Monday, February 2, 2015

Fairy Tail Chapter 418 Review - The Challenger

Written by: Shiggins

A timeskip that actually feels bigger than the 7 year timeskip has finally ended!

And by the way, I am just so thrilled right now because I've just found the perfect name for this upcoming arc and nobody can deny it:
The Blues Brothers Arc!
This chapter begins with our main character (and yes she is so deal with it), Lucy Heartfilia as she wakes up, gets changed and goes out to do her job. The year is X792, one year after Tartaros, and the Grand Magic Games are currently entering their 4th day. Sadly, the Guilds this year are more generic than the Treasure Hunters from the Sun Village Arc and it's nowhere near as interesting. 

And just when I thought it wasn't possible for her to get more B. E. A. Utiful!
Oh and Lucy is working for what is possibly my least favourite character in the entire series, (well, top 3 anyway...), Jason. If you don't remember him due to sticking a drill inside your head to block out his utterly insufferable attitude, he's the reporter from Sorcerer Weekly who keeps saying "COOL" every fucking five fucking seconds of fucking irritation just to make my fucking life more fucking miserable and fucking fuck fucker. 

Y'know, I write stories. And I have a character in one called Jason. ...He would not be happy if he saw this Jason.
Oh right, sorry... The chapter. Anyway, Lucy is an intern editor for Sorcerer Weekly, having done a brief photo-shoot for some panties and bras. (Basically, she was Mirajane for a day then asked to be an intern). I have to find it especially funny that she got the job while still wearing the bra because I can't help but wonder if that's why she got the job, if you know what I mean there. 

"I was young and I needed the money"
So as Jason (ugh, I like that name. Stop ruining that name for me) and Lucy are on break, Jason points out how last year's games were so much better because of all the Guilds including Fairy Tail. Lucy then finally goes home, has a bath and an inner monologue. She thinks about how much she misses the Guild, and we get a great image of all her work over the past year.

There is so much to talk about in this one page, I'm unable to go through it all so I'll just say this: Best picture of the week.
So it's another day and the final day of the GMG. Lucy isn't enthusiastic anymore as she's aware the winner will be Skull Millione who have been hiding their true strength for the final round. They defeat the other guys and are declared the winner and blah blah bl... Oh? Hang on, someone else has entered the ring.

I know it's obviously Natsu but how cool would it be if this turned out to be Mystogan?
A hooded stranger with massive waves of heat around him walks towards Skull Millione and says he wants to challenge them. Defeating them easily, his strength causes everybody to get drenched in sweat, their clothes to start to melt and even the walls and statues of the arena! Oh and if you're too silly-billy to figure it out, the hooded person is Natsu. 

I saw some people on tumblr coloured this in almost immediately. WHY CAN'T I HAVE TALENT LIKE THEM?!
As everybody gasps and cheers, Happy appears behind Lucy in a brand new jacket which I'm actually in favour of because he was the only naked Exceed in the series. With Natsu doing his usual recklessness and defeating the lesser Guilds (character development? What's that?!), he turns over and sees Lucy. The two smile and I cry because I really didn't want this chapter to end.

Opinion: Need. More. Give me more! I am dying here! 

The last timeskip of Fairy Tail lasted 7 years and this timeskip has lasted 1 year. The reason I bring this up is because of what I mentioned in the opening sentence today: This timeskip feels bigger. It feels bigger because it involves the main characters actually going through the year instead of just being in a coma during it all and acting like nothing happened.

Oh sorry. I forgot. These "hugely important" characters chained weight sizes...
Lucy is a reporter and I think that's actually quite perfect. Obviously, she'd rather be published for a book she wrote but the idea of Lucy gushing over her first article being published and working on tons of others is something really interesting and fits perfectly with her character.

Ah ha. What a funny moment. I wonder if we'll still be laughing when her skin is next.
That being said, everybody left her? I mean, I can understand some of them like Gray or Laxus but Wendy?! Mirajane?! Levy?! What kind of friends all just leave each other? They don't even keep in contact and ditched her after Natsu left? The more I think about it, the more it gets to me and I'm really hoping for a good reason for this. 

Natsu is back and has hair so long it probably makes all artist fans cry betrayed tears. His hair was hard enough to draw before! Ah well, I doubt it'll be around forever so just suck it up for one week, guys and girls.

Anyway, he's back like he said he would be and I predict a delightful arc where Natsu and Lucy go round the country to track down each small group of characters to get the band back together... I mean the Guild. Which actually could be a lot of fun. In fact, I have a list of things I want to see have happened over the past year:

Juvia is pregnant with Gray's child who is already named Silver.

Elfman has a big belly and/or beard.

Lisanna has gotten so pretty that Natsu blushes and makes Lucy jealous.

Laxus has a ponytail that he gets made fun of for.

Gajeel hasn't been able to train as much as he would like to because of being Levy's assistant.

And my crack pairing has happened: 

BicksLaw! (awaits applause... waiting... still waiting...)
Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Lucy for becoming a journalist, making that epic map on her wall and adjusting to life.

Best Part: Natsu is back in Lucy's life.

Worst Part: Jason is not "cool".

Predictions: Let's get moving to our gang! First up, Wendy!

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  1. Natsu looks like an ungroomed puppy xD But yes, I love his entrance and I do think that Lucy has been training since she was able to sense Natsu's power before he even ignited. I also can't help but think Natsu has the best smile in all of Fairy Tail, good for Lucy.

