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Fairy Tail Chapter 428 & Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 10 Review - If Our Paths Are Different... & Law

So... are Avatar badass or not?

Chapter 428:

This week gave us some more surprising foreshadowing and one or two new reveals. Nothing huge or shocking but it gave back the potential of this arc that I was worried Natsu's "badass" beatdowns took away last week. Anyway, this week began with Wendy wiping Juvia.... of sweat! Nothing more!

So... female nipples don't exist in this world? How hugely disappointing.
As Wendy and Carla wonder how it's going between Natsu and Gray, we see the two rivals smacking into each other. Unlike most fights though, it's not as comical as usual since Gray has basically gone mad. Natsu is trying to convince Gray to return to Fairy Tail, but Gray refuses as he does whatever he wants now. Oh and then Lucy slaps that bitch for being a bitch!

Honestly, nothing much has changed here really... Except I'm not laughing now.
However, Lucy's words are cut short when her stomach goes into pain. It turns out that Mary has arrived and is hurting Lucy. To make matters worse, magic seals are placed on Natsu and Virgo by Gomon, and Happy is taken down by Mr Cursey and Able. Natsu still tries to resist but Jerome appears and threatens to kill Lucy with a big shiny sword. With the group down, Gray reveals his Guild Mark on his chest is erased by the black magic.

"That's for not having a baby with Juvia yet, you bastard!"
We then see Gajeel and Pantherlily who are joined by Levy, a member of the Council! Hell, she even went into Avatar as a spy to get information. (This is the girl whom Hiro Mashima originally intended to just be a background character!) They have a brief conversation about Gray, where Gajeel refuses to consider Gray a comrade because of some sort of "purification" that Avatar are planning. Gajeel won't be backing down against Gray.

Yeah this is basically the same as putting a sticker over it. We all know it's under there, buddy. You're not fooling anybody.
Opinion: So far, half of Avatar seem somewhat competent and the other half are... nothing really. I know it's unfair to judge them so harshly but considering the last arc had Tartaros, it's difficult for me to be kind. Still, Jerome and Mary seem tough in their own special ways. And with this purification, they're obviously going to do something to kill non-dark mages or normal civilians, so the likelihood of Gray being controlled or a double-agent is heavily increasing here.

Am... I becoming attracted to Mary too now? No no no...
Levy is a council-member! Ah, it sounds so right doesn't it? Also, isn't it funny how Gajeel is the only main male of the Guild we've met so far that hasn't abandoned the girl he is shipped with all the time? Natsu ditched Lucy and Gray ditched Juvia but Gajeel, a former villain, stuck around. I just find that quite an interesting fact.

"Dear Mashima-senpai. Levy the badass deserves a spinoff. Please give her one, then notice me, senpai!"
Speaking of Levy, does that mean she's the spy that was mentioned earlier? I hope not because I'd love to see a new ally in the form of the dark-skinned beauty, and that would be quite an underwhelming reveal if it was Levy. (No offense, sweetheart. You're fabulous).

Gray is... well, he's lost it but I'm not sure I can be bothered with this version of him. I've seen it before in many other series and although this is natural, it's nothing new or exciting. I dunno, maybe it's just the mood I'm in right now... I hope it gets better later at least.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Lucy for slapping Gray's nonsense.

Predictions: 4 double-chapters in the next 4 weeks! That's 8 chapters overall! I'M GOING TO HAVE TO REVIEW ALL THAT?! Ooooh boy. Not a good time for to have to do that but hey, the story will be great to get right into and Mashima almost always delivers. Next week we'll see some prison time, some more time with Gray chatting to Mary and Jerome and the goddess herself... Oh and we'll find out Levy used her new status as Council Member to make Jet and Droy "disappear under mysterious circumstances" before she made memes about her illegal.

Best Part: That slap!

Worst Part: Gray isn't as original as he probably wishes he was.

I wonder if I'll ever tell my child about these reviews... I will never tell them!

Chapter 10:

Gasp! The leader of Blue Skull got away! This can only spell disaster! However, no time for that because there is a massive dragon skeleton with the spirit of a crazed Yuriy inside! Zeira is looking for Mavis but Precht is too shocked to answer her questions, (or you know... YOU'RE DEAD, ZEIRA!), and Mavis is currently having a small flashback.

And... saving to personal file... Now onto the review.
Apparently, Mavis is at the stage where she considers any magic acceptable so long as she can use it to fight! She uses her illusion magic to make tons of coins seem to appear, and lure Yuriy towards them. She then hops onto his back and clings tightly, planning to use Fairy Law! Zeira appears and warns Mavis she isn't ready to use Law yet. Mavis gives us exposition in the form of this one panel.

Yeah, I was too lazy to type it all. Deal with it.
With no options and determined to save Yuriy, she gives yet another speech about how those three guys she has known for a wee while are dear friends and she wants to save them all and have a happy ending and blah blah blah... Zeira chooses to stay with Mavis and reconfirms that Mavis still believes in fairies. And finally, she activates Fairy Law!

I can't believe she never called this attack "Judgement Day". Huge missed opportunity.
The dragon skeleton collapses, the Tenrou Jade shatters and Yuriy lays there alive and well. Hell, he even has all his clothes with him. Unfortunately, Mavis is down! Could she be dead? Is this the end of Mavis?! OH DEAR GOD....

Opinion: ...She's not dead, duh. We've literally seen a photo where she starts the Guild which shows her alive and well with the others. Hence, not dead. (Prequels... ugh).

Still, Mavis' lack of morality towards magic is interesting. She'll gladly use Dark Magic if she has to, and this could potentially create a great morality debate about how much she should limit herself. What is "too far"? What is "not fair enough"? Tons of possibilities here!

Yes, Zeref. She wanna.
Zeira doesn't realise she's dead! If she is dead I mean... but if she is dead and unaware, that could make for a great and tragic reveal. I'm actually excited for that chapter now!

The leader of Blue Skull is out there... Meh. Maybe he'll bring someone interesting to be the antagonist next time. I hope so. Hell, maybe the next one will have an even more scary name... like James! GASP!

Come on, buddy. What is wrong with this scenario? Figured it out yet, Treeman?
Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Character of the Week: Zeira for not going overboard with the friendship speech like Mavis did.

Predictions: It's time to rebuild the town and begin Fairy Tail! New members will appear and Yuriy will get married and have a kid named Makarov! Then Blue Skull will return!

Best Part: We saw the first Fairy Law!

Worst Part: Mavis' speeches might need to simmer down a bit.

The lack of chin there utterly horrifies me.

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  1. Mashima is so awesome but on a side note, ShounenWeekly (Magazine where FT/NNT/Etc. comes out from) made a rule that nipples can't be shown.

    Eeyyy, Levy was the spy, I honestly was surprised and expected them to separate like everyone else (Juvia and Gray, separated over time. Natsu and Lucy, Dear John letter. Erza and namethatshallnotbenamed is self-explanatory) and I wonder what happened to Jet and Droy. Still I understand what Lucy is going through, I'm pretty sure most girls do. Joking aside, let's see what the outsiders will do when they infiltrate Avatar.

    For FT0 I think that may have either taken a few years of Mavis's lifespan or give her a stunt growth. Either of which is possible. Plus Zeref is so incredibly adorable, I almost forgave him for making magic that probably killed lots of people

    1. Poor nipples...

      I'm expecting them to wander into a trap, set up by Jerome/Briar. And Gajeel is going to have to go ahead while Levy uses her word magic to shut it down.

      I suppose it is possible but we'll see. Maybe she'll realise the truth about Zeira. Oh and Zeref is just the cutest! I love that adorable mass murderer!