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Eden's Zero Chapter 4 Review - Nouma

Written by Shiggins

I think I just got whiplash.

If Hiro Mashima-senpai's goal was to shock me in every chapter as if he put cattle prods in the pages, then he's certainly achieving that goal at the very least. Not only that, but the chapter gets even better because I can't make any unfavourable comparisons to Fairy Tail this time!

....I wish to marry her.

Our chapter begins with Rebecca showing Shiki his room, and then he asks if he can try flying the ship. It crashes almost immediately. Insert "lol" here. Thanks to Shiki's Gravity Gear, he makes the ship weightless to lift it up. And speaking of the Gravity Gear, Shiki makes the discovery that this is where Earth Ether comes from, raining down from the sky. Happy explains to a confused Shiki that Ether is "power" also known as "magic" or "spiral energy" or "ki" or "chi" or "some other power source from so many other fictional stories".

Geez, Rebecca. Would it have killed you to give him a heads-up? (HA! Heads-up! HA!)
Of course, we head to the city on this Planet Nouma, which is all underground to survive the Earth Ether. They head towards the lab of Professor Wise, but he's gone! Shiki tries on some x-ray goggles, which means it only took 4 chapters to get to see Rebecca naked (Poor Mashima-senpai. Never allowed to show the nudity he clearly wants to).

Oh Mashima-senpai. One day, you'll get your own DxD series. I believe in you.
There is the sound of a gun clicking, and a young man threatens them both and demands to know who they are. When they tell him they are trying to locate Wise Steiner, he claims that he himself is the professor, which causes a lot of confusion amongst the group. Including Wise, because he has no idea who they are.

Oh and then we take a gentle stroll to 20000 YEARS LATER, where two astronauts discover two human corpses and one of them has the necklace of Happy on it, which has the words "Eden's Zero."

Opinion: Ow. That turn hurt me!

So apparently, in 20000 years time, something relevant to the current time is going to happen. Or has happened already... This timeskip, plus the introduction of a young Wise, is definitely hinting at some sort of time travel plot. The Professor Wise that we're seeing, if I had to guess, is one from the past before he met Rebecca and Happy.

This picture is so surreal and so strange, that I don't even know how to comment on it.
The use of "Ether" is nothing that new to manga, or any fiction in general, but it still could provide a lot of fun. Maybe the differences in Ether mean that we can see characters wielding multiple powers and elements, instead of just sticking to fire or ice or gravity for the duration of the series.

As for the final page, in which an astronaut finds Happy's necklace and it says "Eden's Zero"... well, I have no clue but I am utterly intrigued! Hiro Mashima-senpai definitely has something big planned, and it's great to see him moving with the times and adapting. Too many mangakas try to write as they work without planning, and the series can suffer because of it. (Hello, Buu arc!). I can see why Mashima-senpai was so excited to release this story.

Manga Rating:

Character of the Week: Shiki for the general laughs.

Best Part: Future things!

Worst Part: Not much to really discuss without guessing, hence the short review.

"Wise" because he's a professor. "Steiner" as in Frankenstein. Subtle.

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  1. I really like what Hiro is doing with EZ in this chapter. The whole "20 000 years later" part sure caught me by surprise.

    I think Hiro is setting up huge things for EZ, possibly on a universal scale. The most amazing part for me though, was the fact that he kinda showcased a snippet of "EZ Post-Ending". I hope he continues doing that!!
    I get the feeling that by the end of the series we'll be "Oh so THAT'S what it meant" when looking at these panels. At least I hope this is what Hiro is planning

    1. It definitely implies quite a clever endgame, doesn't it? I have a good feeling that rereading this once it's all finished will be a great experience, since we'll notice a lot of references and moments that we don't understand just yet.

    2. Yeah, agreed!!


      Glad to be back on your blogs!