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Kuroshitsuji Chapter 101 and 102 Review - That Butler, Encounter and That Butler, Cleaning Up

Written by Shiggins


Two years of my life I'll never get back... Oh boy. I'm going to ignore my existential crisis and move on to reviewing this month's and last's month's chapter of Kuroshitsuji. (I didn't last month's because honestly... it sucked).

Well... Both are quite cute in their own way I suppose.
So sorry but I'm gonna sum up chapter 101 extremely quickly. Although Ciel shot Wolfram in the face, he was too quick and strong to get killed and is now going to kill Ciel. As Snake and Bard try to save Ciel, we get a sudden flashback to Vincent Phantomhive, the father of Ciel, and his gofer/fag Diederich. It shows Vincent asking Diederich that if anything ever happens to him, then could Diederich protect Ciel.

If Diederich isn't acceptable, you could always call him "Fat Hitler".
If it's not obvious, this is when Diederich appears in the present to save Ciel from Wolfram. He's fat now but still able to kick ass as he makes Wolfram retreat for now. This is when the secret weapon the Germans mentioned last time makes an appearance. Remember my theory about it being a test subject like Finny was? Yeah, my idea was so much better...

Wow. Tanks and Germans... Cliche?
There's a massive burst of death and they all dodge it just in time. To everybody's horror, it's a giant tank. (Although they call it a moving cannon here which may or may not be more accurate). And that is obviously why Diederich is here.

Opinion: I'm sorry but yawn! Predictable and dull, the only redeemable part of this was the return of Vincent's fag and the fact that Wolfram survived. I was really hoping that we'd get an interesting twist or two, and although I didn't expect the tank, I thought my idea about the subjects from Finny's lab would have been a lot more interesting for development and chaos.

Manga Rating: 1.5/5

Best Part: The fag is fat!

Worst Part: A cannon is the big intense climax?

Thankfully, chapter 102 provided a bit more entertainment. The group are running away with two of the three Hitler's Angels inside the tank. (The third one is getting her ass kicked by Tanaka). Diederich tells them that they have a chance of escaping on a train that is used to transport military materials. Suddenly, Ciel's injuries catch up to him and he collapses.

Sebastian... FUCK YEAH! Here to save the motherfucking day, yeah...Sebastian!
And finally, Sebastian himself appears to rescue Ciel and redeem this chapter. After some teasing, we see Wolfram shocked that the tank fired on Ciel without realising it was Ciel in a dress and not Sullivan. (Actually, why is he pissed off? He knew they were going to kill her anyway... they even told him to do so if necessary...)

"Oh no! They were going to do that thing they said they were going to do! Those bastards!"
Diederich gets the briefcase of Suline and they all have to run off together. Ciel and Sebastian stay behind to take down the tank and thus the epic battle begins. With Sebastian keeping a hold of Ciel because he never wants to lose him again... Oh wait, that was just that dream I had last night... Okay, a butler can't let his master walk barefoot... Anyway, they take on the tank.

"Yes... this burning alive of soldiers feeds my arousal greatly."
After some super-demon dodging and some bombs given to them by Bard, they destroy the tank and burn alive the bastard Germans inside while Ciel shows us a bit more of his twisted side with a joke that definetly left a bad taste in the corner of your mouth. "Moving oven"? You fucked-up little shit!

Bullets must be delicious or something.
And what's the cliffhanger this month? Why it's two new Shinigami from Germany! One looks like Spiers 2.0 while another is utterly a-dork-able! So far, I approve of them!

...I wanna hug her. Like... I want to really hug that dorky girl. Please.
Opinion: Thank you. Okay, can we leave Germany now? I miss the class and sophistication of a far superior country. (I'm from Scotland btw). We got Sullivan, Wolfram can reappear and join the gang, then we get a new arc. The return of Grell, Undertaker, the Queen's white suits... I don't know but something great. After some comedy of course.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Best Part: Ciel gets off on watching people burn.

Worst Part: We're still in Germany.

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  1. "The fag is fat"? I get exactly what kind of you're making there, and it isn't nearly as funny as you think it is. I rate your sense of humor a 0/5.

    1. No, he is a fag. Remember? When he went to school, he had the title of Vince's fag. It's like an assistant to the prefects of the school. Reread the School Arc to remember.

    But in other news, nothing. Literally nothing. I mean, the action was nice (though I'm not sure that Sebastian couldn't have shattered that tank if he really tried), and it was interesting to see inside Ciel, but once we get to know these two Shinigami I want back to Europe. No more modern, please!!

    1. Totally agree with you! We've got geeky, adorable German Shinigami! That sentence is so perfect, it demands a spinoff!
      I think that's kinda how this arc has been really. It started off with potential and it gave us the greatness of Sullivan but these reviews have been getting shorter and shorter due to my boredom. I'll get enthusiastic again soon I'm sure.