    For the character designs, as soon as you mentioned Lisanna, I remembered her siblings. Mirajane..... She's bound to be more beautiful. Elfman? *Shivers*

    Pshahahaha, don't you know that Bixslow is shipped with Lisanna on tumblr (Because Raijinshuu x Strauss Siblings, ElfEver, Miraxus, BIxanna). But this made me want to stay up all night to wait for the chapter (Woke up at around 4 in the morning and it wasn't out, I was too excited to go back to sleep) and I really like the way this arc starts, it's basically getting the band... GUILD back together, I can't wait for mondays (I loved Fairy Tail so my mondays were neutral to balance out the fact it was monday, now my mondays are more so good)

    1. On a side note, I think Natsu is going to be able to track some dragon slayers with his nose (If it could be trained?) but first, I think Lucy has to tell Natsu and Happy what happened to the guild before setting off in their journey (I think they'll get Erza -> Wendy -> Gray)

    2. Lucy has definetly gotten stronger this year. You can tell it just by her attitude and how she's adapted to her year.

      Mirajane... Oh is it even possible for her to be more radiant? (holds chest and does a soft smile) Oh and ELFMAN IS ONLY CAPABLE OF MORE MAN!

      Yes yes but that's why my ship is even more brilliant! It's not what you'd expect but it works so well! Just imagine it...

      Bickslow: These are my babies. (indicates wooden doll heads) AND THESE ARE MY BABIES! (indicates adorable chubby babies and Law just chuckles as a good mother)

      Yeah, I don't think I've been this excited for FT before in my life. I think every good series has a "must read" period where you can do literally nothing but focus on it every day. For example, I was like that with Naruto when they were fighting Obito. I just neeeeeed more.

      Natsu: We're on a mission from dragons.

      Hmm... Makes sense but I think Erza will be one of the last we catch. She's so strong and important that she's probably in deep shit right now.

    3. That's true, but I don't think Erza would be training as hard as Gray and Natsu has because they have unfinished business unlike Erza and Lucy. I suspect she'd be easier to find since she can cause destruction accidentally. And yea, the "must read" period because you don't know what to expect now that a timeskip has happened, a new arc has started, and what happens now after the Tartaros arc.

    4. I understand that Natsu and Grey will be training hard but I also think so it's Lucy. Because of Lucy's weakness, she had to broke her PRECIOUS key in order to fight. Wouldn't she have the motive to trained harder to become way stronger so she can fight without breaking her keys. I mean, I don't think anyone of the guild know that Lucy broke Aquarius's key to saved them...I totally know that they have they're own thing but...They just leave her alone like that. Grey have Juvia. Natsu have Happy. Erza probably have some visits from Jellal. What does Lucy have? SO breaking her key is like breaking a bond of her friend...

      (I also don't get the point I'm trying to prove so yeah)

  2. I look forward to all of the police car wrecks.

    1. Except instead of police cars, it's just the knights who work for the council crashing into walls.

    Listen to this with the chapter. It makes it even better.
    *Fangirling begins*

    1. (fangirls all over, especially to that tune which I find really good)


    But seriously, it was great to see Natsu, Lucy, and Happy again, but I always suspected things would work out between them. Although I hope Lucy kicks Natsu in the balls so hard he gets motion sickness from the vibrations, I’m glad she isn’t alone anymore.

    I’m more interested in Juvia and Gray. Based on the map they’re both up north, likely training and preparing for the upcoming battles to take down END. I’m hella curious to see if their relationship has become closer or not, especially after the cliffhanger with 416. It would be awesome if those two got together.

    As for the pregnancy aspect, I kinda hope that doesn’t happen. I would love those two to settle down with a family (and a son called Silver), but pregnancy would take Juvia out of the fight, would limit her ability to interact with other characters, especially those that head into battle. But boyfriend/girlfriend/lovers? Definitely, although I will accept whatever the author decides. I’m curious to see Juvia’s redesign. I hope she kept her long hair, that always suited her the best.

    I love the idea of Natsu blushing at Lisanna, it would be a great character dynamic for her and Lucy.

    Laxus with a ponytail? Are you insane man? Don’t touch what’s already perfect.

    Not sure about Gajeel being Levy’s assistant. Based on the map they’re in different locations, although I’d hoped they’d have hooked up as well.

    A fat Elfman with a beard………. I like it! Maybe Evergreen can insult his pride and get him back into shape!

    Also, one of my predictions was answered! Public infrastructure is NOT safe from Fairy Tail, despite it being disbanded.

    1. Lucy must enact corporal punishment! Put on the bondage gear and kick his arse!

      Gray and Juvia have to have gone further in some way. Such an ending can't be left unanswered, although I do fear that Gray's quest for END has made him basically try to run off alone and ditch her so... Maybe. Maybe not.

      The thing is, I'm conflicted. An adorable baby of Gruvia? That'd be great to see! But I need Juvia to keep fighting too so I'm unsure how to handle my feelings! The feels!
      And you're right. Juvia with long hair is best Juvia.

      I think it'd be good for the romance side of the series if Mashima addressed the Lucy/Lisanna debate. Not just because of shippers but because it would be a good development.

      Laxus must be mocked! He is so perfect!

      Gajeel without Levy... Don't make me cry. I love the idea of Gajeel having to run about and do her tasks like stack books and shit while Levy works as a librarian or something.

      Elfman will always be MAN. No amount of body fat or hair can change that!

      Oh congrats! Predictions are always good to have answered.