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Top 20 My Hero Academia Characters

Written by Shiggins

These people are all Quirky!

It's undeniable that My Hero Academia has taken the world by storm, thanks to the amazing cast, the writing, the designs and the faithful anime adaptation that isn't full of filler (hello, Naruto). Of course, the fact that I was reading it before the anime came out only proves how great I am and how I knew it would be popular so I can be super-condescending to you all for waiting until the anime. Anyway, let's hope everyone knows that was me just making a bad joke and pick the twenty greatest characters from My Hero Academia's series as a whole, in both the manga and anime.

Why twenty? Because ten isn't enough!

Note; Some of these characters have not appeared in seasons 1-3 of the anime. So very mild spoilers ahead, but I'll be brief about the manga-only characters for your sake.

20. Momo Yaoyorozu/Creati

Every class needs a rich girl, and MHA's is Momo Yaoyorozu, who has the power to literally create things. She, along with Tenya Iida, represent the class and she's constantly trying to show she can do it well through the challenges in her life. However, this causes massive amounts of pressure and she finds herself collapsing easily without support.

Momo is a fun character (whom I sometimes feel bad for because of Mineta's sexual harassment), but she also has a lot of heart to her as well. Her Quirk, will overpowered, is used decently and her superhero costume is exactly the type of fanservice a comic-book is expected to give. I won't place her higher however, since the repeat of worries gets in the way of lesser-known classmates having a time to shine.

19. Kai Chisaki/Overhaul

If you only watch the anime, you are in for a treat next year! While Tomura Shigaraki (who I like to nickname Handjob) is the villain we're most typically forced to spend time with, he has yet to really grab my attention like several other villains in the show. Overhaul, who will be the main antagonist of season 4 no doubt, is the leader of a gang of other mask-wearing freaks who runs a more mafia-like operation.

Since he has yet to make a real appearance in the anime, let's keep things brief for this paragraph; He is a monster. Ruthless, cruel, manipulative, dark. A force of true malice whose actions are going to impact future characters for seasons to come, and in ways that will break your heart. Good luck to Handjob, because he's got a lot to live up to when he finally takes centre-stage.

18. Fumikage Tokoyami/Tsukiyomi

"Epic Birdman" is the name I believe Tokoyami should have gone with, but we all make mistakes. Anyway, every class needs a "dark one", and that's where Tokoyami comes in. Like many others in the series, Tokoyami's Quirk causes his entire appearance to change, and so the result is that he literally has the head of a bird! Can he get cooler? Yes, because his Quirk involves summoning a talking shadow to act as shield, fighter and guardian.

And it gets even better when you realise that this monster is adorable in sunlight, but a literal beast in at night that can absorb poor Epic Birdman. What we have here is a tragic character that isn't above spending time with his classmates and helping out however he can. A truly fun birdman who, hopefully, will never replace his face with a human's.

17. Sir Nighteye

While he doesn't appear until season 4, Sir Nighteye is a character that made an impression from Page 1 as he takes on a somewhat alternative mentor role for young Midoriya, which makes sense due to his history with a certain other hero. Again, let's keep this brief. Extremely brief.

One thing that makes Nighteye stand out is how reserved he is by comparison to everyone else, in both personality and design. Some of these characters are literally bouncing off the walls, but Nighteye is a classic stick-in-the-mud with a soft side that really got to me, and he's well-deserving of being on this list.

16. Yuga Aoyama/Can't Stop Twinkling

If your class doesn't have a fabulous figure of sparkles, then that means you must do everything in your power to be that figure. Yuga Aoyama is the exact personification of fabulous, from his eyes to his princely cape to even his Quirk which shoots beautiful lasers from his belly button and causes his stomach to hurt if he can't control it.

Underneath that ridiculous and hilarious facade however, lies a honest individual that isn't always aware of the social norms to befriend a person. Sadly, Aoyama has yet to have a moment truly deserving of him, hence why he is only 16th, but he has easily provided some of the best jokes in the show and will no doubt continue to do so.

