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Fairy Tail Chapter 445 Review - The Ugly Fairy

Written by Shiggins


Damn, these translators are getting faster! I'm gonna have to struggle to keep up now! And for whatever reason, this new chapter has been released ahead of schedule and I'm gonna toss it to you like I toss a scrap of meat to a group of hungry hell-hounds. However, this one gave me some satisfaction as we FINALLY met some of the Spriggan 12 and of course, plenty of Zeref.

I never thought I'd see Hiro Mashima senpai draw a Quincy.
And our first Spriggan 12 member is Inbel, who is looking surprisingly normal for a Fairy Tail villain. Remember, this is the same series that gave us Rustyrose, Kain, Sol and Kyouka as enemies! Seeing someone like Inbel stand so normally in a cool jacket is almost unnerving. We also see two other members, Dimaria Yesta and Ajeel Lamur. I'm not sure if it's because of the translation, but I think they're all comparing Zeref to wind and saying he's unpredictable... something like that.

HAGAKURE, YOU SON OF A BITCH! How dare you try to put your pointless ass in Fairy Tail!
Anyway, the next figure to pop out is Orgast, who is the old man of them all. He asks if Zeref got the information he desired, which turns out to be about the Dragon King Festival. (If you've forgotten about that, it was first mentioned in the Grand Magic Games arc). Out comes the old man we saw with Makarov last week, who is not a member of the Spriggan 12. He is Minister Yajeel and Makarov is with him, wanting to speak to Zeref right away. 

Really? I'm far more excited for Black Panther than Thor 3.

Zeref takes Makarov alone to the balcony for a romantic moment together... No wait, that's just the fanfiction I read. Actually, they are on the balcony to discuss exposition and give us a better idea of what the hell is going on! In fact, there is a lot of information here so I'm just gonna sum it up as quickly as possible:
  • Zeref has always been Spriggan. There is no "real Spriggan" or anything like that.
  • Around 400 years ago, Zeref began building this country which got bigger thanks to other Guilds coming on their own accord.
  • Lumen Histoire is actually called "Fairy Heart", and is a magic superior to Fairy Law, Fairy Glitter and Fairy Sphere. 
  • The Empire was originally built to fight Acnologia, not get Fairy Heart.
  • It was the Spriggan 12 who tried to invade Ishgar, not Zeref. Zeref stopped them from doing so.
  • The Dragon King Festival is about to begin, and it will decide the "survival of humanity".

I swear, the further into this series we go, the more angles of naked Mavis we see.
Just as Makarov tries to object, Zeref prepares to execute Makarov as that will get Natsu angry and make him want to destroy Zeref. As he states that Spriggan is the name of an ugly fairy, you won't believe who comes out of nowhere yet again! It's Mest time! And with a flash, Makarov is safe and literally back with Natsu and the others! 

Opinion: Oh Zeref, you are so tasty for my tension-loving ways!

He keeps giving me more and more each time he appears! It's insane! I've never seen a character in Fairy Tail do this much so casually! He has to be running out of plot twists by now, of course. What I did like though was how warm he was to his Spriggan 12. Maybe he's not as alone as we thought he was.

God damn! Look at that sexy, perverted smile! Zeref is getting even hotter!
Speaking of the 12, I'm not sure how I feel yet. Inbel is extremely formal and probably took my attention the most, but they all seem fairly standard and unimpressive so far. I'm not saying they are bad characters or anything, but my first impression of them is surprisingly lacking impact. Maybe that's my fault as I got too excited, but I am hoping for more surprises and quirks in the future. Besides, maybe some more grounded villains will actually be a good thing for the series. 

So Mavis is "Fairy Heart". Does this mean she actually has the power to use Fairy Heart, or does it mean she was perhaps midway through using Fairy Heart and was frozen? I'm betting the latter, as that would imply that she isn't able to control it herself and would explain why she needed to be frozen in the first place. What is Fairy Heart though? My guess is it's like a purging system, but it's so uncontrollable that it would wipe out too many lives for having even 1% of "darkness" or something inside them.

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Zeref for giving us yet more drama and suspense. Seriously, I think he's going to be my CotW a lot in the future, guys.

Predictions: A huge chapter next time! Tons of pages and a colour cover! So I assume this will mean a bath scene, more explanation from Zeref to the readers and Makarov won't be able to hide the truth about Fairy Heart for much longer. Also, we might get to see B Team again. If so, definitely Laxus.

Best Part: Zeref and Makarov, passionate on the balcony. 

Worst Part: Spriggan 12 are underwhelming so far, when compared to Grimoire Heart or Tartarus.


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  1. I just read FTZ 13 (which is out) and in the last page it says that Yuriy died in year X700.
    I'm wondering if that means that God Serena is someone else, or if Mashima is just misleading us.

    1. I'm actually about to review that so I'll give you my answer there.

  2. Am I the only person who noticed the influx of characters with names ending in -ajeel? I'm sure it's just me and not actually going to come to anything but do you reckon this might have something to do with Gajeel meaning that Team B might be properly relevant even after bringing Laxus back into the picture?

    1. It... might just be you, yeah. I doubt it's a conspiracy or anything like that.

  3. I have a feeling I am going to hate Orgast. For some reason the "Spriggan are ugly fairies"-comment made me tear up. I don't know why. Probably lack of sleep.

    1. Oh yeah? I haven't gained enough of an opinion for hatred yet. I'm sure it's coming soon though. Very soon.

      Aww, come here! (offers hug)