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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 113 and 114 Review - Revelation and Confused Heroes

Writer: Axlorg

That week break is now over and Nakaba is now back to writing which is good since you can never be too cautious about your health, but now we're back with a new chapter that starts off with a dream. On a side note, I swear Nanatsu No Taizai brings solid chapters every week with the occasional greatness. So lets get started.

Am I the only one concerned with the shading on Elizabeth's breast?
As I said before, we start off with Elizabeth in what seems to be a dream or flashback since her attire is that of chapter 1. Then we see her getting approached by Meliodas(?) that actually looks like the one on the wanted poster in armor. Checking back to the beginning, the armor does seem to match Elizabeth's when she first entered Meliodas's tavern. Before we get any information about what that dream was about, Meliodas wakes up Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tells Meliodas that Diane and Gowther have gotten into a fight and then the scene changes to the battle scene which I predict Diane will lose. Gowther, using his sacred treasure, starts shooting at Diane who manages to dodge it easily. Gowthen than analyzes Diane's power energy (950) and states that without his Sacred Treasure, he'd be at a disadvantage. Then Diane starts to summon rock beasts, the twin giants, but Gowther takes control of the two giants and aims for Diane but she manages to smash through their attacks. Still flying from the punch (Which is heading for Gowther now) Diane pleads for Gowther to stop as Gowther prepares another attack.

[Insert some DJ beats]
We go back to Meliodas who spots the explosions and runs to the scene of the crime only to see a battlefield. He spots Diane on the ground counscious, and Diane tells him to watch over Zeal and Guila instead since they are worse off. Elizabeth and Merlin join the scene and they spot Gowther, in a little ball but not from injuries. Meliodas starts to scold Gowther but gets cut off by him, asking Meliodas to lock him up somewhere, before he disappears. Turning to Merlin, Meliodas tells her that their previous conversation could wait and then the scene changes, leaving Gowther's ominous words in the air.

I'd think it would be mysterious if you literally took it from the ass

Now we see the demons. A female demon, who's name I can't remember but seems to say "Taking it from the ass" a lot in front of the old castle. Then they start observing the environment and see a giant hole. Zeldorias (Really close to Meliodas) then curses out Meliodas then he calls over his brother(!) which was the same person from Elizabeth's dream as well as from the 'wanted' poster.

Opinion: I seem to pull vanishing acts for about a week and then do a double chapter review, and for that, I'm very sorry for that and I won't be doing that ever again probably. Anyways onto opinion time! Taizai is still bringing in solid chapters. I think it's fair to think Elizabeth and the older looking Meliodas have a connection before the start of the actual series. Other than that, the fight was good and it was obvious at the beginning that Gowther would win.

I think it was good of Gowther to realize what he did was wrong but I do wonder what he means by disappearing, oh, and we also don't get to the conclusion of Merlin and Meliodas's conversation so that's a shame. Finally there's the man in the beginning and it seems that Meliodas has two demon brothers. This frustrates me because it's obvious that Nakaba is just dangling that piece of information in front of us but not giving it away.

Character of the chapter: Gowther because Gowther.

Rating: 4/5

Time for the next chapter!

We start this chapter off with a comic about character polls (Also a vote on Elizabeth getting a new outfit). 10th place went to Elizabeth which is surprising since she's the female protagonist. 9th is Helbram, a villain/fairy that is now living on as a ghost. 8th goes to Elaine, she's a popular character in Japan and people absolutely love her. 7th place is for Diane, the giantress, not much is to be said but I'm glad for her. 6th place is Oslo, yes, Ban's dog. This honestly surprised me but I love he made it to the top 10. (Also Hawk is currently announcing the results, boasting about how he'll win this thing).
Best bro award goes to Oslo!
5th place goes to Meliodas! Again surprising since he's the main hero of this story but lets move on to 4th place which is taken by Hendrickson, another villain (I'm betting to be redeemed soon enough) that is loved more so than the hero (Though if it's by post cards only, Meliodas took first). 3rd place goes to Gowther, sporting some fanservice to the ladies (and probably guys as well). Now we're to the top two. *Holds King's pillow since I'm weeaboo trash*. 2nd place goes to... BAN! Apparently most of his votes came from females since he can be violent, deadly, and perverte but can cook and be devoted at the same time. And 1st place goes to *Drumroll start*

