Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 121 - Unpredictable

Writer: Axlorg
My first reaction after reading this chapter is more along the lines of, WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!? No I'm completely serious, I can't really predict this series at all because it keeps on twisting the story... My mouth dropped at the conclusion of Galan's appearance... So let's get started on this chapter and why it shocked me so much.

WTF? in a positive way of course.
We return where we left off, which is right when Galan returns and lands in front of Merlin. Galan proceeds to insult wizards like Merlin, Arthur meanwhile screams for Merlin to run but before Merlin can (if she planned to in the first case) Slader jumps in front of Merlin and tries to counter attack Galan's by using "Lover Power" which apparently raises his intimidation up, but Galan easily defeats his and Slader's body bends from Galan's punch. With Slader out of commission, Galan turns to face Merlin again.

Merlin then proposes a deal to the commandment. She begins to stall for time in hopes of thinking of a way to get everyone out of the premises safely and proceeds to explain that if Galan explains what the Commandments are, she will disclose all information they have on anything they know about. Suddenly, she freezes, quite literally. Everybody else does so in shock and Galan tells that she has lied to him. Immediately after, Merlin turns into stone and everyone is surprised. Galan then yells out that he is the Ten Commandments 'truth' and that if anyone speaks a lie before him, they shall be turned into stone.
The single most powerful yell of intimidation.
The law was given to him by the Demon King himself and then he raises his fist to smash Merlin into pieces until at Arthur's cry, Meliodas comes in and stops him, a demon mark on his forehead. With the mark in place, Meliodas's power level jumps to 4,400. Arthur orders his soldiers to follow suit with Meliodas and they do so but easily get disposed of by Galan. Then Meliodas himself gets both of his arms cut off and gets fling back. Elizabeth pleads for no more killing from inside the cube.

Meliodas realizes he has no choice but to go full on demon(?) and lets the darkness spread throughout him as he breaks Merlin's resistant spell on him. Meliodas then uses the darkness in him to sew back his arms and then we see him induced in darkness. Galan recognizes that form and gets damaged my Meliodas. Hawk then says that Meliodas's power level goes over to 13,000. We go back to the main fight to see the captain deliver a blow to Galan which gives some off-battle destruction. Meliodas then chants to himself to not lose control and to suppress the darkness. Galan raises from the previous attack only to get attacked once more with a powerful magic force. Galan in the darkness then comments that he can't believe it.... That he has fallen this far in terms of power and gets pierced by Galan's spear.
Wait... What?
Meliodas coughs off blood and Galan regains his stand as he takes the spear out of Meliodas's body. He asks how dare they stand up against the Ten Commandments and to reflect on the power they have and gives a crushing blow to Meliodas's head. Diane raises up to call Meliodas's name but before she can even say it, she gets slashed by Galan. Slader is next as he shields Merlin's stone body and it pierces his body, digging into Merlin as well and her stone head gets crushed as well.

Galan then tries to slash Elizabeth and Arthur as well but he then gets countered instead by the cube's force. Galan then comments how it's the perfect secret technique from the spirit realm "Perfect Cube," that even he can't destroy. With a final say, he tells them that they are lucky to tell the tale of him alive. Hawk, Arthur, and Elizabeth look in tears at what is before them as Galan leaves while muttering to himself how he feels more energized and back to Elizabeth, we see someone begin to laugh and then we see that it's Gowther. Now in his regular form, he begins to laugh around the field of his fallen companions.
Opinion - What? How? Why? Huh? MOTHER OF GASAI YUNO! These are all my reactions after finishing this chapter. I've seen characters get dominated from their enemy but never this far to the point of death. I honestly think that this is real, but the deaths won't stay long. I wonder how Elizabeth and Arthur will break from the cube too. Anyways, onto the bigger task. Galan wasn't even at his full strength and he still wiped out the sins, as well as the main protagonist. Not only that but Gowther is back to his normal self, and actually showing emotions. I'm just so surprised at this.

Gasai Yuno was the only one to make me go WTF. Welcome to the group Chapter 121.
Prediction - Demon's Onslaught is the next chapters name. I don't know what to predict anymore except the commandments are going to wreck havoc at King's area next. For Meliodas and the deceased, I want to say that Elizabeth will revive them with her power, but I honestly feel that it won't be like that.

Character of the week - Slader for protecting the queen.

Rating - 4.9/5

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  1. DAMN! Talk about a massacre! I was worried Galan would be dying quick and soon but it doesn't look that way, thankfully. Part of me is hoping Merlin isn't going to be able to help out for a while as I feel she's a bit too overpowered compared to the rest of the gang. Then again, nobody has power compared to these guys!

    So.... Naked Gowther. (I used to believe Gowther was a girl so it's tough to adjust to this image). Although... Is Gowther -really- small or does he have zero genitals? I know he's a doll so either way is extremely possible.

    Oh and check this out - http://www.mangachapter.me/42386/mayoe-nanatsu-no-daizai-gakuen/1.html

    1. First of all, thanks for the link! I laughed my ass off from it. When I realized Gowther was naked, a sub part of my mind thought 'fanservice' even though I knew it wasn't the case but I couldn't help it. Then I asked myself for which gender it was for because he had a flat chest (Like a guy) but no genitals(Like a girl).

      But YES, the massacre caught me off guard, and he isn't even the strongest (Meliodas's brothers are, I think at least.)!

  2. sladers attack is overpower not loverpower

    1. I just saw what you meant, now I feel embarrassed, thanks for correcting me though.