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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 119 - Ten Commandments Begin to Move

Writer: Axlorg

I was wondering if we had a chapter or not since we didn't get it this morning (Or night, depending on where you live) but in the end we did get it and we got it with a bang. Let's rewind to the beginning. The chapter starts off with Hendrikson, leaving the canyon he was once in exasperatedly, wanting to tell the others of the demons resurface. He recalls a memory of Zeldris saying how they had to rest since their powers were sucked dry from the seal that kept them locked. Hendrikson says that the only chance to get rid of them is at their lowest point or else Britannia itself will be annihilated. He then collapses with his final words being that he'll turn Dreyfus back.
Wait. What!?

We go back to the demons, Dreyfus, or should I saw Fraudrin, senses their monsters, Albions, destruction. A female demon just says that it's no longer important since they were just toys. Another demon laughs in joy, happy that there are people would dare oppose them. Announcing his departure to see his enemies, the female monster questions his action since he hasn't been fully recharged to which he says it's nothing more than an stretch. Zeldris then commands him to stop, revealing that it was his pride that made them get sealed in the first place. In return, he says that his forgetfulness of the is a terrible thing. The demon surrounded by tentacles asks where he's going to.
This demon has tentacles and also looks like a little girl. As if the loli's weren't here already with Elaine.
She says that there are two ways he could go, the northwest with King at the Fairy Forest or the south with Meliodas. Giving thanks and a pat to her, he has already decided and jumps to his destination. We go to King Arthur who narrates the Demon Clans brief history and explains that their awakening caused the monsters to move. Meliodas confirms it and another person comments it would be hard to believe if they hadn't seen it firsthand. Diane wonders if they even have a chance against the Clan if the ones who made the monster were even stronger, Then Hawk speaks up with confidence assuring the group that they have Meliodas and his sacred treasure. With him they can't possibly lose and Arthur agrees to this.
I find this strangely adorable even though he's going to go on a killing rampage in about a minute.
Meliodas than explains that the move is called "Physical Clone," and demonstrates the power. Elizabeth asks if it's an illusion and then gets manhandled until Diane and Slader save her from his advances by beating him up. King Arthur is also saved from innocence by Merlin.
The universal thoughts here are more or less "That Lucky Bastard".
Hawk speaks up again saying Meliodas should be much more stronger with his clones since they share the same strength but apparently not really since Hawk reads that the other four clones are only 420 for their power levels. In short, Meliodas's technique allows him to make clones, and those clones that copied Meliodas's power level split it among themselves evenly, Hawk comments on how weak that is but Merlin explains that it's perfect for Meliodas considering the move "Full Counter" uses zero power and focuses on reflecting the magic attack, making it more successful. The Sacred Treasures are not only for power and then Hawk begins to ask about Diane's power to which she is about to say until we break to Elizabeth and Slader.

Elizabeth says that even though she wanted to be helpful to Meliodas, she couldn't do anything to help. She further explains that she realizes that Meliodas has no need for her at all. We get back to Meliodas's pov where he sees Merlins confued expression to which she responds with the King's Prophecy. She had originally thought that the "Monsters like Mountains shall awaken" were the Albions but that doesn't match with the second half since "Three heroes shall rise against them". In the distance we then see what appears to be thunder and an earthquake has occurred once more.
I feel obliged to make this reference here at the end of the chapter.
Buildings are getting crushed and dust if flying, we see Meliodas appear beside Elizabeth and then Merlin with Arthur with other soldiers not far behind. Then we see the demon, better known as Galland who recalls Meliodas and begins to walk towards the group. As soon as things can change, Hawk says to Merlin that the earing is broken. She asks what he means and Hawk says that the Galland has a power level is 26,000 and the chapter ends there.

Opinion: This chapter was good set-up chapter, and I thought it was a decent chapter. One thing I have to say about Galland is 'What the fuck'. Not in a negative but just in his overwhelming strength and it makes me wonder how the hell the sins are going to defeat him. Also, I wish we didn't cut back to Elizabeth and Slade's conversation. Well, it was necessary for Elizabeth's character but I wanted to know more about Diane's special on her sacred weapon, but what can you.

Prediction: Overwhelming Violence, well I can tell you without a doubt, it's going to be a fighting chapter and obviously on Meliodas's side instead of Bans (Please be alright) place. I half-expect the sins to lure Galland away from the town (Also keeping Elizabeth in town probably, unless she happens to go super saiyan and match the power level of Galland. I pretty much expect Galland to more or less defeat the sins but not too badly since they can hold their own.

Chapter Rating: 3/5

Character of the chapter: Merlin, for explaining to the readers how Meliodas's power works.

Axlorg:  .
Born in a Chicago Hospital, her mom thought she had a daughter that would go shopping with her. Turns out she had a daughter that would go shipping instead. Now currently residing in Texas, her introverted lifestyle may seem like a disadvantage to many but it's actually an advantage when people realize how good it is to escape from the world (Terrorists, College Applications, Justin Bieber, College Applications to name a few).  Simply put, give her manga and she will be happy. Unless of course, her favorite character dies. Then she will be quietly tucked in her room crying at the unfairness of it all.

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