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Hiro Mashima Double Review - FT 100 Year Quest Chapter 2 & Eden's Zero Chapter 5

Written by Shiggins

Time for some dragons!

As I mentioned in the previous review (Click here to read it), it looks like I'll be reviewing both Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest and Eden's Zero for now. The length of 100 Year Quest or disinterest in Eden's Zero might cause me to abandon one of them later this year, but I'll stick to giving you a double dose of Mashima-senpai goodness for now.

With this many characters, its no wonder we keep getting spinoffs? Will Jet and Droy have one next?!

Eden's Zero Summary:

Woah... can we make THIS a chapter please?
So our chapter starts with a mysterious woman reassuring us that time does not matter in this story. Back to the actual characters, Weisz is holding a gun to the others (As before, translations are open to change. Wise is now Weisz, but could easily become Wizz next week. We just have to roll with it as we go!) and thinks they are working for "Sibir". Thanks to Shiki wearing the x-ray goggles however, he realises someone is upstairs. Gunshots start falling from the ceiling, and Shiki floats up to take them down. Weisz does a runner, while the assassin warns Shiki.

I know this is a fun joke, but am I the only one who would love it if Shiki is bisexual?
The trio go to a restaurant and discuss the current situation. Weisz is an old man in the photo Rebecca has, and they wonder if/how the old man and the young man could have the same name. This is when the news conveniently tells them that they have gone back in time to 50 years ago, because Meteor Torch has just opened up on Blue Planet. After plenty of freaking out and failing to connect to the internet, a humongous robot driven by the villain arrives to attack them because Weisz has stolen something from them and he won't give it back!

Eden's Zero Opinion:

This series is taking some dangerous risks.

Sci-fi stories can be difficult to write, but adding one involving time travel is practically poking a dangerous bear. It can easily spiral out of control, and plot-holes open up as the series gets more and more complicated and convoluted. I love a great time travel story, but there are many that get it wrong and it is easy to see why. So far, it's clear that Mashima-senpai has a plan for all of this, so hopefully he's been doing a lot of hard work to ensure everything stays consistent and clean. And to be fair, Fairy Tail was often ridiculed for not taking enough risks. And I can't say I'm not open to the idea of a risky but rewarding storyline.

What do we think Weisz stole? Well, judging by his reaction and the fact that we are clearly meant to root for the guy, I think we can safely assume it is something valuable that he treasures for sentimental reasons. Maybe he created something that Sibir took because Weisz owes a debt? In all honesty, it could be anything in this series. Everything in it has been going nuts so far! Maybe it is what could save the planet in 50 years time, which is why the planet has gone back in time to prevent destruction?!

I'm sure Sibir will be a deep engaging villain that will remain for years to come....
The biggest downside for this chapter was the freaking out of the characters. Most of the audience had figured out the situation by now, so seeing them comically over-react to the situation grew old quite fast and felt more like it was stalling for time before we get to the end. In a 20 page chapter, did we need to spend around 5 pages on what we already knew? This is time we could have spent focusing on Not-Erza!

Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Character of the Week: Rebecca because she's still the most fun this series has so far.

Best Part: We're officially going for a risky plot.

Worst Part: Freak out fiesta.

100 Year Quest:

Erza questions the dragon immediately, asking where the mages of this Guild are. After a confirmation that they all passed away due to age, Natsu and Wendy speak up that they've noticed the dragon is actually a human. Elefceria, amused, transforms to reveal his true old man form! He teleports about the place, explaining that he is a self-taught Dragon Slayer who was transformed into a dragon for using it so much. To put it simply, he's like Acnologia. After a pervy moment or two, Elefceria mentions how only Gildarts has ever survived this quest.

This must have been what was happening in the background of Eden's Zero Chapter 3.
Moving back to the Fairy Tail Guild, Juvia is complaining about Gray not being around and this causes her to butt heads with new girl Touka. The two engage in some passive-aggressive bitching about Natsu and Gray, but Gajeel feels something is off when Touka uses the name "Briar" during the argument. And back to the main core, we now get to finally learn what this quest actually is!

If you didn't see this panel coming, you aren't a "true fan".
Lucy has a brief flashback when she was worried over this quest, and Virgo reassures her that she believes she will have a faithful reunion on this island, which makes Lucy wonder about Aquarius. Elefceria tells the gang that the quest is to seal the Five Dragons of Giritna, known as the "Five God Dragons". Yes, the quest is to literally track down the five most powerful dragons out there and defeat them!

100 Year Quest Opinion:

A whole year of waiting, and the quest is surprisingly good enough for it.

Very rarely did we get to see actual dragons in the Fairy Tail series, mostly keeping them in the shadows or as the final threat of the story. So the idea of giving us several fierce dragons, all of which are dangerous and adversarial, is very fitting. And while it is unlikely, we could potentially see five separate arcs about each dragon, what they want, where they are, how they survived the slaughter of Acnologia, and more. The possibilities here are huge! Fairy Tail has hit a treasure trove, and it would be foolish to abandon it quickly.

Fairy Tail Z: Battle of Gods! 
And Aquarius might finally be returning, after it was vaguely implied that Lucy would be getting her back around Chapter 545's end. Of course, this could be a red herring, and we might be about to meet another character instead. *Gasp* WHAT IF WAIFU BRANDISH IS COMING BACK?!

So... they think Erza's a slut? (Well, actually...)
In an interesting side story, Touka seems to have connections to the Avatar guild. (Remember them? And how useless they ended up?) The two most likely routes for this connection are that Touka was a former member of the Guild, or she is a guard like Mest once was and has been watching Briar during her time working for the Magic Council. Either way, this could be a harmless distraction that gives Gajeel and co something to do, or it could be a lead-in to bigger things. Only time will tell!

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Touka for ensuring the rest of the cast aren't forgotten in the wind.

Best Part: 100 Year Quest revealed!

Worst Part: So many questions. Will 100 YQ answer them all suitably?

I didn't need you to remind me, Pantherlily. How could I ever forget that piece of perfection?

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  1. Honestly enjoyed both of these chapters. Edens Zero is doing risky plotlines with time travel(and hiro messed it up in FT), but at least the "narrator" warned us that "time doesn't really matter in the manga", maybe implying that there might be plot holes but they wont matter.
    I'm mostly interested in FT though. 5 Dragon Gods as strong as Acno!? This is pretty crazy. I feel like FT is having another powercreep... From another side, maybe we'll finally see Natsu's Half Dragon Form from the movie? Or even Natsu and wendy transforming into a full dragon? The manga once again has a ton of potential, I just hope at least some of the potential is fulfilled.