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Fairy Tail Zero Chapters 8 and 9 Review - Is Magnolia on Fire?! and Treasure

I am so, so, so, so, sorry!

I know this is late coming but I have been swamped recently and been forgetting to do this so... here. I present to you both the chapters I've been meaning to review. Anyway, since it's been two months I should refresh your memory about chapter 7. Basically, naked Zeref meets Mavis and teaches her and the gang magic so they can fight Blue Skull. There, done.

Random poses because... Why the hell not, right?
Chapter 8 first! Let's go!

Mavis has decided she will free the town from Blue Skull's control, and Yuriy is against it since he only wants the Tenrou Jade and doesn't want to risk his life as a hero. Of course though, everybody agrees with Mavis in the end and it's time to fight back. The plan is to wait until the leader of the Blue Skulls, Geoffrey, goes on his hunting trip and then declare war with him!

Geoffrey... Even the name itself irradiates pure evil!
Warrod comes up to Geoffrey and shows him that Magnolia is on fire and they took over Blue Skull's cathedral. Warrod then runs away since he's not strong enough for Geoffrey, and Geoffrey races to Magnolia. Surrounded by the flames, Mavis steps out and the two have a talk until Geoffrey realises this is all an illusion. However, the twist here is that it's not the fire that's the illusion but the entire town and a cage lands on Geoffrey.

This has officially become Scooby Doo. (And there must be a 100 reasons this cage shouldn't work...)
During this, Yuriy and Precht are dealing with the real Magnolia, fighting their way through Blue Skull's goons to get to the jewel. And Geoffrey warns Mavis that it's fake, and if anybody touches it, then Magnolia will be destroyed... just as Yuriy goes to touch it.

Chapter 9 and feeling fine!

Mavis and Zeira catch up to Yuriy and Precht, trying to stop them from touching the jewel. At first, Yuriy mistakes Mavis' warnings as a threat, thinking she's going to try to steal it as she said she would. However, Precht believes Yuriy and tells him to put the jewel done but Yuriy refuses to listen. This is when the Jade suddenly activates,

I thought it'd be bigger... No offence, Yuriy. It's... It's cute. Don't feel too bad.
There is a huge explosion of magic and Yuriy disappears. Things get worse when the giant blue dragon skeleton comes to life and starts rampaging. Mavis realises that the dark magic has swallowed up Yuriy and he's now inside/is the giant dragon. Mavis climbs up to try to convince Yuriy to stop but he attacks her. Precht saves Mavis and Precht tells her she has to destroy him but Mavis is determined to save him because treasure = friendship.

Writing Rule #19: Words like angel, friendship, power of love etc make readers cringe. We understand you need to use them but... it's just a heads-up.
Opinion: Oh gee. I wonder if Yuriy will be okay... Oh wait, we already know because the first time we ever saw his face was a flashback set after this event. See, this is the problem with prequels. If we know what the outcome is, there's almost no surprise or tension. That's why I'm wanting to get past this bit and move on to when the Guild has been formed and we see more about how Mavis got frozen etc.

I swear, if the prequel series stops at this point, I'll cry tears of rage.
I find myself underwhelmed. Nothing about this is bad, it's just that it's so unsubstantial right now. I know Yuriy will be saved, and I know the others will survive as well. So really, I'm struggling to be fully invested. I think this series needs Zeref to return for me to fully be interested again.

Actually, I take it back. There is one thing I really liked and that was Yuriy preparing to stand off against Mavis. I thought that could have been interesting.

Sorry if I sound harsh but... that's the mood I'm in right now so goodnight. Shiggins sleepy.

Manga Rating:

8 - 2/5

9 - 2.5/5

Predictions: They save Yuriy. They form the Guild. Then I get interested again.

Best Part: Yuriy will not fall to friendship so easily!

Worst Part: Any second spent with Geoffry.

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