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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 133 Review - Impatience and Anxiety

Writer: Axlorg

Is it just me, or are we getting chapters out faster. Well, I'm going to get a bit off-topic but it Japan had put in some piracy laws, making it harder to get manga chapters out earlier (They come out the next Wednsday while we get them on Friday-Monday before it's officially released). I think that we're more likely to get new chapters on Friday's-Sundays since people find a way to get around it. Anyways, thats just a PSA. ONTO THE CHAPTER THAT DIDN'T GO AS I EXPECTED.

I'm starting to realize why Hendy made it in the top 10 character polls.
Now we started right where we left off... With Gil and Howzer reaching their potential. Howzer begins to use formal stances and makes a successful blow while Gil concentrates his magic to shield himself, making a bulky wall of defense for him that's known as the "Heavy Armor of The Thunder Emperor". Realizing it's doing damage, they foolishly let down their guard and wake up, once again defeated. They had the right idea, but let down their guard. Knowing this, they begin to get ready before they jump right into the fray.

I can hear the fujoshis in the distance.
Hendrickson watches them and admires how much they've grown and is thankful he hadn't killed them but reprimands himself that he still has blood on his hands. Meliodas appears and thanks Hendrickson for saving the Musketeers in which Hendy begins to cry. We switch to Gowther and Arthur who takes on a controlled golem. Gowther is able to take control of the golem, but only temporarily as his head gets cut off. Gowther confirms that the golem is being controlled from somewhere else as Lady Jenna watches the two struggle. Suddenly, King approaches and asks to enter the tomb.

I don't know which I find funnier, Gowther's nonchalance to getting his cut or his compliment to his body.
Determined to become stronger for Diane's sake only to be told by Jenna to go in with Hendy because it's pairs only (Wait, does that mean Griamore got the pig as his partner? Or possibly Oslo.). Before my prediction comes true, Meliodas declares he'll go with King in order to whip his body in shape before he gets his power back. While inside the tavern, Meliodas asks King to keep an open mind about Hendrickson since he was controlled and had no will to those actions he did. King questions if he really is free from sin and asks who Fraudin is to which captain replies as one of the ten commandments. King takes this information in stride and asks how he has this information. He goes further saying Captain is a demon,

Give this boy a cookie.
Suddenly, King attacks Meliodas with his wooden staff, questioning whether Meliodas is really on their side and the chapter ends there.

Opinion: First of all, I like how real the training is going for Gil and Howzer, originally I thought they were going to ace it but they still have much to learn and I appreciate that. As for Arthur and Gowther, I liked their comedy scene (Mainly Gowther) and it's a interesting combo. Now for the main pair up that interested me. King and Meliodas. Origianally, I thought it would be King and Hendy but what happened with King and the Captain just spun this story again. I can't really blame King for his mindset since it is possible(Even though we know it's not) that Meliodas could be a spy from outsiders. Though I do think King is also at fault since I believe the stress of not saving Ban or Diane is getting to him.

Character of the Chapter: Gowther, for lightening up the mood before we got back into sub-plot.

Rating: 4.5/5 (Will I ever give this chapter anything less than a 3... or a 4?)

Predictions: The next chapter is called "To you, who is no longer my captain." I expect to see where we left off. I don't think there'll be a battle between the two of them right away, at least not yet. I also believe Meliodas will pick a boss level before continuing on with their fight (Basically a chat while fighting the boss since I assume it'll be nothing compared to King and Meliodas combined),

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  1. I wonder what type of new power that (I'm assuming) King is going to get. Considering the fact that he is nearly powerless without his sacred treasure, he is going to need a new ability to be useful in the " boss battle".