15. Shoto Aizawa/Eraser Head

I think we should give a... Shouto out... to Aizawa, the most prominent teacher of our class, as well as famous professional hero "Eraser Head". A Quirk that allows him to temporarily take away someone's powers, so long as he doesn't blink, causing him to look like a sleep-deprived zombie that desires nothing more than to kill everyone around him... even though he's secretly a sweetheart.

On top of being a great guy, Aizawa seems to be around for almost every major scene or battle, in some way or another. He's easily one of the most used heroes in the franchise. His fights are fun, fast and usually quite clever, and he manages to serve as a good friend and a provider of tough love when needed. Just make sure not to annoy him. He's not afraid to dish out the punishment.

14. Taishiro Toyomitsu/Fat Gum

How can one not love Fat Gum, a character with the power to absorb damage? Look at his design! Look at his name! He is literally called FAT GUM! His mentor relationship with Kirishima during season 4 will absolutely inspire you, and he really does show what a great hero he is, despite his ridiculously cartoony look.

Again, no spoilers as much as I can, but FAT GUM is a pure treat. Lovable, friendly and true of heart, he's the type of hero who might not be as glamorous as All Might or Lemillion, but gets the job done and protects those in need. And its thanks to his friendship and trust he places with Kirishima that he's so high up.

13. Inasa Yoarashi/Gale Force

Every school has a rival, and in U.A's case, it's Shiketsu High. While there are a few noticeable characters from Shiketsu, including bombshell Camie Utsushimi and overly proud Seiji Shishikura, its the wind-using Inasa that takes the attention and represents the school as a whole. Immediately, he made the audience pay attention and is clearly planning to stick around in the future.

His rivalry towards U.A is best personified by how he acts towards Todoroki. In a surprising twist of irony, Inasa feels hatred because of Todoroki's hate-fuelled father, and it helps add depth to a character that easily could have come across as annoying and obnoxious. It also helps that he is a heroic lad, albeit one that is definitely not going to be popular for everyone out there.

12. Tenya Iida/Ingenium

Surprisingly, Iida is not in the top 10. Trust me, I didn't expect it either, but don't go off thinking he isn't a fun hero. Brother to the professional hero Ingenium, who was later crippled during a fight with the murderer Stain, Iida works his damn hardest to make his family proud, and keep his friends safe. I'd argue he's one of the main four of the entire series.

With literal engines poking out of his legs, allowing him super speed, Iida's powers manage to be far less boring and typical than one would expect from a man that can run really really fast. His personality is just as quirky as his power of course, with his refusal to back down on any rules and he being such a square that even his glasses have sharp edges. However, he's a good man through and through, and a surprisingly great friend to Midoriya.

11. Ochaco Uraraka/Uravity

For the female of the main four and by far the strangest of the group, we have Uraraka with her power to manipulate the gravity of herself and objects so long as she's touching them! She's like if Mabel Pines got superpowers, although she isn't as amazing as that braces-girl. What Uraraka is however, is a cute sweetie with a lot of power at her fingertips.

Recently, Uraraka has been downgraded to the "thinking about Midoriya a lot" role, hence why she's not higher on this list, but it is important to realise how much she can do and hopefully will continue to do in the future. Her friendship with Midoriya is adorable, her expressions are arguably the best in the series, and I just adore gravity powers. It's a special Quirk that, if I was in this world, would hopefully have access to.

10. Mirio Togata/Lemillion

Season 3 ended with the introduction of this Tintin-looking lad, so I won't give away too much as he's yet to show off exactly why I love the guy. To put it simply, Mirio is the perfect senpai for Midoriya's kohai. A charming, bright, honest individual that should have come across as a Mary Sue but instead became inspiring!

Even his Quirk, which lets him walk through solid objects, helps show off just what kind of man Mirio is, as we learn how much training and work he had to put in to use it in combat. His takedown of the class, as I'm sure you remember, is equal parts hilarious and stunning, and I'm not just saying that because he was naked! And trust me, he's not done showing off what he can do yet!

9. Enji Todoroki/Endeavour

I legitimately thought this character was going to be a one-note "angry dad" for the entirety of the series, but I am so damn happy to be proven wrong. Shoto's father, Enji Todoroki, is the Vegeta to All Might's Goku. The one who can never be the best, no matter how hard he tries, and is the official Luigi (number 2) of the professional hero world.

