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Fairy Tail Chapter 422 Review - Orochi's Fin

Written by Shiggins

Wait. He's back? That guy? Him, of all people?!

Wow, what a shocking twist! You should totally read this review to find out who has surprised me so much in such an incredible way... Other stuff happened too but I did not expect that guy of all guys to turn out to be the Guildmaster. I thought it was big bad Orochi, the lollipop-sucking snake man.

They are flying to someone shocking! You should totally read this review... I'm not fucking with you or anything... No, sir.
...Okay, have I suckered you in? Great! Let's start the review by saying this week's chapter begins with Wendy and Chelia flying with the Exceeds. As Chelia wishes she was stronger, the two girls let go and begin their assault on the villains to try to get to Orochi, since he's the controller of the monsters. Hell, even Carla joins in on the fighting surprisingly.

This wins the "Weirdest Panel of the Week" prize. Maybe it's the fact it's Carla or the shading of what I -think- are pantyhose...
Back in the town, Natsu is pissed off at being punked by Chelia and decides to charge forward to find the girls and Happy. And by charge, I of course mean that he will literally stampede through the monsters as if they were nothing. He is Natsu so I'm not as surprised as the others are.

Keanu Reeves playing this guy in a live-action adaptation: Live with that image forever!
The highlight of this battle though is definetly Lucy who summons the sexiest Celestial Spirit of them all; Loke/Leo! (Bloody hell, I want more Leo in my life.) And to make things even better, Lucy has gained the power of fashion and her clothes change into a Leo-style dress which gives her Leo's Regulus Magic (although it's not actually that powerful...)

Man, I can't wait for my Star Sign. (I'm Pisces so... probably an awesome swimsuit).
Just as Wendy and Chelia finally reach Orochi, the Guildmaster appears and recognises Wendy. The ground starts to crack and crumble as the Guildmaster is revealed to be someone who, let's be honest here, never came across as ambitious enough to even want to be a Guildmaster... then Natsu arrives and picks up Chelia before she's killed.

Punched by Gildarts and waiting for 8 years really changes a man.
Opinion: So... Bluenote is here. Huh. For those who have forgotten, he was the second-most powerful villain in the Tenrou Island Arc, who used Gravity Magic and was defeated by Gildarts after trying to kill Cana. I guess he finally descended from the sky after that epic punch to the face... Now that I think about it, it's actually a good choice to bring him back. He was considered one of the most powerful mages when he first appeared and not even Natsu had a chance against him. If you want to show how far Natsu has come over the years, using someone supremely powerful from the past is a good way to compare them.

Now all Natsu needs to do is defeat this guy... Ha! Good luck, mate.
Lucy has new Final-Fantasy: Lightning Returns powers in which she can change her clothes to fight with her Spirits. That's actually quite clever. It's a good way to have both master and key fight side-by-side while depending on each other's abilities. Although now the obvious game begins in which we all start ticking off every Celestial Spirit Dress. I can't wait to see Horologium!

This is one of those games I feel I should like but I don't.
Chelia is getting development, even if it's only a small side of it. We've learned a lot about her over the past few chapters and what was once just seen as "a second Wendy" is now coming into her own. To be honest, I'm gonna miss her. Hell, give her a spinoff Mashima. She'd do brilliantly with it. (And Lyon as the main supporting character of course).

Oh no wait. Then the rest of the supporting cast would be... Oh well. No Chelia spinoff.
One last thing; Bluenote has given me something I really didn't wish I wanted. I want to see a Guild that entirely consists of former villains. Jiemma, Lamy, Jackal, Erigor, Vidaldas, Jose, Sol, Aria, Ikaruga, Fukuro, Kawazu, Yomazu... Hell, even give us Bora! I don't care! I wanna see as much as possible because it'd be ridiculously fun.

And lastly, throw in the ghost of Zancrow. He'd be great fun.
Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Lucy for her new powers that makes me curious for more.

Predictions: What's the next chapter called? *gets up and checks* "Because I Love You"......................................................... Must. Not. Get. Shipping. Hopes. Up.

Best Part: The Leo Dress!

Worst Part: I still don't care about Orochi, (Yes, I'm nitpicking because I had no other answer).

Wait... How old are you meant to be? 'Cause if you're as young as I think you are, call the police.

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  1. I'm worried about what my zodiac animal will be like when Lucy transforms into that. My zodiac is a Taurus, but apparently, the actual updated zodiac (since the old one is left to die) says I'm an aries so I guess the star dress will be a fluffy wool dress or something like that.

    Bluenote was certainly a surprise, and it seems Natsu is much stronger so it could either go two ways. Bluenote is used as fodder (Which I hope note) or they put up a good fight with Natsu winning it out. Anyways I'm laughing because of the next chapters name: Because I love you. Obviously being a nalu fan, I decided to be logical and cross out all the major ships. The only one I can predict is if Chelia dies (Which I doubt but it's possible) or some loli action that may make me shiver. I'm going with the former.

    1. Nah, stick to the original Zodiac. Until we perfect the ability to change history, that is.

      I'm expecting some armour from Taurus actually, which could be really cool. And Aries could be just a giant ball of fluff that Lucy rolls about inside as if she were a hamster!

      I'm expecting a good fight. Bluenote is too big and serious to be fodder. Fodder is left to the stupid people nobody likes or wants to see a lot of.

      The scenario I'm envisioning is: Wendy is about to get killed by Orochi but Chelia gets in the way. Wendy says "why?" and Chelia says the chapter title... then she'll be okay because there is no way in hell Chelia is dying.