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My Hero Academia Chapters 172, 173 & 174 Review - Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part

Written by Shiggins

Triple time!

Three chapters in one big review! Aren't you all so lucky that I give these reviews in such a cheap and affordable bundle for you to read and download at your leisure? I mean... I don't think you can actually download these but that's not the point. Point is, here we go! And get ready for a few laughs!

Season 4 of this series is going to be amazing.
We begin with the roles being decided for this performance. Momo is on piano because she's adorable and classy, and Ashido quickly goes on to discuss the staging. Her hilarious plan to turn Aoyama into a disco ball is quickly thrown aside, and we move on to singing next. Mineta, Aoyama and Kirishima all try to impress, but Jiro trounces them all. Kaminari and Mineta want to work on guitar, but Mineta's character design literally works against him in this so  Epic Birdman steps forward and makes himself the next guitarist The teams are finished off-page.

Not sure why Mineta is deserving of that but I'll hold my jealousy for another time.
Moving on to a scene between Midoriya and All Might, which feels like the first in too long. Midoriya tells him about how he brought out 20% of his strength and his weakness against long-range attacks. All Might decides he needs to learn about how to use them on his own, so they move to the forests. And... well, it's easier to just show you this down below since we have two more chapters to get through. Later on, Eri arrives to U.A.

Either I made this review almost twice as long as it is right now or I just showed you this page.
Next chapter, and its Saturday so everyone is rehearsing on their day off. Togata, Aizawa and Eri arrive to introduce her to the class, and Togato and Midoriya give Eri a tour of the school. Preparations for the festival have begun, and the underused Class B makes an entrance to announce their unique play! The "Miss Con", which I think is meant to be a beauty contest, is mentioned and Togato's friend Hado Nejire is excited to see if she can get past 2nd place this year.

This raises so many questions for me. But the biggest one I have is this; Is Harry Potter popular in Japan?
Finally, my second waifu of the franchise makes an entrance! Mei Hatsume, working hard on robots, and refusing to waste time bathing. Later, they ask Eri her opinion and she says she's motivated by the school's determination to see how it ends. She's excited! A flashback from the sudden principal appearing in the room is shown, where he refused to cancel the festival despite warnings from the police. Midoriya promises Eri that she'll have a great time at the festival... then a week passes and the class dump Midoriya from the dance team.

Why isn't she entering Miss Con? I'd vote for her!
In the third chapter, we find out Pink Waifu was trolling us and he has been asked to join the staging team instead since they're worried that people will eventually get bored of what they have planned and need to keep things moving. Midoriya is reluctantly okay with this, so long as he can keep his promise to Eri about dancing with her during it at some point. Then its a small skip ahead to see the duo training.

Midoriya is still struggling with successive movements when using more power, which is something All Might had no trouble with. Suddenly, we get an appearance from Mei as she is revealed to be testing her machines out in the woods. Mei tells Midoriya she's working hard on something else he requested, and it might be available before the culture festival. All Might approves of the usage of items, so long as they aren't too bulky and he doesn't depend on them.

We get to see everyone having a night off, drinking tea together, and Midoriya accidently clicks on a video about tea starring Gentle. Midoriya comments on how much of a villain he supposedly is and wonders what he's up to, which leads us to Gentle right now who is planning for his attack on U.A. La Brave is of course still in awe and asks what about the other students. His response is the amazing one that they'll be stronger thanks to this invasion!

Oh bullshit! If literal murderers can get people to like them, I think a man with a moustache and a cup of tea can get fans! I smell bullshit and it is foul, my friends!
After hearing his plan to enter U.A, which includes stopping off at a tiny tea shop that sells "Phantom Black Tea; Imperial Gold Tips", La Brave boasts about how great she is at hacking and Gentle sincerely thanks her for everything. We see that she was his first ever fan, who tracked him down because of how in awe she was of his video despite it being so hated by the public, and the two share a hug.

Opinion: I suddenly don't trust La Brava.

Don't get me wrong, I love their dynamic and I find them both great for energetic villains. As someone who has read a lot of stories though, I can't help but notice that La Brave are laying on the love for Gentle rather thick and he is quite an incompetent villain in terms of manner or brain, which means there is a possibly she's using him for some reason. Of course, part of me hopes that isn't the case because I think they're a fun duo but I've read too much political news lately. It's made me cynical.

I think it's important to note the art at this current stage. There is a lot less detail and grit, and a lot more colourful expressions and smiles. Characters are going wild with their visual quality, and I actually think this is a fun addition for this arc. Don't get me wrong, I'd hate to see this cuter style applied to an arc like the previous one with Overhaul, but it works well here because it lets the comedy and quirkiness show off more.

"It's an old joke, sir, but it checks out!"
Speaking of which, some of these characters are on top form in this review. Ashido, Jiro, Aoyama and more are getting to experience new heights of hilarity that previous arcs haven't allowed them to reach. Do you know how much I begged Naruto to be like this? How much I wanted to see Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Neji, Lee and the others get to have this much fun? It's as if MHA knew exactly what I wanted and gave it to me! The levels of stupidity and cuteness on display is almost Fairy Tail-esque.

It's also great to see All Might back in the training chair, helping Midoriya reach new heights. Honestly, I'm eager to see just how strong Midoriya could be by the end of this franchise. For all we know, Goku could have a new rival by the end of this!

Oh and Eri is adorable. Obviously.

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Midoriya for managing to balance drama, comedy and "d'aww" perfectly.

Best Part: The relaxing fun these characters are having.

Worst Part: Art might be getting too simplistic.

I'm pretty sure this is how yandere stories start...
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  1. Really liked these three chapters, however in the last chapter I found the Gentle stuff to be more boring which was the opposite to my thoughts last week. I just found it to be less memorable and just a bit too heavy on the planning side.

    However watching all of the kids choose where to go and what they wanted to do was incredibly enjoyable. I love Mineta's comment on his own character design working against him. Though acquiring a harem short term is still too much of a reward for him. Watching All Might and Midoriya is good to see, it feels like they haven't had a student mentor moment in forever. Also Mei Hatsume returning is always a treat her eccentric nature always makes the weeks better.

    Got to admit though if we don't see Class B's play I will be ticked. Such interesting characters need more screentime. But instead of Romeo and Juliet they should have made it Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. The perfect combination of fantasy adult, children and hardcore porno.

    As for Gentle and La Brava the way they are setting this up I am beginning to think that Gentle will be a rival for Momo instead of Jirou, the way they both talk about tea it will most likely be their point of conflict. As for La Brava and Gentle's relationship I think it may be more along the lines of a Harley and Joker relationship just with less emphasis on the abusive relationship and more on the "Thats my Mr J (though in this case it would be G)"

    Yep three really good chapters while Gentle's scenes were not as good as previous chapters I still enjoyed the majority of chapters and like Mineta this culture festival had better just get here before I run out of patience.

    1. I think Gentle is just being bogged down by exposition and speeches right now. It's the stuff we need to get through so we can get to the good part, like adoring his moustache. Hopefully we'll see how he responds to the students like Momo and Jirou soon, since the BATTLE OF TEA must commence!

      Mineta does not deserve a harem, even if its just a joke role. He is unworthy! I am far worthier! But yeah, it was strangely satisfying just to see everyone act without drama or tension, whether it was singing or teaching.

      A hardcore porno in a festival with Tetsutetsu as a lead role. Oh the jokes I can make from that sentence alone. I will resist but I wanted to make it clear that the opportunity was there.