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The Unanswered Questions of Fairy Tail

Written by Shiggins

Clearly, we need a Fairy Tail Super.

Almost every anime/manga out there make too many plotlines to wrap them all up neatly, and Fairy Tail was no exception. With the anime set to make a (final?) return later this year, let's have a look back at everything the manga either forgot to finish or considered completed but I respectfully felt could have gone further. To put it simply, here are a few plotlines and questions that never got resolved, or at least not to a satisfying level.

So many pointy parts on them! Why they all so pointy?!

Natsu x Lucy?

The most obvious one, which is why it's first. At the end of the day, we had very few couples confirmed, with the rest left in the air. Juvia and Gray seemed to get together, Levy whispered something to Gajeel about having a baby and... I think Elfman and Evergreen were dating.

I deserve an award too.
The rest however, were left purposefully ambiguous. They made a great joke about who Laxus might end up with, (personally, I vote Freed) but to this day, we don't know about Natsu x Lucy, Jellal x Erza, Happy x Carla, Wendy x Chelia/Romeo, Mirajane x anyone or, my personal favourite which should totally be canon, Bickslow x Risley Law!

Without a clear answer, we're just left to guess and assume. And you know what they say about assuming...

Future Rogue's Timeline?

Yes, yes. I know. Gray was meant to kill Frosch but he didn't so we'll never get the evil Future Rogue in the present timeline. However, it'd be impossible for me not to at least talk about the lack of conclusion and raise the obvious questions associated with this outcome.

The most obvious question is... why? Why did Gray kill Frosch? We're led to assume that Gray did it by accident, in the crossfire while fighting someone from Avatar, but that never happens and Gray thinks Frosch is adorable. However, I hate assuming. I wanted a clear answer, or at least one I could interpret.

Where did his tattoo come from? The Hangover?
The second big question is "What happened to Rogue afterwards?". We know he went from loyal Sabretooth member to mass murdering monster, but wouldn't it have been fascinating to see the path he went down to get there? To see Rogue's reaction to the loss of Frosch, to betray Sting who probably tried to stop him, and to see the devastation left behind by his rage? There's a clear disconnect between Present Rogue and Future Rogue, and I want to see how it connected. At the very least, a return from Future Rogue could have shown us the non-canon path he took,

Raven Tail?

After the epic defeat from Laxus in the best arc of Fairy Tail, the Guild led by Makarov's very own son Ivan was disbanded. Flare went to join her old village of giants and never returned, which is disappointing but not problematic, while the others just never showed up again.

Ivan Dreyar, the son of Makarov and the father of Laxus, is a character brimming with potential. He's a character that the series could do anything with, so removing him quickly to never return is a huge waste. What if we found out Ivan killed a Fairy Tail member, which is why he had to leave? What if he got an amazing Dragon Slayer power-up? Teamed up with Zeref? Became as strong as God Serena? Anything!

As for the rest of the Guild, they were fun too I suppose. I do feel Toby deserved revenge for his sock though. He should have gotten to kick Kurohebi's arse!

Precht's Motivation?

One of the best things that Fairy Tail Zero gave us was a look at Precht before he was changed into the evil Hades. A tough but fair man who enjoyed the company of his friends but always had a bit of trouble expressing himself. Thanks to this, we got to understand why Mavis would have chosen him as the second master of Fairy Tail. Later on, Precht left the Guild to explore the world and eventually became evil after seeing.. a thing.

"I'm not a lolicon. I'm not a lolicon. I'm not a lolicon." - Precht, X686.
Apparently, Hades saw "The One Magic" and misinterpreted it as darkness itself. Knowing what we know about magic now, I can't help but wonder how Precht made such a mistake. What exactly did he see that made him think it was evil? What did Zeref show him? What made him have such a drastic change? Fairy Tail Zero was great, but did it make Precht too likeable?

Yuriy's Death?