Any man that uses their Quirk to create a fire-moustache is already worthy of noticing, but Endeavour has managed to engage audiences since All Might's events in Season 3, in ways that really show the power of growth, change and depth you don't often see in abusers and grey antagonists. He's certainly not a good man yet, but there is signs he could go further than we ever thought possible, and I am so looking forward to that day.

8. Mei Hatsume

Sometimes, I don't need depth. I love a deep character, of course, but we should always appreciate the ones that purely exist to be fun and provide levity, like Ant-Man in the Captain America; Civil War movie. Sure, Mei Hatsume might not be the most heroic or tragic character on this list, but she is a damn fun time and one I am begging to see more of.

First appearing in the Sports Festival Arc, Mei was a standout character. She ran about with insane gadgets, referred to as her "babies", got right up into people's personal space with little regard, and tricked Iida with a fake story as part of her in-genius marketing strategy. More recently, she seems to have taken on the role of Midoriya's costume designer, working on the upgrades that he will use to save so many lives. So she's like Q, if the Q stood for Q-razy!

7. Himiko Toga

I've never felt a strong connection to the majority of My Hero Academia's villains, sadly. There are many who do, and I don't blame you, but Handjob and his crew of misfits are not that interesting to me. One of the few exceptions is nutjob yandere Himiko Toga, who regular readers will know I am obsessed with. And if you know Himiko, you'll understand how fitting it is to be obsessed.

First of all, she wears a sweater. That's adorable. Secondly, she stabs the blood out of you while wearing that sweater, and maybe a Bane mask as well! To make it even more disturbing, this nutter has the hots for Midoriya, which means an inevitable battle against Uraraka no doubt lies in the future. She absolutely steals the scene every single time she appears, and her relationships with other villains such as Dabi or Twice only further the appealing oddness that is this mass-murdering sadist, and I don't see anything wrong with that.

6. Tsuyu Asui/Froppy

So it's official. Frog Girl is Best Girl. There were many great choices, but how could a girl who chooses her name as "Froppy" not be the best? Surname Asui, but call her Tsuyu, was instantly one of the characters that fans leapt onto. Her adorable design, her warm nature and her funny powers made her a hit, and she's only continued to grow from her first appearance.

One of my all-time favourite stories involving Tsuyu is actually a flashback that has nothing to do with the overall story, in which Tsuyu befriends a snake-headed girl named Habuko Mongoose. It might seem insignificant, but I see it as a wonderful demonstration of the loneliness and understanding that Tsuyu has felt for so many years, and that makes her awkwardness and friendships with Midoriya and co even more sweet.

5. Eijiro Kirishima/Red Riot

Season 4. If you're asking why Kirishima is so high on this list, actually managing to make it past Frog Waifu, Stabby Waifu and Gadget Waifu, then season 4 is your answer. However, since I can't talk about that, I can still say that Kirishima is a great character that would have made it on this list regardless.

His Quirk, the ability to harden his body, might not seem like much but the story eventually learns the right way to utilise it to its full potential. His rivalry with Tetsutetsu Tetsutestu (isn't that like naming your child "Markmark Markmark"?) is ridiculous yet engaging, but most importantly, his relationship with Bakugou is brilliant! This is a guy who not only puts up with Bakugou's tantrums, he engages with them. And that dynamic is only cemented by how his Quirk literally takes Bakugou's explosions with no problem. Seriously, what a bro!

4. Toshinori Yagi/All Might

The number 1 hero of the land! The mentor of Izuku Midoriya! The one who technically caused this entire story! He's the man! The legend! The HERO! ALL MIGHT! Saviour of the innocent, protector of the good, fighter of the bad! He's also weak as hell in real life and has been near-death so many times, but damn it... he's just so great!

If you told me about All Might before I read the manga, I'd have called him an eye-rolling example of how not to do a mentor, perfect and proud. Instead, we see a man who is pretending to be stronger than he is because of how much he cares. He knows he is running out of time to be the hero the world needs, but he can't stop now. And while he may be Midoriya's mentor and teacher, we both know there is a bond there that no titles or masks can hide. All Might's tale is one of tragedy, sacrifice, strength and true heroism. In many ways, he is the shining example of what My Hero Academia is actually about.

