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Fairy Tail Chapter 442 Review - The Law of Space

The freaks begin their assault.

Last week had a brilliant ending. That beautiful shot of Lucy kicking the guards (oh and those other people doing things too...), and this week continues on from that. Unfortunately, there's nothing as arousing as that this week, and in it's place is a type of character that Fairy Tail has not given us in some time: An annoyance.

Mest seems like an average anime fan to me.
No, I don't mean Franmalth. I mean someone new but before we get ahead of ourselves, let's do this in the order God intended. Carla, the fetishist's goldmine, and Mest watch as the group take down some knights. Wendy and Carla go to help the boy find his father and Mest, after making me reach for the phone to call the police, teleports away to find his informant... instead of walking. Which feels like a much smarter move, since the island wasn't that big anyway...

Can we just have the female protagonists be the only characters for a while?
Lots more crowd fighting of greatness and such. All the good stuff we like as guards get sent flying and they don't bother interrogating them about Makarov since that'd be a waste of time. Instead, they decide to relax and talk to a Star Mango salesman that I have named Heisenberg. Heisenberg talks about his dream of opening a shop in Ishgar and of course, this is basically a lazy set up for the villain to jump in and destroy the stall for fun.

You're goddamn right, Erza!
This new villain that I disliked as soon as I saw him is called Marin Hollow, also known as "Twat". Marin is cocky and a member of the "Brandish Division" of the Albareth Empire. Marin is also all cheery to Erza and Lucy as they are unable to use their magic in front of him due to him having the ability to control their spatial magic.

Hmm... We're not at Franmalth levels yet but let's give it some time. We'll see what happens.
And since Lucy and Erza used it, they start to disappear right in front of Natsu and Gray to go to Marin's "personal space". He then goes a bit weirdly psycho in front of the guys, just like Lamy used to but this is more aggressive. Speaking of aggressive, this is when we see Mest collapse right in front of them. He'd been tortured by Marin apparently for using spatial magic that is not for men.

Of course, Marin's ability means he can also move about quickly and dodge attacks. Just as things start to heat up, a rather peculiar woman appears. Marin's boss and one of the Spriggan 12: Brandish!

Opinion: Well, at least Brandish seems cool.

Getting one of the 12 Spriggans to appear already is quite surprising. I was expecting a group scene of them all discussing political matters first, but maybe they're saving that for later. Judging by Gray's reaction, she's definitely not an easy opponent so this could be a sign that this battle is lost. As I already said, I dislike her minion but the sudden realisation that almost all the Spriggan 12 will have fraccion... I mean division members does intrigue me for the potential. Could be plenty of annoyances on the way!

Oh and Gray can sense power levels now. Cool.
Lucy and Erza have been taken away and if they go through torture, we will literally have had 3 women-getting-tortured scenes in a row, after the infamous Tartaros arc with Erza and that foot-lick-goat thing from Avatar. Anybody else wondering if Mashima senpai is working through issues?

Here's something funny that this chapter made me realise. Mest's lolicon side is getting less subtle over time. At first, people joked about it. Then Erza imagined it. Now... bam!

On a last note, no B Team this week. Aww.

Hands down, one of the greatest panels of all time.
Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Character of the Week: Brandish for being a clearly intimidating villain with tons of potential.

Predictions: Brandish will smack the group away without any real problem, unless Natsu goes Natsu-Supreme and wipes her away without a problem. Marin will go away to have fun with Lucy and Erza, and the only reason the group will escape Brandish's attack is from Mest's informant.

Best Part: Brandish.

Worst Part: Marin Hollow.

Mest must be having a field day right now.

Is this a reference or did Mashima get high?

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  1. I can't wait to see how this arc turns out. (I'm pretty surprised to see Erza get kidnapped especially)