NO! I am not letting this one go! He looked exactly like God fucking Serena and I want to know where Yuriy went! Yuriy should have been God Serena! He died, and we never knew why! He is the only one of that quarter that never had an explained demise, and I call that suspicious! My canon is that he was God Serena, kept alive by lacrima, and went insane while trying to find Mavis! There!

He called this pose "The Gay General".

The Surviving Enemies?

I'm not down in the records as being a huge of One Piece, but if there is one element of the manga that I will happily remove my dignity for and praise with glee, it's the manga covers that show what happened to secondary characters and villains after the events of the arc they showed up in. For example, we saw the great Buggy the Clown's journey after his defeat, and how he eventually formed an alliance while his own crew were trying to find him. It's simple but effective.

And wouldn't it have been great if Fairy Tail did the same thing too? Hiro Mashima and Eiichiro Oda were once friends in the same class, hence the references to each other, so surely Oda wouldn't have minded. Rather than break up the continuity, just give us small glimpses/stories of these unimportant characters.

At least Rustyrose got a filler episode. That's enough for me!
The remains of Phantom Heart, the Exceeds, Quatro Cerberus/Puppy, Tartarus' demons, Grimoire Heart and more, all deserving of a farewell scene. Someone told me Franmalth probably died alongside Zeref. Well, I want to see that!

What happened to Kain Hikaru?

What happened to Brandish and Dimaria?

The Tower of Heaven peeps that Erza cared for so much?

I have to know!

I like to believe they opened up a B&B together, and might be adopting a kid soon.

Yakuma Eighteen War Gods?

Readers may remember that the Avatar Arc came tenth in my Fairy Tail Arcs article, and I stand by that. A perfect beginning with a disappointing ending. And at the centre of that ending was a literal God! A massive God that Kratos would have fought in a boss battle, but was killed immediately by Natsu. Not only is that disappointing, we're meant to believe there are 17 more!

17 Gods of War.

In fact, thanks to Natsu being our only frame of reference, he could be a complete weakling for all we know.
How is that not an arc? How are we not allowed to see Hiro Mashima's version of War Gods? I want to know where these people came from. I want to know what event led to people like Orga needing to be taught God Slayer magic in case they should ever rise again! Where did these things come from? What is the point of them? I need answers to these unimportant questions!

Edolas' Contribution?

What was the point of Edolas again?

Well, at least we got Panther Lily. He is pretty damn perfect.
Every other arc either progressed the story or the characters, but Edolas definitely feels out-of-place. It's the only part of the series I feel you could lift out of the franchise, and nothing would be missed. Not a bad arc, by any means, but I just never saw the point really.

Any I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

As a Pisces myself, I've always wondered how such sexy characters have been so rarely used by a man who clearly loves his fanservice.
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  1. Glad to see you still review FT stuff!! Sorry that haven't been here for a long time - I'm an anime only on BNHA, and some of your reviews talk about stuff I personally am not interested in, so I haven't been here for a while.

    About this review. Honestly, all your points bring up one of the biggest flaws in FT - a ton of loose ends and abandoned plot threads.
    Hiro seems to have a habit of hyping up something, and then simply "forgetting" about it. It happened with Frosch dying, God Serena, Ivan, and more. Hiro did also seem not to know what to focus on in the story, which resulted in FT being a mess of series - a ton of great and horrible moments mixed together.

    Honestly, I hope Hiro fixes his flaws in his next work. Will he do it though? Only time will tell.

    1. Ah, welcome back for now Torch!

      As for the flaws of FT... honestly, this is a big flaw in many mangas. I think it comes from the rate at which these chapters are released, causing a lot of snap decisions to need reversed or ignored. One perfect example is Akira Toriyama's Android saga.

  2. I think about those plot holes all the time. Especially yurri as god serena and the war gods. At least edolas ark got lisannA back to fairytail, but she played no major roles afterwards, plus her child hood connection to natsu was much more powerful than Lucy's. I like lucy, but to build on development, they could have done more with lisanna. Or what about the exceeds haha.
    Maybe hashiro just got tired, but with some motivation he could have kept going and going.