Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 130 - The Gently Piercing Pain

Writer: Axlorg

First of all I am shitty person. You got that? I am especially shitty because I have missed these Taizai greatness reviews since the chapters were great (as always). Though let's continue on the review now. The chapter starts off with a recap of why the group is going to meet the druids. That is to recover Meliodas's power from which Merlin sealed off long ago. Apparently, the captains power would invoke emotionally. After Melidoas had let his guard down, Merlin stole his power and asked the Druids to seal it. Now that the Ten Commandments are back though, it is necessary to gain back his powers.
Wait, doesn't that mean Elizabeth's heritage is basically from druids?
We flash back to the present where Meliodas, Elizabeth, and the two druids are at, which is the tower of trials. Zaneli than presents a cup with a dead seed inside. Elizabeth has her own trial as well, making the flower seed bloom with her healing powers. If she cannot do it then she would only be in the way (harsh but true) and then we go into Meliodas's mind where he is hanging out with Liz. Meliodas, aware that it's an illusion, proceeds to make the most of the illusion. As he begins to question if it is reality or not, the illusion changes to Meliodas now holding a dead Liz.

I actually felt really sad when the bird died. I liked him.
Since the pain is too much, Meliodas summons all his power and loses control, practically annihilating the town. Then it loops back to Meliodas meeting a very much alive Liz. Zaneli and Elizabeth see Meliodas in pain and Zaneli thinks to herself that returning the power is simple but if he loses control, it would do no good. Unless he can control himself, then the nightmares would continue to loop back. Fastforward a bit and we see that the captain is still losing control after many loops, always unable to control his anger. Zaneli than takes him out of her trance and says that he can't succeed. Any more tries and he could break. As Meliodas beats himself about it, Elizabeth comes to his aid and offers some inspiring words.

Elizabeth is too sweet for this world.
Zaneli shoos Elizabeth back to her own trial and that's when Meliodas tells Zaneli to send him back one more time. She reluctantly agrees and Meliodas has a resolve that he will protect what he has now. Standing up once more, he is firm on returning and that's where the chapter leaves off.

Opinion: The chapter was a heartwarming (Or heartbreaking) one in my eyes. To be honest, I knew the trail Meliodas had to face was going to be a hard one, but I didn't think it would be that painful. Seeing Meliodas fail countless times kind of struck me in the feels but we also see Elizabeth as his support and being loyal to him. This chapter was definitely a central to Elizabeth and Meliodas, more so on the captain's mindset.

If this ever gets animated, I'll be locked up in my room with ice cream.
Prediction: The Promise with the Loved Ones is the next chapter's title. Honestly, this could go with either Ban's party or Meliodas's but I'm assuming the latter. Mainly because I feel like Meliodas might resolve his leftover guilt he has for Liz and come to terms with her death finally. I really like how the story is headed.

Character of the week: Elizabeth for getting through to Meliodas and motivating him to become stronger.

Rating: 4/5 (Can I ever give it anything lower than a 4?)

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