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Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest Chapter 7 & Eden's Zero Chapters 9 and 10 Review

Written by Shiggins

Here come the changes.

With the hiatus finally over, here is my triple review of everything over the past two weeks! Including my final say about what to do regarding Eden's Zero reviews and if I am going to keep doing them. We've reached ten chapters, so now is as good a time as any, right? So after this review, keep scrolling down to find out my decision.

Yes, Pino! Take over as the mascot! Kill Happy! You are stronger than him!

Fairy Tail Summary:

After the appearance of a new gorgeous Blade Dragon Slayer from the fifth generation, Kyria, everyone is stunned. Natsu tries to fight back but he's underwater, so fire isn't an option. Lucy uses the Stellar Spirit power in her swimsuit to attack, but Kyria cuts it apart with ease along with her outfit. After adopting the Virgo swimsuit, Lucy is almost attacked again until Gray shows up and freezes her. Kashima is in shock, not just because Kyria escaped, but the emissary of the Water God Dragon (that big snake dragon we saw get cut up) is dead.

Oh Fairy Tail. How did we ever survive without you?
Kyria breaks out of her ice prison to attack, which is when Erza shows up. Before she can hit however, her sword is blocked by the head of a man in armour known as Madmole. He is another "5th Gen", known as the Armour Dragon Slayer. He's far more reasonable and insists that he and Kyria return, but the water parts and we are finally treated to the sight of the Water God Dragon.... that guy with the horns from chapter 3?!

Fairy Tail Opinion:

Do you remember when I obsessed over Brandish? And Briar? Well, say hello to my new obsession girl Kyria! I love her. She is mine. I am hers. And if you want to fight me over this, you will lose! She is yet another Crazy Waifuthat has stolen my heart! Her companion, Madmole, seems like he could be a fun addition too with his attitude of calm that contrasts with hers. I guess the entire guild isn't as crazy as Crazy Waifu™. 

Nice pose... Frieza did it first though.
The sight of this "Water God Dragon" being a human brings up quite a few questions. Is he another Dragon Slayer who used the magic so much he turned into a dragon? Is this an illusion spell to appear human? Does he have private parts?! Can dragons breed with humans?! Does having big horns on his head mean he's more endowed than Acnologia?! INTRIGUE!

Eden's Zero Summary: 

Shiki discovers that the robot body is not actually Michael, but is instead "Johnny", one of a mass-produced model that Michael came from. The robots have been discarded, and Shiki's attempts to help are useless due to the years of lies from Granbell. As Johnny dies, he's thankful to meet a human like Shiki who cares. We then skip over to Weisz, Happy and Pino who are being chased by Sibir, as Pino explains to them about how she does her job to keep the other robots safe. And then its back to Rebecca fighting the Foot Brothers! And to their credit, they have good taste!

"Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well."
Rebecca fights back against them, but they're interrupted by Shiki who wins immediately. Shiki then races off to Sibir, who has cornered the others, and smashes Sibir in the face. Next chapter, Sibir fights back with his mechanical arm but is quickly smacked back down and defeated. Sibir's bird on the other hand, (....ok) makes the robot move to blow itself up but Pino's EMP shuts it down. Weisz tries to shoot Sibir but the EMP disabled the gun. And with that, Shiki and Pino officially become friends.

Sibir is arrested, everything is fine but Pino wants to see her master again, who is obviously Weisz in the future. They agree to bring Pino with them back to the future, but their lack of a citizen's ID causes the police to give chase, and Weisz worked for Sibir so he gets chased too. The trio + Pino make it to the ship easily enough, where the chase goes into the sky. The ship is stuck however due to something, and that's when they discover Weisz has become a stowaway on their ship. He agrees to get them into space if they hand over the ship.

Eden's Zero Opinion: 

Thank God we're past Sibir. An uninteresting villain with nothing memorable, which is fine for a one-off antagonist but he lasted far too long for that excuse to fly. Why was his bird evil? That was dumb. Sibir took perhaps 3 hits before going down and he, like his Foot Brothers, were such a boring choice to make for Eden's Zero's first villains. I'm sure the future will have better ones, of course.

Speaking of the Foot Brothers, and I knew this was coming, but did anyone else sigh at Rebecca being the damsel in distress? Can we please let her do stuff on her own? I know Shiki is the protagonist so he has to save the day, but he had Sibir to fight. It's so disappointing to see the main female struggle, then the strong man come in and one-punch the threat away. Shonen manga like My Hero Academia, One Piece, Bleach and even Fairy Tail eventually proved we should be past this. Can we stop now? Or at least, do it less? Mashima, you're better than this. Let Rebecca fight! Watching Shiki one-shot his enemies is worse than annoying. It's boring! Boring!

I don't think even Shiki knew he could do this.
I'm very confused about the decision regarding Michael. We brought up this character that died long ago yet looked like he was going to return in some capacity, had this perfect opportunity to do so, and then it was over before the halfway point of the next chapter. I don't even know if I'm annoyed or not, because I feel this is going to connect to something else. Surely it has to at some point, right?

Everything else was routine, but nice. I like Pino. I like Weisz. I like the idea of Weisz going to the future with them and being amazed in his own way that differs from Shiki's. Less antisocial and more mischievous. I like the idea of Pino being his constant partner, despite him not wanting to be because he's a bit of a dick.

That wire is not connected to the rod...  I smell bullshit!

Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Character of the Week: The Foot Brothers for trying to show some personality before they were wiped out.

Best Part: Pino and Weisz are officially coming with them.

Worst Part: Shiki is overpowered.

Eden's Zero Decision:

Am I going to continue my reviews of Eden's Zero? Yes!

Am I going to review Eden's Zero every week? No.

Looking back at Hiro Mashima's biggest works, Fairy Tail and Rave Master, it's very obvious that he likes to take his time to build up stories and characters. The first several chapters are spent introducing friends, locations and a scenario or two but nothing weighty. If I was to compare them to, say, Naruto, Mashima's works are a lot slower and laid-back. It's a very different style, and should be treated as such.

Instead, I have decided to review Eden's Zero by arcs! After an arc ends, it shall get an article devoted entirely to it. The events, the characters, and if they could mean anything in the future, will all be written about in these review articles.

Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest will receive the weekly reviews due to a heavier focus on story. If, at some point, Eden's Zero has become heavier when 100 Year Quest has finished, I'll see about doing weekly reviews once more. For now though, I think this is the best decision moving forward for both series. Fairy Tail gets my attention like it deserves, and Eden's Zero doesn't have to blow my mind every week. It's a win-win! A win-win-win actually, since I'm included too!

Frosch is such an anomaly...
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  1. Totally unrelated to the chapter but shouldn't Levy be pregnant right now? I mean this IS after FT's epilogue chapter, right?

    1. This is shounen manga the passage of time only matters when someone points it out.