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Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest Chapter 10 Review - Diabolos of the Killing Heart

Written by Shiggins

Why can't they all just get along?

Isn't it so heartbreaking to watch violence. Can they not be friends? Why must this chapter be full of so much fighting? Wouldn't it be better to see Kyria sit down for a cup of tea with Erza, and discuss their differences in morality and views on the world, perhaps coming to an agreement that not only recognises them as equals, but fellow human beings that exist on this one beautiful world together? ...Nah!
Put that dress on someone older so I can like it. I'm not Mest!
Skarion, Kyria and Madmorl, the members of the dragon-eating Guild Diabolos, have arrived. Despite Mercuphobia's threat and attack of water, they are not worried in the slightest and Skarion's magic turns the water into ash, before using even more of it to trap the "former" Water God Dragon. This leaves the Fairy Tail gang to jump in, with Natsu going first. However, his fire is ineffective against Skarion. Erza gets the same result.

Overcompensating much?
This causes Gray to decide he is best to take on Skarion, and Kyria goes for Erza, going full aroused as she does. That leaves Natsu heading for Madmorl, but Madmorl's armour is too strong for his attacks as they burst out of the sea and into the sky. Natsu is smacked by Madmorl onto Diabolos' ship, where the motion sickness kicks in. Despite being a Dragon Slayer however, Madmorl is unaffected.

What a specific ability.
Our chapter ends with the fight between Erza and Kyria, which is going evenly until Kyria uses a unique magic. Erza is suddenly embarrassed by wearing a swimsuit, and begging Kyria not to kill her. Erza has lost her strength.

Opinion: And not a cup of tea in sight.

It's almost comical to see this group somewhat struggle against Diabolos at this stage. Natsu defeated Zeref. Erza chopped a meteor into pieces with only one arm left. Gray wiped out demon magic. Wendy can summon hurricanes. Lucy can wear Star Dresses (that's less pathetic than it sounds). I suppose you could argue that Diabolos are being underestimated, but they still don't seem to be at the level of the Spriggan 12.

That being said, it's fun so far. While Skarion has yet to display any personality of note, I still enjoy Madmorl and Kyria. It's inevitable that they are going to be defeated in the next few chapters, perhaps giving way to more of Diabolos' members of "5th Generation Dragon Slayers", but I'm in a forgiving mood and ready to enjoy them while I can.

I am so freaking jealous.
To nobody's surprise, Kyria stole the show again with her fight against Erza. We've all seen the "I love violence so much it turns me on" character before, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a trope I enjoy. And more importantly, this isn't a simple sword fight as Erza has now been cursed to become docile and submissive. Will she overcome this spell by sheer force of will "because she's Erza"? Will she still be able to fight and win despite being under the curse because her friends are more important? Or will Lucy and Wendy have to take over until Erza is fixed? I'd vote for the last one.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Kyria for keeping her battle against Erza interesting.

Best Part: Submissive Erza.

Worst Part: Skarion? More like... Meh-rion! Hahaha!

Oh yeah. She... exists in this chapter, I guess.
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