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Fairy Tail Chapter 425 Review - Sabretooth X792

Written by Shiggins

Looks like everybody guessed it right then.

Another week, another review. As Fairy Tail drops revelations like they're hot, you have to wonder where exactly this arc is heading towards. Are Avatar the main villains? Are they just foreshadowing what is coming? Will they only be here for the Gray portion of this journey, or will they remain as long-running villains to cause trouble for Natsu and Lucy as they gather other members?

Sasuke, Uryu, Hakuryuu and now Gray... Is this "bring them back" thing a cliche now?
Ah well, no need to dwell on that for now. Instead, let's focus on the fact that our chapter begins with Wendy being unable to heal Juvia's fever right now and Natsu and Lucy have somehow found an animal to ride. Natsu has been extremely serious recently and he tells Lucy that although he trusts Gray, he can't trust him at this time but Lucy can't ask why.

Lucy blushing is adorable but is she seriously just going to go along with not asking because he said so? Natsu, you're starting to get on my nerves now.
Anyway, it's time for the moment we've been waiting for. It's the return of Sabretooth and it is good to be back. We first see cheerful Yukino who looks almost the exact same and is overjoyed to hear Fairy Tail is coming back together. The others from Sabretooth seem the same... oh and Sting is hugely obese.

I so want to see him fight like this but sadly, we need to take away the fat so he doesn't become Droy 2.
Unfortunately, Natsu is in a rush and asks where Rogue is. Rogue is apparently about to go out to a mission so Natsu runs off to talk to him. (Oh and Yukino uses Libra's powers to turn Sting back to thin...). Anyway, Natsu finally catches up to Rogue, Frosch and Minerva then grabs Rogue for a private chat.

I hear some people ship these two together now. This displeases me.
Lucy finally catches up and we get a surprising talk where Minerva apologises for her attitude towards Lucy during the Grand Magic Games. (Only took two arcs... but still interesting to see). Oh and the reason Sting was obese was because of the annual Sabretooth eating contest which I am 100% sure will get an entire anime episode devoted to it.

If the anime can do this, they can do anything.
Now for Natsu and Rogue. Natsu takes a look at what job Rogue was planning to do and suddenly takes it from him. The job is to destroy the Avatar and since Natsu is clearly better-suited to work for the Fire Nation... I mean, Natsu suddenly takes the job from Rogue and tells him that Rogue and Frosch have to remain in the town. And as almost everybody predicted, it's because Future Rogue told Natsu that Gray would be the one to kill Frosch.

"And I didn't tell anybody or prepare them for a whole year because... reasons!"
Opinion: I think I was one of the only people not to fully believe it would be Gray killing Frosch. I'm not entirely sure why but I felt it would be Sting or Natsu due to a freak accident that was misinterpreted as a direct attack. Saying that, maybe we're being bluffed into believing Gray will be Avatar form when he kills Frosch. For all we know, he'll turn back to normal and then kill the Exceed. Still, the confirmation is nice to have, and it brings back one of my favourite Fairy Tail villains into the mix.

Sabretooth are basically the same with the minor costume changes we all expected. No Franmalth surprisingly so either he's out there in who-the-fuck-knows or Mashima forgot about him. Or he's one of the armoured characters in Avatar.... Nah. That's just silly.

The scene where Minerva apologised to Lucy was... neat. I think it was neat. And that's all I have to say about it. Minerva has changed and I'm still not warm to her. Apologies to fans of Good-Minerva but for me, it was Evil-Minerva all the way.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Natsu for his talk with Rogue and revealing to us the truth about Frosch's death.

Predictions: It's "Black Heart" time, with a focus on the group of Avatar as Natsu and the gang get ready to meet them and fight. We'll see what their personalities are like and more importantly, which one I'll be hating throughout the entire arc. Smart money is on the clown because it is a clown.

Best Part: More Sting and Rogue.

Worst Part:
Does this mean we're not going to see a Tartarus demon for some time?

So beautiful, so strong... Oh and the others are cool too, I guess.

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  1. Damn, no Gajeel

    1. Oh yeah, no Gajeel... Ah well, it was a long-shot anyway. Besides, maybe he has his own story to give us so it might actually be better.

  2. Do you check out the Crunchyroll versions of chapters too, considering they tend to have the best translations?

    1. Oooh I thought they only did anime. That's a good tip, thanks.

    2. No problem. The Fairy's Tales has an interesting post comparing the different texts, if you're interested: http://thefairystales.tumblr.com/post/110713123682/the-thing-about-ms-translations

    3. Not a bad read. I liked that. And I'm almost disheartened to hear that the infamous fart line was not Mashima's intent. It's so beautiful.

    4. Yup, Crunchyroll updates the manga every Tuesday (or Wednesday in Japan terms). All of the chapters are excluded to members while the new ones are for everyone until another chapter comes out.

    5. What's the infamous fart line?

    6. http://scontent-a.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xfa1/t51.2885-15/s306x306/e15/10903307_1565175320389442_1491735333_n.jpg

    7. I use my 1st generation iPad for Internet, so I had to type that entire link, it was actually kind of enjoyable

  3. I don't know why but I'm expecting Erza to jump into this arc in mid-fight with Avatar. Saying that there was a request for her to come.

    Anyways, glad the prediction was right! On the Natsu-Lucy bit, I feel that tension is still building because Natsu asked her not to question him, but I think she trusts him (Give him a bitch-slap Lucy!) more than her own curiosity. But yup, can't wait to see how the Avatar Arc will go down.

    1. Oooh not gonna lie. That'll piss me off if she randomly appears. It would make sense but I want to see Erza doing something different from the usual fighting for once.

      And yes, congrats on your prediction!

  4. It's nice seeing Minerva, well...nice. Shows a new side to her character, which I admit I like better than when she was a bitch. Now she and Rouge can be together, and Sting can have Yukino all to himself. Its a win win.

    1. Ah sorry, it's well-known that I disagree with that. Evil Minerva was a bitch and I'm not saying I liked her, but I really dislike the nice Minerva. It feels too forced, especially with the tragic backstory she suddenly got hacked on.

      And just remember Yukino. You might become Sting's girlfriend but Sting and Rogue are best friends. And unlike a girlfriend, that's a commitment for life!