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Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapters 11 & 12 Review - Blade, Armour, Ash & Star and Thunder

Written by Shiggins

Both baes and waifus appear!

Today's double review is all about relationships... By which I mean, the relationships with my favourite characters that show up in both of these chapters, causing me to flip out like I own a diary and want to write my name down as "Shiggins Dreyar". Although surprisingly, a lot less fighting than I expected takes place.

Damn it, where's MY Juvia? Or... am I the Juvia...? Where's MY Gray!?
Our review starts with Erza weeping on the floor in fear, due to Kyria's curse. Wendy goes into Dragonforce to try to stop Kyria's cruelty on Erza, but her power to cut through anything proves far too troublesome. Meanwhile, Gray's underwater fight (which really messes with physics considering he uses ice magic...) is still going on, and even his demon magic is unable to stop Skarion in his tracks. And shockingly, that's the end of the battle!

Back to Magnolia, the rain is pouring down and Levy is still in a mood with Gajeel. Why is it raining? To put it simply, it makes the scene more dramatic as fan-favourite Jellal shows up in front of Touka, proclaiming her as the white mage.

I'm going to run out of book jokes to make at this rate.
Jellal is having his brooding stare-off with a confused Touka as he questions her about who she is and the Avatar-counter Guild that she founded, but she claims she has no clue what he's talking about. She says she is a water mage, not a "white magic" mage, and Jellal continues to tell the audience that he knows she got her magic by stealing it from a dragon.

And before Jellal can literally hurt her, Laxus steps in. Jellal demands she is taken into custody by him, (So he's planning to murder her or lock her up in his basement, I guess) and Laxus tells him naw. Now that she is a member of Fairy Tail, she is under Laxus' protection and a person's history doesn't matter. Jellal is not happy about this.

Ok, I'm placing my bet on an alternate personality that Touka isn't aware of! What's your theory?
Far away, Skarion and Madmorl are on their ship talking about finding the white witch, and we see Kyria is keeping Erza as a slave-pet. And down in the ship's interior, Natsu and Wendy are tied up and groggy due to being Dragon Slayers. We then move over to see Lucy rowing a boat by herself, going into a brief flashback of when the frustrated Camille ordered Lucy to get out of Elmina.

Back to present day, Happy and Carla fly over to Lucy and say they've noticed another ship is approaching them. And god bless, because the owner of this ship saved Gray by shrinking him... IT'S BRANDISH!!

Opinion: Truly, we are blessed today!

Laxus! Brandish! Gajeel! All in one review! And to think I once worried Chapter 545 might be the last time I ever see them again! If you've ever read any of my past reviews, you'll know how much of a fangirl over these guys I am so obviously it's easy for me to be won over, but I think it's more than that in this instance.

One of my grievances about the ending of Fairy Tail was that we didn't know what happened to several characters, and Brandish was practically the poster girl for that complaint. The last we saw of her, she was leaving the war and worried that August would kill everyone, as she held a miniature Dimaria who had gotten a bad case of karma. And when doing a sequel series like this, one of the main focuses should always be to answer questions that were left unanswered. (See this article I wrote about those very questions ages ago!) Will we see Brandish and Dimaria have officially begun dating? Are they still in contact with Ajeel, Neinhart or Invel? Have they started a bakery-based Guild together and called it "Sweetie"? he? (Sorry. I know I've gone on it too much before.)
Speaking of things that are sweet, we got to see to Laxus square up to Jellal. I'm not a fan of Jellal, as you know, but I am a fan of Laxus and massive fights involving overpowered monsters. It is unlikely, but wouldn't it be amazing to see Jellal and Laxus properly throw down over this? In fact, be prepared for massive disappointment if the next chapter shows these two talking it out, being interrupted and/or walking away from each other. I'm serious. You must fight!

And lastly, Diabolos! Yes, surprisingly they are still kicking and actually doing pretty well. What I originally thought would be a one-off appearance like the treasure hunters Guild have actually managed to stick around and provide a threat. Some will complain and say "well, it's stupid because strength etc" but this isn't Dragon Ball. This is Fairy Tail. If it was in terms of power levels, Natsu and Erza would win instantly, but that's the benefit of having a series focused on magic. Different tricks, skills and abilities result in surprising payoffs.

Manga Rating:

Chapter 11: 3.5/5

Chapter 12: 4.5/5

Best Part: Return of some favourites.

Worst Part: Jellal vs Laxus inevitably doomed to disappoint.

Where's MY ice-cream?!
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  1. yeah I have to agree on these points especially on the power level stuff which I tried to explain to another guy who acts like power levels determine the battles in fairy tail and is acting like Erza being cursed right now is a betrayal to her character.