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Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 131 and 132- The Promise with the Loved One & What We Lack

Writer: Axlorg

Forgive me for my tardiness... again. Still, let me at least say this:
I will always refer to these 3 as the Disney Musketeers Counterpart.
Chapter 131: The Promise with the Loved One

The Chapter starts off with where we left off last. Meliodas is motivated to go in again for the sake of those he can protect and moving on from the past. He is once again thrown into the past and is reliving every moments with Liz but the more he loses himself, than he'll practically lose himself as well. The trial is meant for him to erase his emotions in order to use his original power for what is necessary and not anything emotionally biased.
I present to you all the dere sides of Liz.
Back to Meliodas's trial, we see a moment that I like very much. He knows what to do, throw away his emotions, and forget the past. For a moment at Liz's death, it seems he'd accept it but we get proven that is not easy, not in any way, and gets swallowed up by his rage again. We then see Meliodas at the edge of the explosion and admits he can't do it and Liz appears once more, questioning why he saved her. He also admits that every time he relives the past, he can't help but fall more in love, and that cause him to be more infuriated each time he loses her.
Moments I(The stupid) realize Meliodas has humane feelings and is flawed like one.
In real time, Zaneli has had enough and is about to pull Meliodas back when Elizabeth stops her, giving Meliodas more time to try and accept Liz's death. We switch back to the past and Liz says how happy she'd been ever since she met Meliodas. That's when Meliodas proclaims that he never wants to go through this again and finally accepts Liz's death. We get a heartfelt scene with Meliodas before he returns to the present.
In theaters this Friday... 50 Shades of Meliodas.
Naturally he walks in all nonchalant and asks why Eliabeth is crying to which she replies that she saw captain tearing up (He quickly destroyed the evidence) and Zaneli asks if he really was ready to give up his emotions. He responds that all that really matters was the heart and doesn't go any further than that other than the fact he's ready to receive his power back. Now onto Lady Jenna who takes other rest of Meliodas's group to the cave of training. Before they enter, Jenna explains how there's a group already inside and the first to come out is... HENDRICKSON. King immediately attacks only to miss because he's already down on the ground. That's when the group notices a group of tatters which turns out to be the MUSKETEERS Holy Knights and the chapter ends there.
Me when someone catches me watching character deaths.
Opinion: This made me realize something that hasn't really struck me yet. How Meliodas is a human. Technically a demon, but what I'm trying to say is that not alot of main shounen heroes display their anguished emotions and thoughts. With Meliodas, he's usually carefree about most things in life and to see his struggles with accepting Liz's death and flaws along with it just hit you right in the cord. Apart from Meliodas we see Hendy again and the Holy Knights. How they came there? That's for next chapter

Rating: 5/5

Character of the Chapter: Meliodas

Now onto the next chapter.

Chapter 132: What We Lack

This chapter is another one dedicated to character development, and I just love chapters like these. From the start, we see Jenna reviving the rag tag Holy Knight. Upon waking up, they are surprised to see Meliodas's group and we then go to King who is understandably furious at Hendrickson for everything he's done. In response, he swears to receive the punishment that King deems fit until he saves the land of Britannia from the Ten Commandments and save Dreyfus. In the heat of the moment, King claims he doesn't care but Jenna comes to practically the worlds rescue and convinces King to wait.
Not like the worlds in danger or anything...
Then Oslow the Black Hound appears to apparently become stronger as well! Anyways, Jenna tells the group to strip their belongings and enter with nothing but a magic stick in order to awaken their magical potential. The guys then all get stripped for the female joy and the group moves into the cavern. We see a quick scene of Hawk for whatever reason and then switch scenes to Gil and Howzer.
I was irritated at the chat bubble until I realized we already saw him naked with nothing to show for.
Jenna speaks to them and asks which boss they want to battle to which Gil immedietly responds to the one that beat them before and thus, the battle has begun. Gil and Howzer VS. Clay Dragon! The  battle starts and neither of two can land a decent hit on the beast and begin to argue about how to go about it. Gil wants to make a plan while Howzer wants to go right at it and suddenly, a wave of memories hits the two.
I can already hear the fangirls.
Gil remembers Meliodas teaching him as a kid and that he should be more flexible in his fighting like Howzer. Vice Versa, Howzer remembers being taught by Dreyfus on how he should have a formal plan in order to have a chance of winning a fight. Now in the present, they both suggest wanting to try something new and with that new mindset, it seems that their power levels will change.

Opinion: Whenever I see chapters like 131 and 132, I appreciate the characters more than ever and that is something you want to have when reading manga. The appearance of Oslow was nice aswell as Hendy's response and King's reply to it. King was blinded by his emotions for the moment and it was completely logical to see his immaturity in this situation for all Hendrickson had done to him until reminded what is at stake. Now for the main stars. Gil and Howzer. They have their differences yet make a good pair and are learning to see things through a different perspective, I never expected them to have their own time for the spotlight. Gil? Yea. Howzer? Not really. It's good to see side characters get their moments in general.
Anyone wanna make a fire? Cause we are having pork tonight!
Chapter rating: 5/5 I just love character development...

Character of the Week: I can only pick one but it's tie with Gil and Howzer.

Predictions: Impatience and Anxiety - From the chapter title I'll assume that we will see another characters struggle in the training. If it's a pair, I somewhat expect King and Hendy since King is obviously feeling all sorts of emotions by now.


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