Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 120 - Overwhelming Mayhem

Writer: Axlorg

This chapter made me become impatient because I really wanted to know what would happen next and now here we are. Also, 30-paged chapter with a color page next week, thank you Nakaba. Last chapter, Galan has now approached Meliodas's group and has a power level of 26,000. We continue off from that and we see the knights hurrying up to go evacuate the town. Merlin confirms his power level is 26,000 but can't help this strange feeling and asks Hawk to read his secondary magic power to which he answers is 0. Merlin comments that this is the temporary lasting effect of the seal meaning that the best time to defeat Galan would be right now.

Free Meliodas heads, come one come all!
Galan himself walks around, watching the town he remarks how people have changed and yet haven't separated themselves. Feeling it's a bit confined, he raises his weapon and swings it down, making a good whole of the town crumble into dust. He makes an afterthought, saying he has been waiting for the day to take down Meliodas and turns around only to be swiped my Meliodas. The captain cuts Galan's throat but in backlash, Galan uses his spear and pierces Meliodas in chest.

Elizabeth's reaction resembled mine. What the fuck just happened?
Galan then notices two more Meliodas's coming in for an attack but Galan swipes them away and creates a dust cloud from the swipe. More explosions come and we see some Meliodas  heads on the ground only to disappear. Realizing Meliodas's technique, he predicts that one will come behind him which means that the TRUE Meliodas is attack from above and grabs him from the throat. The clone from behind still attacks him only to be stabbed and disappear like the rest.

Mini Meliodas getting stabbed in head... I can't help but find this cute.
Slader asks if Arthur is okay and he is thanks to (I assume) Merlin's spell called "Perfect Cube," which has put him in a box alongside Elizabeth and Hawk. We switch back to Galan who says that the one he's holding is the 'real' Meliodas and begins to choke him. Slader asks what they can do but Diane is already ahead of the game and marches toward them. Thanks to Merlin using Magic Cancel, Diane's body size returns to a giantress and she screams to get off their captain as she swings her sacred weapon at them.

She loses her clothes only to gain battle ones while simultaneously growing bigger? Seems Legit.
Diane swings down her sacred weapon only for it to hit her right back in the head. Galan then hits her heel with ease and she flips back, her head bleeding. Merlin, sensing the danger, tries to alter the direction this fight is going in and snaps her fingers. In an instant, Galan disappears with a cloud of dust and Meliodas is saved. Captain, still bloody asks if Diane is okay to which she groans, barely conscious. Arthur asks Slader what happened and he responds that it's Merlin's instant transportation power. Impressed by her ability, Hawk asks why she couldn't do it in the first place and put Galan in a bottomless cavern.

Merlin responds darkly that it wasn't her but Galan who had jumped instantly away a great few miles to which her magic couldn't reach him. Then from behind Merlin we see Galan jump back and land right behind her and the chapter ends there.

Opinion: This chapter gave me a heart-attack when Meliodas got pierced by Galand. It was only after I saw the other Meliodas that I felt like an idiot for not remembering his specialty that was explained right before this chapter. Other than that, I honestly don't know how the Sins are going to beat them without divine intervention or a massive power up because as it is now, I can't see them winning. Especially if Meliodas can't take them.... But then again we haven't seen Meliodas's demon side take over yet. which I assume will be our trump card.

Prediction: The chapter's name isn't mentioned but I hope it continues with this hype right now. I believe that Merlin will either transport the sins out of the area, OR Meliodas switches to his demon form (Which I'm curious about the power level of it).

Character of the Week - Merlin for saving Meliodas

Rating - 4/5


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  1. Honestly, I'm still a bit disappointed that Meliodas is using one of the oldest manga techniques ever. Creating clones of himself seems like an unneeded power for someone like Wrath, when you'd expect a far fiercer attack that works with his rage.

    That said, it's good to see someone who not only can stand up to the group but utterly destroy them. (And you just know that once he's defeated, the other demons will mention he was the weakest of the bunch!).

    Btw, have you seen the omakes/side story of this series? It reveals Pride... And he's not exactly as interestingly designed as I would have liked admittedly.