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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 122 - Demon's Onslought

Writer: Axlorg
Another chapter and another review, the time has come for another chapter only this time from the view of a different group. Though I'm disappointed we didn't get to see what will happen to Meliodas and co but I am fond of multiple point of views of a story because in the end, they'll all meet up with one another if you get me. Back to the chapter of course which starts with a blonde haired demon who seems to sense Zeldorias's trouble. He, in turn, replies that Britannia's power level is all dried up and that the time needed to recharge is going to take longer than before.
Our Noble Heroes
Before they continue their talk about Britannia(Which the five clans fought over), some humans appear, telling them to get out of their land. Fraudrin then comments that humans are now flowing with energy. A female demon then jumps over to them and pokes one of the humans. Suddenly, a ball of energy comes out of the person and the demon grabs it before swallowing it for herself. The other demon from the beginning asks how it tastes to which she replies that it's killing two birds with one stone. Another demon appears and translates that it doesn't have flavor but there is energy in it and if they keep on taking energy from the humans, they will not only regain power but also exterminate the human race.
Indirect Kiss!?

The blonde demon says that if that is the case then she will go summon some 'honeybees' to collect the 'honey' for them and proceeds to use a Summon Ring while asking Fraudrin if there's any nearby settlements. We change scenes to the musketeers Holy Knight trio who are now on their way to a city. Griamore and Howzer bicker with each other while Gil wonders if he was in the right sense of mind to bring those two along with him but then they come across a peddler. They stop to investigate and realize that they seem to be sleeping but not 'awake'. All of a sudden there's a scream and we then see villagers running for dear life. A hand creeps out and mumbles some words which gets all the energy from the adults.
Okay, but why isn't the kid losing his energy?
On the next page we see the definition of a baby devil running around like a titan in the village. His words attract the energy from the village and he continues until the monster gets slashed from Gil. Our hero than proclaims that his fight is with them. Distracted, the beast gets ambushed from Howzer and Griamore who use 'Rising Thunder' on the beast, dismembering him but tries a parting attack only it's mouth blown off by Griamore's "Perfect Shell". Gil finishes it off with "Lightning Emperor's Hammer" which summons lightning on the target. As the result from the defeat, the stolen energy flows back to their original owners and those recovered begin to cheer the knights.

Gil then senses another enemy and tells the town members to run and from the corner comes another monster.The group agree to take him down anyways but a new voice comes and says that this one, an ashen demon, is much stronger. If they have any hope, the four of them must work together, Gil then says that they can't believe he's alive and on the final page we see Hendricksen appear with a sword.

Opinion - Well I did realize it was Hendricksen when a new voice came in so I wasn't that surprised, but how is he fully clothed and armed in snazzy gear? Seems we'll take it on from the Knights POV before we turn back to the Sins but I don't mind anymore. This chapter was a good set up chapter and I can't wait to see the fight next chapter.

Predictions - "The Atoning Captain of the Holy Knights," I assume we'll see the 4 v 1 of the battle between the Knights and the Ashen which I'm certain the Knights will win.

Rating - 3/5

Best Character of the Chapter - Gil for getting the final smash strike.

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