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My Hero Academia Chapter 167 Review - The No.1 Hero's Starting Line

Written by Shiggins

Finally, back to school! (I bet nobody else has ever said that).

Yes, my wish has been granted. The main characters are all back in the same classroom together, as the title says they should be! To top it off, we even get a surprise glimpse of someone who has never really gotten the time he deserves, and next week could either be a hilarious chapter or a terrifying one!

Camie, stop trying to be shipped with Bakugou. It won't go well for you.
We start with Bakugou tearing up all the ice from last chapter, with Camie giving her thanks and the other two convincing the children to help out. Orca talks to the teacher of the kids, asking her to make sure to help them all learn more about their Quirks. Finally, the kids leave and Orca admits he may have rushed the planing for this assignment.

We get a run-in with the teachers of U.A and Shiketsu, who are concerned over what happened to Camie during her exam and they are planning to cooperate more. Basically, we're making sure these great characters stick around more. Endeavour walks over to Todoroki and we get a surprising scene where he says he is proud of him and that he, Endeavour, will become a great hero.

NOW, we return to the classroom. It's been a few days, and Nighteye's funeral has been and gone, with Centipeder as his replacement. Eri has apparently woken up from her coma, adorable as ever, but no visits for now. Apparently, her horn might be connected to her Quirk. Anyway, we return to the present where Ectoplasm, a teacher I would also like to see more of, is giving them all... Maths!

After failing the question and Momo (yes, I know I should call her Yaoyorozu but I'm not typing that name up every time!) getting it right, Midoriya is invited to lunch by Uraraka and Iida. And then he is given cheese... by Aoyama... directly in the mouth as if they are lovers. Aoyama likes to eat alone because he dislikes the cafeteria, so he doesn't join in with them despite the invite. And as Midoriya goes to sleep, we see Aoyama at his window as his "true nature" is about to be revealed...

"Here, Izuku. Put my long cheese inside you. Let me slip it in. Slowly. Taste my..." Wow, I should consider writing erotica!
Opinion: Is Sparkles the traitor?!

You might not remember this, but a while ago we were told that there may be a traitor in the school. Obviously, the teachers and students are all suspects in the eyes of the reader, and we all have our different theories. I was suspecting Ken Ishiyama/Cementoss personally, since he's scary to look at and has a potentially devastating power. With this however, could Aoyama be the traitor we've been wondering about?


In fact, I think this is what we call a "troll". If my theory is correct, we're about to see a surprisingly sweet act from Aoyama. Maybe he is concerned about Midoriya because of all he has been through, and he is trying to help him and be nice. That's what I believe anyway, and I would bet on Aoyama doing something hilarious because he's one funny-ass character.

I just can't see an evil Aoyama evilly saying "I let her beat me because I was so close to showing my true evil nature and tearing her apart because I'm evil and such".
Now, let's talk about Endeavour. The scene between him and his son was a sincere one, I admit, but it also bothered me. Of course, I wanted this scene to happen but I almost feel like it's far too soon. Endeavour has yet to really show any pain or suffering, at least not to us, that would show why he needs to grow. If Endeavour's old ways had made him lose something, this scene could have been a lot more poignant for me. As it is, it's still good. I just felt like it could have been better if done much later.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Aoyama for feeding cheese.

Best Part: Aoyama and cheese.

Worst Part: Endeavour's scene came too soon.

Careful, Aoyama. I did this to Anna Kendrick and now she won't return my calls.

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  1. Great Chapter, love seeing Bakugo go nuts doing simple things like cleaning up. The reaction the guy has to endeavor's declaration to Shoto was funny as hell.

    Totally agree that the likes of Ectoplasm should get more screen time if we can have him, Gang Orca and the guidance Councillor in the same scene then I can die a happy man. Bakugo's reaction to Deku getting the question wrong is pretty funny but its a blink and you'll miss it moment.

    As for Aoyama I think it could go either way but I think he is unlikely to be the traitor as it ruins the mystery by just showing us beforehand who the traitor is instead of forcing the traitor to reveal themselves. Though if he was it's still funny as who would suspect this grinning bag of comedy perhaps the Joker but not most of us.

  2. More likely that Toga has substituted Aoyama, just like she did with Camie.
    Its very believable to see her 'baby'-feeding (Deku baby) Midoriya and swooning over him ...

  3. As Shishikura mentioned, Camie was known for her eccentric behaviour. Nobody would bother even when she acted odd. Hiding behind Camie's reputation, Toga could operate unnoticed.

    Over at UA, Aoyama is a similarly curious character. Should Toga choose to act, he would make a good target.

    If the League has managed to breach UA's newly upgraded security, sans Kurogiri's assistance, it's a big step forward for Shigaraki.

    For these reasons, this theory cannot be discounted, yet...