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Fairy Tail Chapter 423 Review - Because I Love You

Oh the feels... but not the feels I was expecting.

With such a title, you'd expect far more of a reveal than what we got. Hell, the last page of this chapter is so heartbreaking it might have ended up making the title quite ironic. However, I'm doing that thing where I get ahead of myself. Let's go back to the first page which was, surprisingly, a colour page.

"I don't care if you're about to be killed by a crazy guy, you will listen to my lecture!"
Natsu is here and holding Chelia, only noticing Bluenote because the others told him. As Natsu doesn't remember him, Bluenote remembers Natsu and is unsure why he feels so annoyed to just look at him. With Natsu being the only one not affected by Bluenote's gravity magic, Bluenote tries to send Natsu and Chelia down but Natsu uses his flames to blast himself up like a rocket.

I used to ask myself the exact same question. A lot.
As Natsu declares Fairy Tail is not ending, Bluenote remembers the face of Gildarts and how Natsu reminds him of that man... Then Natsu fucking obliterates him! One massive breath of fire, sending Bluenote flying down to his defeat. Yes, it took one attack to wipe out Bluenote and I'll explain my feelings on that soon. 

Orochi and the others instantly surrender, realising they are nothing compared to Natsu's power. While everyone else is celebrating, Wendy and Chelia are having a private talk by a tree and no, you aren't alone. We all feel the romantic setting here. However, don't get your hopes up too much. It's not like that... kinda.

How is that even possible!?
Chelia is lamenting not being able to show off her power to Wendy, and tells Wendy she should go to Fairy Tail because of love. Don't worry, fans. This isn't the start of a weird Natsu/Wendy/Lucy love triangle or anything. It's sibling-like love, but not in the Oreimo sense. To end this, the two link hands and declare themselves friends, no matter what.

This panel is cute enough to forgive the unconfirmed marriage of Wendy and Chelia. (One day, she shall be Mrs Wendy Blendy!)
 And now, Lamia Scale are crying as the girls prepare to leave (yes, even Carla has people who liked her. Go figure), with Wendy unable to stop her tears of joy and sorrow. The group resume their walk and the next destination is a village covered in rain... where Juvia is!

Opinion: Let's start with Natsu's defeat of Bluenote. I'll admit, I was a bit annoyed at first at how easily Bluenote was defeated. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realised this is better. Bluenote is not a hugely entertaining villain. He's scary and strong, but not exactly deep or talkative, which does mean that his fight with Natsu would have had to be either really overblown-dramatic or boring and that wouldn't fit with the series at this point in time. There will be more preferable villains to have fight Natsu in the future, but Bluenote isn't the right choice for a good, fun battle.

I think Natsu just killed a man.... Oh well.
If you aren't a shipper of Wendy/Chelia, you're in a lot of trouble because that chapter was huge with the feels of love! I know it's just friendship but it's impossible to ignore the utter sweetness of that moment by the tree. They entwined their fingers, they leaned against each other, the way the lighting and the sun and the... Oh wow. If you're a shipper of Wendy/Romeo and Wendy/Doranbolt, I think you're in the losing field. Sorry.

Oh, my poor baby no!
And now that last page... Oh Gray, don't tell me you did it. No no no... I was finally starting to like you again. Please don't tell me you dumped Juvia. She was so happy and... Gray left her. She's obviously gotten depressed from being left behind and alone, so the rain has returned. So now they just need to get back to her, cheer her up and give Gray a slap too! 

Manga Rating: 4/5

Predictions: Next week is meeting up with Juvia and finding out how her year went. Natsu will plan to hurt Gray (seriously, I'm almost picturing that panel right now), and then a new problematic situation will pop up that will cause them to need to stay in the area for longer than planned. 

Character of the Week: Chelia for her words and making me a true Wendelia shipper. (Chendy... Welia... Whatever you call it).

Best Part: "We're friends".

Worst Part: Poor Juvia!

I just can't stop staring at that shiny statue of Jura.

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