Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 118 Review - Clash at the Fairy King's Forest!!!

Writer: Axlorg

As if the title didn't tell you what this was about...

So as the title mentions, we continue where we left off, at the Fairy King's Forest and Jericho is currently running to Ban's side. Gerald acts all high and mighty, acting as if she had done something right for King and the forest. As Jericho tries to free Ban, a big earthquake shakes her off balance and Gerald immediately sets out.

"Shit, where's the fly swatter?"

She then catches site of the demon outside, or more so the weapon of one that was sealed three thousand years ago. King keeps on fighting with his sacred weapon but it does nothing to him and the beast simply hits him hard. King says he won't ever let the forest be destroyed and makes a pledge to never let it come to ruin, he also makes a pledge saying he is going to return to Diane's side. Refusing to die now, he minimizes his treasure into tiny ones and attacks him but the demon blows it at him, countering it.

"Oh wait, I could just use this"
His thoughts go back to Diane but it's interrupted when the Fairies try to come towards King, to which he responds that they can't. The demon then slashes at King with Gerald coming to save him, but the forest receives heavy damage. Apologizing for being a failure, he sees a gap in the tree that the opponent took off and sees Ban over a pool of blood. The fairies tell Gerald to get King to safety while they deal with beast and Gerald, holding King, agrees. The fairies then come to fight the beast and reassure him that he's their king and it's no trouble. King orders Gerald to turn back but she refuses, saying that with him, and forest can be revived but if he dies, it won't be revived. Pleading to not let his subjects wishes to go in vain, she tugs him away as he sees his clan be slashed in half.

Suddenly his hood is on and he sees Helbram. He says that the fairy clan has become slothful and too comfortable with their lives, putting their problems on the king instead. Moved by his will to fight the beast for the Fairies, even though they treated him badly, had returned their pride. Helbram says for all the times he's been selfless, it's alright to be selfish this one time and also to go back to Diane. Crying, King mumbles a 'yeah' and then summons his sacred treasure once more.

Sign this man up for the Olympics
Saying he's a selfish king, he pushes out of Gerald's grasps and declares to protect the forest, the people, and Diane. Exerting power, his fingers begin to bleed as well as his face. He says that he also wants to protect the one who has saved his sister, Ban. His treasure then grows to become the True Spirit Spear Chastiefol. He forces the spear into the demon's body and then his body explodes. The chapter ends with King falling and the monster exploding behind him.

Don't mind me insult my kind that's currently dying behind me, just pay attention to what I have to say.
Opinion - I'm not going to lie, this was one hell of a chapter. It had the actions and feels and it even moved me a bit. When Helbram said it's okay to leave, I was 100% fooled thinking that King would leave with Gerald, but nope, King tricks me and does the right thing, he definitely goes up on my respect level. Oh wait, he already is the on the top... The fairies redeem themselves and Ban is still sorta maybe dead. I'm happy, except for Ban being maybe dead, I want him to live!

Prediction - The Ten Commandments begin to move, if that doesn't say that the demons are on the move, I don't know what will, or what they will discover.

Character of the chapter - King... No doubt about it.

Rating: 5/5


  1. Loved the chapter a lot too... But I really think the mangaka could've worked harder on the designs for the two demon weapons. It kinda ruined the tension for me.

    1. Same, loved the chapter. I kinda do agree it could have been more epic, I think the simplistic design of Meliodas's sacred weapon suited him more since his way of doing things is more or less straight forward. I still think King should have gotten a much more complex design though , but sometimes a simple design is the best way to go.

  2. For me, personally, I'm more interested in the goings-on of the new villains that appeared recently. I want to get to know them first.

    1. Same, the villains clearly outnumber the Sins and not to mention that they are more or less of Meliodas's level, the main person I'm curious about is the more adult-looking version of Meliodas (Estarossa is his name) and his connection with Elizabeth. Second of that is of course Zeldoris.

    2. My pick is Zeldoris. I'm not sure if he's Meliodas' brother or clone or just a big lookalike but he's easily my favourite one.