Screw 4th place with only post cards, he's number 1 in everything!
And King lands with a homerun, apparently getting votes from the girls because of his cuteness and boys from his aerial and swift attacks. The comic goes on to Meliodas and Ban teasing King with a party (Actually a punishment game) and ends with Hak finding out he earned 11'th place in the poll. Now onto the story! The chapter begins with Elizabeth's father waking up from Gowther's unconscious spell and we quickly move on from there to Gowther putting Guila's memory back in place. She pulls back, horrified at what happened and hugs Zeal with Gowther mentioning that his memory has been put back together as well.

Gowther uses the foreign alien line "I mean no harm" only to be rightfully punched by Meliodas and apologizes to her, for manipulating her and 'staining' her to find out the desire of 'love'. The girls (Minus Merlin) blush and Guila proceeds to thank Gowther for saving her since the demon blood would have killed her and for showing long forgotten memories of her father. Zeal and Guila then leave with Gowther stating out flatly that he was dumped, I've been there Gowther, atleast you had it clean in the end.

Staining? So did that mean that they did the didly done deed?
Slader than appears and bows down to Merlin and apparently has fallen in love with Merlins power and proceeds to flatter her until she turns to Gowther and uses 'Absolute Cancel'. Gowther in turn starts to minimize and falls into his now too big clothes. Merlin then explains that Gowther didn't shrink but only temporarily turned back into his 'original' form and moves the topic along until Slader asks what she meant by original form. Apparently Gowther was created by a powerful magician and Gowther himself is a doll. WAIT. WHAT. THAT MAKES SENSE BUT STILL!
Is it just me?
Diane then feels bad because she realized she couldn't truly understand how Gowther was viewing life. Meliodas reassures her and starts a small speech on how important team mates are to each other and that's when Meliodas asks Sladers to temporarily join the crew since they were short 2 members and Gowther was currently out of comission, to which he agrees. That's when Elizabeth also uses this moment asking Meliodas to let her join him and his quest and declares her that she was a team mate as well. Meliodas declines, saying she shouldn't put herself in harms way and Elizabeth brings out the guilty speech, asking if she was extra baggage to which Meliodas responds yes before getting pummeled by Diane and Hak for his insincerity.

This guys has some balls.
Elizabeth runs off and rests on the porch of the bar while Slader approaches her, disapproving of Meliodas. She says that he knows he's doing it for her own good but wants to pay back the favor somehow and that's when Slader gives some advice about her relationship with Meliodas, saying that actions are the way to go instead of words and they both ends up in a conversation. We change to Merlin who summons a crystal ball, intending to check on Camelot because she verified a power source coming from there. The bar then jumps and we go to the holy knights.

I don't know if this is true, but it's true for me. Probably why I suck at relationships.
Lord Arthur prepares for combat for an unknown coming unit and as soon as they prep for an attack, they see a flying pig, yup it's the tavern! Now that reinforcements are here, will the tides change? Also the Meliodas realize that Elizabeth was still on the bar's porch and was probably with them right now?

Opinion: Well this chapter was amazing! First we get some information and plot twist regarding Gowther, not to mention jumping into the battlefield immediately (Still wondering where Ban and King are). Then we get some ships getting progress with some humor here and there. Again Taizai isn't faltering and is staying consistent with good chapters and that makes me very happy!

There is no chapter name for next week apparently so I have no idea which group we will focus on but I'm predicting Meliodas's and I'm still curious on Elizabeth's WHOLE role in this arc, not because I think she's useless, but because I think she has so much connections on her head that it's driving me insane. Also there's a lore going around in Nanatsu No Taizai but I'll probably save that for another review.

Character of the chapter: Merlin for moving the chapter to where it was needed.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. NO! Ban should have been first place! (sobs) Is it because of his fashion sense? Because... it's bad but he's so cool! Waah!

    Gowther is a doll... How can something feel so wrong and so right at the same time?

    And from now on, I shall quote Slader's line about men and women. Even if it is inaccurate.