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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 117 - The Two Fairy Kings

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Last chapter, a huge monster appears and is currently attacking the Fairy King's Tree. The fairies are all hurrying to get Ban to save them from the monster. Last we see of him, he was currently talking to Gerald, a fairy adviser that serves the Fairy Kings for generations, who clearly refers to Ban as nourishment for the tree instead of a king.

I can't help but find this monster cute, even when it turns into a fly swatter.
After ripping off a chunk of the forest, the fairies begin to panic and run. One of the fairies even scream that it was like "before" when the demon tribe attacked them 20 years ago. Jericho saves a baby fairy and runs to the direction where Ban had went. The scene then switches to the monstrosity taking apart the Fairy Tree until something counters him.
Saving the environment at it's finest.
Sunflower is summoned and protects the tree from further damage, but who summoned it? The fairies look in shock as they see King, Harlequinn, saving the forest. King starts controlling the flower and attacks the monster with a solarbeam and then there's a huge explosion. King gets pushed back the fairies fear he won't win, but King gets back up. Some fairies begin to realize how truly helpful King has been and King invokes in a speech.

Declaring that this was his home and that nobody was going to fuck with it, he makes the fairies and beast monster speechless. Scene switches again. Jericho comes running with the baby fairy next to her, calling Ban to help. They arrive to see that the place where Ban had went is now closed up and then we see whats happening inside the room.

An accurate representation of Nanatsu No Taizai

Gerald and Ban playfully bicker, Gerald at the fact he wasn't surprised when she disrespected him. Ban simply acts like the badass he is and gives no fucks about it. Ban then reveals that he knew some fairies didn't hold humans in the highest regard and didn't like calling Ban the 'Fairy King' (Though he didn't tell them to call him that) so it wasn't surprising for him to be hated. Gerald says that she is thankful that Ban managed to defeat the demon and bring back the Fairy Forest but takes it back by saying no human can be a Fairy King. Gerald then says that only Harlequinn can be king and king alone by the God's Tree Wishes and prepares to attack.

Ban says that he has no interest in being King but gets attacked nonetheless and dodges it with ease, he even counters by attacked Geralds roots which surprises her. Ban repeats he has no intention of staying in the forest and Gerald responds to that as a problem and prepares to attack one more, but at Elaine only.
That's a bitch move Gerald.
We go back to Jericho and she opens the roots by swinging her sword across the roots, successfully breaking them. Gerald then sees Jericho and warns her to leave until she notices Jericho isn't paying attention to her. The Fairy Adviser then says not to worry since Ban will act as the Fountain of Life and will stay by Elaine's side for eternity. Jericho screams Ban's name and the chapter ends.

Discussion: What the hell. Ban is going to be the fountain of life!? And he's dead!? I mean it makes perfect sense he could be the new fountain of life since he is immortal but still... I'm a bit at lost that he might die. Then there's King. I have a suspicious that maybe Gerald summoned the beast so King can shine in the eyes of fairies again. Anyways I'm still surprised. I wonder if Jericho will try to attack Gerald...

Predictions: Next chapter is called "Clash!!! The Fairy King's Forest!" So I assume we'll continue to see King fight the monster but not much else.

Best Character: King, for protecting the forest even though it's no longer his responsibility. Also fighting for the inhabitants that treated him like crap.

Worst Character: Gerald, bitch move.

Chapter Rating: 4/5

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