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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 1 Review

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 1 Review - The God of Destruction's Prophetic Dream
Written by: ClayDragon

It's finally here! After almost 20 years we get a proper, canon continuation of the Dragon Ball series! Although the series proper is meant to take place after the newest movie, Resurrection F, this first chapter takes place not long after Goku's defeat of Kid Buu at the end of Dragon Ball Z. And what is the mighty hero doing after saving the world, you might ask? Farming.
Oh sure, when they chant 'Satan!' it's okay, but when I do it, I'm told to stop because I'm 'upsetting the Christians'.
After a quick recap of the events of the Buu Saga, we see that Goku has taken to driving a tractor around a field (exciting stuff). Just as he's about to fall asleep, Goten shows up with lunch, and it becomes apparent that Goku is so bored, he doesn't even know what day it is. While he takes a break to eat lunch, he asks Goten to take over from him and drive the tractor. 
Does that kid even have a driving licence?
After devouring his meal, Goku gets up and turns Super Saiyan, beginning his training. As Goten watches, Goku imagines that his former foes Freeza, Cell and Kid Buu are attacking him, and he quickly and easily dispatches his imaginary enemies. Unfortunately, this show of power distracts Goten, who ends up driving the tractor off a cliff. 
"No! Not the tractor!!"
Thankfully Goku manages to catch both his son and the tractor, and after admonishing his son for breaking his concentration, he explains that he needs to be ready to fight in case he ever goes up against an opponent stronger than Kid Buu. Ideally, he would like to train at King Kai's place, but Chi-Chi has constantly nagged him into getting a real job and earning money.
"Well if she likes Mr Satan so much, why doesn't she marry him?!"
Sadly, farming wasn't what Chi-Chi had in mind, and even though Goku doesn't have a problem with it (since he can train whenever he wants), Chi-Chi would rather that he had a more profitable job, like Mr Satan. As if on cue, the man himself appears, although just as he and Goku meet the scene shifts to a distant planet. 
...I think I've lost my appetite.
The God of Destruction Beerus is at a banquet, hosted by a species of slug-people-like aliens. As he picks at his food, another dish is brought over to him, which he eats at once. As it turns out, the slug leader had poisoned the dish, hoping to kill Beerus. Predictably, this fails, as Beerus declares that the poison is just his kind of flavour and, left with no other options, the slug leader orders his servants to open fire on the God of Destruction.
Why do you still have the bottle? Were you so rushed for time that you added it on the way to his table and just hoped he wouldn't see?
All that does is tick Beerus off, and he destroys the planet with zero effort. As he explains to his attendant Whis that he couldn't keep on letting the slug people survive, he adds that he had a dream about a certain someone.
"Well, we were walking on the beach at sunset, and then..."
"I think I've heard enough."
Back on Earth, Goku is freaking out over the fact that Mr Satan wants to give him the prize money that he (Mr Satan) received from winning the World Peace Award. Since he feels that the money rightfully belongs to Goku, he tries to give it to him despite Goku's protests.  However, when Goten points out that taking the money would get Chi-Chi off his back and maybe allow him to train at King Kai's, he decides to accept the gift.
It's nice to see Goku finally get some kind of reward for always saving the Earth.
Back in space, Beerus explains that his dream involved a 'Super Saiyan God', a warrior that can give even the God of Destruction a good fight. However, Beerus can't remember anything more than that, so Whis takes him home to give him more time to remember. Meanwhile, the Supreme Kai and Old Kai note that one of their ancestor's planets has disappeared, with the Old Kai saying that he has a bad feeling about it.
"You mean it blew up?"
"Nope. It just vanished."
Well, it took a long time coming but it's here at last. And as first chapters go, it wasn't too bad. I am thankful that the recap only lasted a single page, as I was worried that a large portion of the chapter would be spent going over past events.
"Training, battling my inner demons, either or."
I'm a little disappointed that we only saw Goku, Goten and Mr Satan -  I'd have liked to see what Piccolo, Vegeta and Gohan are doing, but I imagine they'll show up soon enough. Seeing Beerus so early was a bit of a surprise though, considering that this chapter takes place before his introduction in Battle of Gods. 
Just you wait, Goku. He'll be stronger than that in a few years.
I'm a little unsure of where the story is going at the moment, considering that Super is meant to take place after Resurrection F, but I imagine that the first few chapters will set things up (such as the dream that Beerus had) before giving us a time skip to events after the movie. That does imply that Beerus won't really be doing much at the moment though, which is a bit disappointing.
"Do you still go to school? I haven't been paying that much attention."

Chapter 1 Review – The God of Destruction's Prophetic Dream:

Good Things:    The fact that this series even exists.

                              Short recap.

                              Beerus has shown up.

Bad Things:        No Vegeta, Gohan or Piccolo.

                               Beerus' segment may not come to much.

Manga Rating:   3.5/5

From over a nearby hill, a marijuana farmer looks down on his broken tractor, and a single tear rolls down his cheek.

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  1. I think what's most interesting is seeing how fucked up Goku is. He imagines Frieza and Cell... then imagines blowing their heads up like balloons. That's some sick, twisted shit!