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Fairy Tail Chapter 426 and Chapter 427 Review - Black Heart and The Heated Underground Battle

Written by Shiggins

I'm not the only one who read the first title and immediately pictured Ghost Rider's crappy movie, am I?

Looks like they found their calling in life. Does this mean they won't be returning to the Guild?
Chapter 426:

With last week's shocking reveal about the death of Frosch under our belts, the three characters sit down to discuss this Avatar Guild. From what Lucy knows, they seem to be a cult of mages that worship Zeref. Natsu finally decides to tell them that Future Rogue is why Natsu knows Gray will be an enemy and what the outcome would be if Rogue had taken the Avatar task.

Did you know there is a theory that Natsu's bandage around his arm is actually him covering up something demonic? And that he already knows he is E.N.D? I think it's a cool idea.
As they declare that Gray is their friend no matter what, the focus moves to Avatar where the masked chief is doing his prayers. This is when the fabulous Jerome comes up to him and tells him that there is a good chance the Council knows about their plans. The gorgeous Briar then walks up and nicknames Jerome as Scruffy. They are asked to leave and we see the others too.

Perfection with a capital "purr".
Mary is the cute girl who is probably messed-up in the head, Gomon is Eyebrow-Supreme who makes bad jokes, D-6 is the knight guy and Able is the clown who is holding a Mr Cursey doll! They discuss who the possible spy for the Council might be, and the biggest suspect is the newest member Gray. Gray himself appears to confirm this isn't true and he only wants to destroy E.N.D and he'll do anything to kill obtain his goal.

I'm starting to think these dark changes to characters are the result of the popularity of Sasuke Uchiha.
While Natsu and Lucy are about to charge on the church where Avatar are, we see the Council's knights on their way to Avatar and one of them informs their new captain that Gray is there. The new captain smirks... Captain Gajeel isn't intimidated in the slightest.

"If only Levy could see me now!"
Chapter 427:

Natsu and Happy are told by Lucy not to just charge in, and she summons one of my favourite Celestial Spirits Virgo to help her here. Virgo... who tied herself up out of boredom. (Gotta love that masochist). Lucy activates the Virgo Dress and the two go underground and into the lower basement of the church.

......................I fucking love you, Virgo.
Of course, Natsu makes a big noise on purpose and announces for Gray to show himself. However, Able is actually the first one to appear. Lucy and Happy instantly recognise Able's doll as Mr Cursey, and in fact Able says he got it as a gift from Grimoire Heart. And then... Natsu easily knocks him out with one tap on the head.

And... you suck! Please collect your Fail Prize once you regain consciousness!
Gomon then appears and attacks Natsu by throwing all the equipment at him with magic, even putting Natsu in an iron maiden. Natsu melts through it and defeats Gomon, then D-6 attacks and... is down too. Huh. And finally, Gray appears to fight.

At first I thought she was getting a crush on Natsu until I realised what was being thrown at him... You lovable masochist, you!
Opinion: So... Avatar are over-hyped then. No epic battles or jokes or anything. They're down. Beaten. Fairy Tail have already smacked half of them around, and by "Fairy Tail" I mean one character. I'm hoping Jerome, Briar and Mary won't be as easy to take down but I can't be sure right now. Either way, disappointed!

You suck even more than the clown! How is that possible?!
Gajeel and Pantherlily work for the Council now! Gajeel has taken Lahar's job and is about to arrest Gray, even wearing a cool coat and everything. I wonder if this has something to do with the woman from the Council whom Gajeel never got to thank for practically raising him when he was younger. Or maybe Levy just loves a man in uniform.

I should stop going on about Gajeel/Levy, so here is one of the popular yaoi-ships people seem to have instead.
We now officially know Kain is still alive, most likely meaning Rustyrose is too. The odd thing is though, where are they? Are they working for Zeref, or have they left to do bad-guy-stuff somewhere else? It's been 8 years now so surely they must have done something!

Kain and Able. Get it?
Speaking of bad guys, Gray has gone full-crazy and possessed. However, I'm not convinced. Gajeel shows no worries about arresting Gray, and Gray is fitting in almost too well. I'm thinking he's the spy. Either him or Jerome, because it wouldn't make sense for the Guildmaster to be the spy.

426 Manga Rating: 3.5/5

427 Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Predictions: Natsu's morals vs Gray's morals. Lucy will run into Briar, Mary and/or Jerome and we'll see another Celestial Spirit appear to help out our blonde girl. And then Gajeel will appear to kick some ass when Lucy gets into trouble.

Best Part: Seeing Virgo, Gajeel and Pantherlily again.

Worst Part: Avatar suck!

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  1. Avatar was overhyped because we never really have seen them in action before and yet I thought they were a bit of challange, ah well. For Kain and Rustyrose, I remember them with Zeref at the end of the Tenrou Arc since they escaped with him.

    I had originally thought that Abel or D-6 was the spy but this chapter debunked that idea so I'm going to go out on a limb and say Bryar (Or Briar) simply because it shows her thoughts on Gray's darkness. Anyways, I hope we can see the limit of Natsu's powers, great review as always

    1. I blame myself for hyping up over Avatar. It's all my doing!

      And yeah, Kain and Rustyrose disappeared with Zeref but that was 8 years ago and we've seen Zeref since then. It makes me wonder exactly what those two idiots are doing.

      Able was more the Franmalth-like character of the group I think and D-6 was a big armoured knight. I honestly thought he'd have a cool reveal of his face. Maybe he will later.

      Can't wait to see Natsu vs Gray and thanks!

  2. I think the spy's possibly Jerome. I don't know, he seems a little suspicious to me for some reason. I honesty knew that half of Avatar would suck and i'm most interested in Briar and the priest among the group. Also, I doubt Gray would go back to the way he was, even if the whole power of friendship card is played later on by Natsu or the others. Maybe he's not possessed by the darkness but just controlled it and became one with it. All we know for sure is Natsu and Gray must have an epic fight scene and throwing Gajeel into the mix will just make things even more awesome.

    1. Jerome is a big possibility, just because he's so suave and cool. I'm still unsure.

      I think Gray's path is going to be difficult to predict but I honestly can't see this series continuing with him, so something will have to be done. AFTER the epic fight, of course!

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