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Fairy Tail Zero Chapters 12 & 13 Review - Zera & An Eternal Adventure

Written by Shiggins

Okay, now can we get the Levy spinoff?

Sorry, focus on this review first! This month gave us the final chapters of both Ice Trail and Fairy Tail Zero. (By the way, no. I'm not going to do a full review of Ice Trail. It bores me to tears). As endings go, Fairy Tail Zero didn't do anything shocking or unique but it did give us a few scenes we needed to see, including the resolution of the cliffhanger that 11 left us with: Zera the "ghost"!

I wonder if Hiro Mashima was inspired by Lewis Carroll in any way... (Good on you if you got that joke). 
Chapter 12: 

I'm not gonna lie here. This was actually a fairly tragic chapter with the feels I was hoping for. We start Chapter 12 off with Mavis trying in vain to convince Yuriy that Zera is right in front of her, and Zera must apologise as she reveals to Mavis that she did in fact die seven years ago in Chapter 1, on Tenrou Island. It turns out that the reason she's been aging and living alongside Mavis is because Mavis' subconscious unlocked her magic and she created the illusion of Zera all those years ago.

This would be funny if it wasn't so painfully heartbreaking...
To make matters worse, due to Mavis slowly realising Zera's "existence", she is starting to fade away. Zera hugs her. telling her that she needs to move forward and that means letting Zera go. As Mavis cries about how she doesn't want Zera to go, we see the expected emotional flashback of their lives together that I feel could have been a bit better if they included scenes we didn't see, like them growing up together on Tenrou... Whatever though, that's just me nitpicking.

Mavis breaks down, unable to come to grips with the loss of Zera. Zera hugs her again and asks her where fairies come from, with her replying that fairies live in her heart and since Zera comes from there... Anyway, with a final promise that they'll always be friends, Zera starts to disappear. She even gets a last glimpse from Yuriy, perhaps implying she wasn't just an illusion all along....

I'm suddenly remembering the cliffhanger to Wolf Among Us... Ambiguity is a brilliant hell!
Even Warrod and Precht feel Zera disappear, realising that this means she has disappeared from their lives. Mavis cries happily, saying that Zera will always be with her so she can keep moving forward. And for that one chapter, Zero became Zera. (Which I could have respected far more if the translators had made her called Zera instead of Zeira this whole time...).

Chapter 13: 

Mavis wants to start a Guild! That is exactly how we are beginning this final chapter! She tells Yuriy that although she wants to go find fairies, she also wants a home to return to and that's why this Guild would be good for all of them. Also, the town's economy is fucked right now because cities need the influence of Guilds to keep stable and now with Blue Skull gone, the town is in trouble. And of course, it shall be named Fairy Tail!

Funny faces in manga just utterly kill me.
The name is to represent the eternal adventure and mystery of whether or not fairies exist, and the other three just seem to go along with this despite being unsure. Time goes on and with help from the townspeople, the Fairy Tail Guild is born and we see the pages from Warrod's flashback in Chapter 342 when the four founding members took a picture together.

"I was clearly hugely important in this plot!"
They pick Mavis as their master and she gives a final little speech before Fairy Tail Zero ends with us seeing the leader of Blue Skull declare he will create a new Guild named Phantom Lord, and Mavis runs off with her trio of men while Zera watches them... Confusing. The final page shows a timeline, conveniently not showing us Mavis' fate that seems to have converted her into "Lumen Histoire" and stating Yuriy's death in the year X700 after being married for 10 years while Precht was Guildmaster.

Opinion: IT. IS. DONE!

The departure of Zera was hugely expected from chapter 2 when we first saw her ghost/illusion/whatever so it might not have had the hugest impact, but chapter 12 did provide a lovely exit for her. Seeing Mavis cry is impossible to stay heartless towards! If this is the last time we'll ever see Zera, I'm unsure. For all we know, Fairy Heart could have been an attempt to resurrect Zera or something. We'll find out in the main series.

