trio of chapters that proves that the true monsters of society are children! They called me mad for believing they would destroy us all, but this manga just proved me right! Thank God we have the great whale man to protect us! (Also yes, I am so so so sorry that it took me this long to bring out this review!)

Our first chapter begins with Todoroki and Inasa Yoarashi walking together, with the enthusiastic latter clearly annoying the Zuko-former. Oh and Bakugou finds the enthusiasm creepy.  Everyone who is taking part in the training course are introduced to the creepy Mera, from the Hero Public Safety Commission. This is when All Might and Present Mic arrive in the stadium too, and Endeavour aggressively cheers on his son.

We come across Camie, who you may remember as having been imitated by Toga long ago, and she speaks... slang, I guess? Seiji Shishikura and his teacher are watching from afar, and commenting on how Camie was replaced during the initial exam because she is so airheaded. And finally, my favourite side hero returns... Gang Orca!

I think I just learned how to discipline my kids.
He gives them all a speech and then presents what is definitely the best phrase you should all live by... GUIDANCE! He acknowledges how strong they are but they lack heart and so he is here to teach them a lesson! Before you think this is an ordinary battle however, an army of children are suddenly brought in from the elementary school, and the heroes must bond with them. Of course, all the kids are bratty and loud, and none of them are able to get the kids on their side. Present Mic refuses to just sit idly by and rushes to comment on it, as he has done with almost every other event we've seen him in, and Endeavour suddenly starts to open up to All Might about how crime has risen and he is actually wanting advice about what it means to be a symbol of peace!

*sigh. Saving image to personal folder*
In the next chapter, everyone is still struggling with the kids. The teacher basically asks them to help the children by bonding with them, so obviously that triggers their desire to be heroes. Bakugou begins a rant that is very... Bakugou-like, and its clear he can't do this alone. His violent tendencies are seen as outdated, so Yoarashi gives it a try! The twisted brats win however by using his own purity and making him feel guilty.

Best. Band. Ever.
Back to Endeavour, we learn that he wasn't just interested in the title of being Number One hero. He wanted to be the strongest, but All Might isn't sure how to answer. He thinks about how he pushed away Sir Nighteye and others who tried to help him, going as fast as he could to become stronger. All Might just tells him to become his own symbol, and not to rush while finding his own way. Todoroki meanwhile steps forward to introduce himself to the children, but is instantly told to beat it due to his stiffness. Finally, the decision is made by both sides to start using their Quirks!

And in the third chapter of this review, we start with Present Mic and Seiji both commenting on how using force will just turn these kids even worse. The Quirks from the kids start with rapid-fire Chomp-Chomp balls and dust attacks, and many others come at once. Present Mic comments on how powerful they are, with Seiji saying that many believe that Quirks get more powerful as more generations are created.

I just can't escape Nintendo games, can I?
Gang Orca keeps people from stopping this assault however, and we see that Todoroki and Bakugou have used their own Quirks to survive the attack. We finally get a glimpse of Camie's Quirk, as she creates a Shoujo Todoroki to woo a girl. The kids are suddenly swept around by Yoarashi, until Todoroki uses his ice powers to freeze the kids' Quirks and create an entire playpen! It looks like the kids are now being turned around, and Bakugou makes the introverted kid, who has been glaring and smirking the entire time, stop leaning against the wall and join in. And with that, it looks like the task is complete!

Opinion: Personality is the word of the day here!

What these chapters exceeded with were showcasing the personalities of the quartet and really letting us see where they succeed and where they fail. Todoroki's stoic nature completely backfiring was definitely amusing, as was seeing Yaorashi's exact opposite style be swept away with ease. And it goes without saying, but Bakugou once again provided a lot of laughs with his ridiculous arrogance. Camie was fun too, although underused.

Pages like this are why I love to read manga.
To my surprise, it actually looks like Endeavour is getting an arc. In all honesty, I thought he'd be gone by now and we might get one more appearance where he fights an enemy for Todoroki to show he has had a change of heart, but instead Endeavour seems to be sticking around. I can't wait to see where they go with this, because he isn't the type of character one usually expects to see get a personal story arc.

Sadly, the children were one-note. None of them really stood out in any way, not even the introvert who reminded me of Neito Monoma, but at least they had some fun powers. I don't think I want to see yet another exam involving children though. We can leave it at that.

Lastly, let's give a shout to the visuals. There were some very creative images in these chapters and I just felt we should acknowledge how cool they are.

Chapter 166 Rating: 4/5

Character of the Review: Gang Orca for GUIDANCE!

Best Part: A beautiful page to stop the kids!

Worst Part: Uninteresting children

*double sigh and saves to personal folder*
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  1. Three really fun chapters I think Gang Orca should now oversee each class at UA. His GUIDANCE would be much appreciated in greater doses.

    All Might and Endeavour talking was neat as these two are still rivals but they way they handled it has now changed. I'm not sure what to think of Endeavour having an arc but if it brings in good villains interesting action and backstory then count me in.
    Yeah not gonna lie the kids irritated me, they were obnoxious, overbearing, destructive just like regular kids.

    The way each of the 4 heroes got shut down was pretty damn funny. Bakugo's reaction was my favorite.

    As for Camie I'm not sure whether I like her character yet but I am happy to give her a chance.

    I now hope we get back to UA and see either more of that wonderful school or we get more League of Villains those guys are always fun.

    1. Orca should just walk into every class and initiate his own GUIDANCE to anyone who isn't focusing! Put him in charge of detention!

      Since we never see a character like Endeavour get an arc in mangas, it should be interesting to see where this goes. MHA has always executed its unique ideas well.

      My favourite's was Yoarashi. Poor guy.

      Camie... I like her so far. She's not especially deep or complex, but she's a good laugh and able to stand tall in the group of boys.

      Yeah, we need to go back to school now. It feels like so long since we saw it again haha.