3. Shoto Todoroki

Look at this Zuko-faced boy, and tell me he wasn't born to be popular. He controls fire and ice. He has a tragic scar. He has a bastard father who abused him. He has a poor mother who... poured burning water on his face? Wait. That's... tough to sympathise with her over. Anyway, regardless of how you might feel towards his parents, the youngest child of the Todoroki family has some of the best development in the show.

Starting out as a grumpy loner who wants nothing to do with anyone, the efforts of Midoriya and (inadvertently) Bakugou during the Sports Festival changed the young lad for life. Now, he's a proper member of this class and hopefully won't be abandoning everyone anytime soon. He's a good friend, a great companion, and has a character arc that, while done before in many other shows, is executed fantastically.

2. Katsuki "Kacchan" Bakugou

I was so scared that this was going to be the next "Sasuke". Ever since that character became a big hit, we've all seen manga and anime try to replicate the trend of a rival turning evil for the sake of conflict. So imagine my sheer freaking delight when Bakugou was given the offer, and he literally attacked Handjob instead! Bakugou might be a dick, but he's not a villainous dick! He's a hero dick that will blow you up!

Despite his constant, hilarious episodes of rage, there is a complexity to Bakugou that is worth admiring. His connection to Midoriya is constantly on edge due to his former friend and bully victim now becoming a great hero, and the guilt he feels regarding All Might eats him up inside. There's a perfect balance of fun and drama in this character, and his rivalry with Midoriya isn't as black and white as originally seemed. Bakugou is easily one of my favourite anime rivals of all time, and hopefully I never have to add him to the villain list.

1. Minoru Mineta

Well, obviously. Look at him.

Okay, I'm kidding. Move down to the real number 1.

The Real Number 1. Izuku Midoriya/Deku

I've written an entire article about why I think Midoriya is the best protagonist of this current run of manga, so I'll sum it up quickly. I love this freckled boy. I love how he's afraid, but he still fights forward. I love that he actually has to go to the beach and workout to get muscles. I love how much gender-swapped fanart of him and Bakugou there is. I love that he takes notes of everyone around him, not only because he needs to know for future battles but because he respects them all!

Midoriya is an example of how to do a shonen protagonist right in this day and age, and I will stand by that opinion for as long as he continues to prove me right. We're past the age of overly-buff dudes with pecs bigger than the kegs of beer they drink from. We need emotion, thought and development. Does Midoriya have all those? Oh he does! Look at that! - CLICK HERE

Honorable Mentions:


Inko Midoriya

All for One

Mina Ashido (Pink Waifu)

Kugo Sakamata/Gang Orca


Gentle Criminal (and La Brava)

Yu Takeyama/Mt Lady

Hizashi Yamada/Present Mic

Hitoshi Shinso
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  1. Hold. The Fuck. Up.

    Gran Torino isn't even in the HMs?

    1. Nope. The same is with Midnight, Kaminari, Jiro, Stain, Twice or the Wild, Wild Pussycats.

      MHA has many wonderful characters, and I'm still feeling guilty about the ones that didn't make it by process of elimination. My Pink Waifu was only an HM! That's insane! With so many worthy of getting a spot, it was inevitable some of the greats didn't make it.

      And incase you're wondering, it's mostly because I feel like I've seen Gran Torino in other shows before. There isn't much that sets him apart right now.

  2. A good list I can agree with you on nearly all of the choices and I can't really complain even if I wanted to because if you had to choose favorite characters there is an argument for putting nearly every character on the list.

    Though I was surprised that the Pink Waifu was not in the top 10 but hey I would put Ojiro in top 10 just for existing also that tail is awesome.

    1. If my Pink Waifu had actually gotten some moments in the story, I'm sure she would have. Unfortunately, the story has yet to use her in a way beyond a background character and some decent laughs. She needs a battle, or an event, that makes her important. Even something as small as Mineta vs Midnight would go a long way.

      Ojiro is cool too. That tail is BUFF!

  3. You nearly gave me a coronary with your fake #1!