Forward and forward... until you get frozen in ice in a basement.
Yuriy died 91 years before Fairy Tail won the Grand Magic Games... Yeah, no. Nice try, Mashima-senpai but Warrod, Mavis and Precht have all been in the main series and shown us what they've been up to over the years and I don't think we're just going to end Yuriy's story with a calendar. We don't know anything about his death or who he married so we can assume it will hold some relevance later on. Oh and there is one other reason why I don't think he died in X700...

So that's where Phantom Lord came from? How... anti-climatic. And what's funny is that this almost implies that Phantom Lord are like the main rivals of the series, but other than that one arc that introduced Gajeel and Juvia, the Guild has had nearly zero impact on the overall story. If Phantom Lord ever returned, I'd sit down for a good time as they were, in my perfect opinion, the antagonists of Fairy Tail's first good arc and seeing them return with new and old members would be a hoot.

So that's me done with Fairy Tail Zero. I better find something else to replace it... *looks at the reviews of Kuroshitsuji that I stopped doing for reasons* ...Interesting.

Manga Rating: 

Chapter 12: 3.5/5

Chapter 13: 3/5

All 13 Chapters: 3.5/5

Best Part: Goodbye, my friend Zera.

Worst Part: That calendar better be wrong about Yuriy...

  Zero to Zera, in no time flat!
Zero to Zera, just like that!
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  1. So many theory's from just one timeline.
    Oh, and sorry for bringing up Yuriy's "death" in the last article instead of this one, my curiosity got the best of me.

    1. Never stop the theories, my friend. Never.
      And no need to apologise. If I don't have the review up, ask where you can.

    2. Brace yourself, the theorys are coming.
      Now, most of the the details in the timeline gave me two different theorys, the " Yuriy is dead theory", and the "there's no way in hell that this timeline is true because Yuriy is God Serena theory".
      First, Yuriy's time if death, X700.
      Dead: if Yuriy was 18 during the events of Zero, then that means he died at the age of 32, there is no way in hell that that was a natural death, there was definitely fowl play involved.

      Serena: maybe he faked his death, ran away, and became God Serena. Why would he do that? No idea.
      Second: Makarov.
      Dead: I always wondered why Yuriy was never mentioned during Makarov vs Hades, or by Warrod. Simple, Yuriy died when Makarov was four. He would very few, if any, memories of his father.
      Third: Precht as Guild Master.
      Yuriy was definitely the most likely candidate to succeed Mavis as master, so why did Mavis choose Precht. Maybe Yuriy got interested in dark magic long before Precht did. That could be the reason he didn't become master, and it might have led to his "death".

    3. I split this into two because I thought my IPad was going to crash and lose everything it had written.
      Finally, why did Yuriy become God Serena, and why did he join Zeref. If its because he wants Fairy Heart, he wouldn't have had to join Zeref to get it, he could have just attacked Fairy Tail and taken it. The only two members who would stand a chance against him are; Gildarts (who is stronger than Jura, but for some reason not a wizard saint. And Laxus ( who is immune to lightning magic.
      You could argue that he did it to get closer to Zeref (who would recognize him in a heartbeat).
      He knows Zeref is after Mavis (who might be Makarov's mother for all we know) and I don't see him being to eager to help.
      To close, I just want to point out one small difference between Yuriy's and God Serena's appearances. Their lower eyelashes.

  2. By the way, the final chapter of Fairy Tail Zero states that Warrod, Yuriy, and Precht were originally all part of Sylph Labyrinth... the very same Treasure Hunter Guild from the Sun Village arc. Warrod would be ashamed of those three. (P.S. I hope that God Serena is actually Yuriy in the current arc, and that ol' Geoffrey might return as one of the Spriggan Twelve as well).

    1. Oh so it is! I was just so caught up in everything else, I missed that detail. Ah well, good eye!
      You know what the truly sad part is? They won the Treasure Hunter Grand Games. HOW AWFUL MUST THE OTHER TREASURE HUNTER GUILDS BE!
      Serena needs to be Yuriy. His design is far too similar and it would open up so many doors of possibility. As for Geoffrey, I doubt it. He doesn't seem fit to the silhouettes of any of the 12.