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Fairy Tail Chapter 424 Review - Avatar

Written by Shiggins

Hooray for a new group of evil! 

Whenever you have an arc like this, you need formidable and interesting villains to support it. Orochi and Bluenote were... okay but nothing that intimidating or noticeable. And to me, the last page sealed the deal that this group will impress and interfere greatly.

The Last Airbender. There, I'm getting the obligated joke out of the way quickly.

This chapter begins with the group arriving at the village covered in rain, which seems to have been completely abandoned. They find poor lonely Juvia and it's clear she still loves Gray because she tried to tackle Natsu due to hallucination. To their shock, she suddenly collapses and they realise she has a huge fever.

This image is so tragic... It'd look amazing in a music video though.
Still in bed, Juvia tells the group how she and Gray lived together in that home until one day, Gray's arm turned black. From that day onwards, Gray became more distant until he disappeared half a year ago. As Natsu criticises Gray for leaving, Lucy scolds him by saying he's no better. Once again, Natsu has no response to that.

Gray is clearly saving himself for Natsu. It's the only excuse I can think of.
After Juvia cries, Natsu then vows to get Gray back for Juvia and for the Guild. Finally, Juvia falls asleep and Natsu goes outside. To the group's surprise, Natsu suddenly says they're going to the nearby HQ of Sabretooth. This is when we get our first glimpse at the new villains. The Guild known as Avatar, who are saying their time has come now that the Balam Alliance (Oracion Seis, Grimoire Heart and Tartaros) has fallen.

I smell a lawsuit on the horizon...
The Avatar Guild consists of: Priest Arlock, Bobo the tiny clown, Super-Eyebrows the 5th, Hand-Nipples, Mistress Honey (the gorgeous one), Captain Fabulous, Cutie McProbably-Crazy and.... Gray?!

I honestly thought that was Cobra for a second.
Opinion: JUVIA! Why won't someone hug Juvia and make her feel better?! Man, poor Juvia. I knew this arc would be tragic for some of the characters... I really hope Gajeel and the dumbasses didn't leave Levy at least. I don't want Levy to cry.

Please don't make this reality come true! PLEASE!
Over the course of this arc, Natsu and Lucy have been having some tension over Natsu leaving. Lucy has been scolding Natsu a lot more than usual, and it's all been surprisingly straight. Which leads me to believe that we're really building up to a huge argument between the two that will result in the feels and maybe a revelation or two.

New villains! Finally! A story can only go so long until you get a real antagonist force to face, and that's what the Walking Dead series hasn't been very interesting since the Governor disappeared. Could the leader of the Avatars be related to the king from Edolas? Or maybe even Makarov? In fact, my biggest theory is he is a person we thought had died a while back...

That's right. I bet this asshole survived and is finally going to destroy the guilds he vowed to do before he got anti-climatically tossed aside. (The mask hides his burns).
Gray is evil! Or possessed or corrupted or a double-agent or... what the fuck is he actually? Obviously, we blame this on his black arm but I'm not sure which way to go here. (Also, did anybody notice the necklace disappeared?)

One last thing and I know this is going to sound weird coming from me because I hated the fucker but... Where is Franmalth? Did Minerva keep him? Is he in Sabretooth right now? I'm worried.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Juvia because she made me giggle but emotional at the same time.

Predictions: Silver, Rogue, Yukino, Rufus and Orga! Hooray! I love them dorks! Let's give them as much time as we can... Oh and Minerva will be there. Is she a smiling chef now? Also, I bet one of the FT members will be there as well, having joined Sabretooth. Prepare for more evidence of why these guys need a spin-off!

Best Part: New villains!

Worst Part: Juvia has no baby called Silver.

Nice hair... I wonder if he'll be important to this arc in any way. I doubt it but still. Interesting thought.

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  1. Are you not reviewing fairy tail zero anymore?

    1. Don't worry, buddy I am. It's just a bit later due to this time of year with college work and shit. I'll finish it tomorrow.

  2. I usually use mangastreams version when reading this, I saw that Gray actually had his necklace, I think they blurred it in other version (Though he didn't have it on in the final page).

    Hmm, I'm thinking Gray might be the one to kill Frosch now. Mainly because Natsu promised to bring Gray for Juvia but his next course of action is to go to Sabertooth, perhaps to warn Rouge about a frog's death? (Walking Dead, latest episode: Oh god, Rick's going to pull a Shane on that girls husband isn't he).

    But I can't wait to see the new (probably minimal) character design changes Sabertooth has, especially for Rouge. I don't know why but I just have a thing for guys with ponytails (Minus Lahar)

    1. Damn translations... Some are great but some really mess with you.

      I've heard that theory going round actually but I'm not so sure. It might be related but I think it's a bit too soon. Then again, it all depends on how long the Avatars and Evil-Gray last in this series.
      As for Natsu going to Sabretooth, I think he has an idea of who might be there. Maybe he's figured it out, or maybe he knows Franmalth is there and he can explain Gray's black arm.

      Same. Sabretooth is full of lovely babies to dress up and enjoy. (You like ponytails, huh? *checks own hair* Damn...)

  3. I don't know why, but my gut is telling Gajeel and Pantherlily joined sabertooth

    1. You know what? I'm the same. It feels like somewhere he'd go because Rogue was his apprentice long ago. That and Dragon Slayers should stick together.