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Fairy Tail Chapter 440 Review - God Serena

Written by Shiggins

Well... We're boned!

This is usually when I do some sort of big rant about generic silliness but I wanna talk about this chapter so let's just dive in! The first thing we see is Natsu and the others, shocked by Mest-Bolt's news as to why Makarov left and the big flashback session from last week.  Everybody is concerned and unsure, clearly worried about the father of the Guild.

Mest finally answers the big question about the Council and reveals the Ten Wizard Saints are taking over the job right now, and Warrod is probably the only one who knows everything that is going on. Since Makarov hasn't returned, that means there is a possibility that Makarov failed. And of course, Natsu wants to go help him.

Natsu: "I'm hero-ing! That's a thing, right?"
Erza stops them all, saying they shouldn't trample over Makarov's feelings and honestly, it's a load of nonsense because whatever she's saying basically ends with "I know we shouldn't go because Makarov said so but I want to go so let's go". Done. Easy. Bam. With just the small group present, they are going to sneak into the country and find Makarov.

So it's literally the same group as every other time then? Fair enough... Not like I wanted variety or anything...
To make things so much more fun however, Gajeel has been listening in with his Dragon Slayer ears. Meanwhile, Juvia gives some more delightful paranoid-yet-totally-justified behaviour as she imagines LucyXGray. (Seriously, if that ever happens then Tumblr and Lucy are going to be eaten by Juvia...). Gajeel interrupts this as he goes to Juvia, Cana and Mirajane to announce they are reforming the B Team! And yes, that means it's time to go get Laxus!!!

I suddenly realise why people consider these two their "BROTP". I actually love it now.
Then this chapters throws a wee surprise in by shifting the focus to Levy and the Council. We see good old Jura tell Levy that thanks to her paperwork, Fairy Tail is back to being an official Guild. Warrod is in a good mood thanks to this, although he secretly hopes Mest finds Makarov. Shockingly, the Third Saint suddenly walks in! Wolfheim, a short old man with a massive temper who can transform into a werewolf-thing.

When Klaus grew his hair out some more, it did not go well.
And just as you're getting interested, in comes an even more curious character. The Second Saint, Hyberion who has a cape, moustache and seems like a class act. With three of the Four Emperors/Kings of Ishgal in the room, Levy is overwhelmed but grows concerned at how afraid everyone is over the upcoming threat. It turns out that the First Saint, the supposedly most powerful mage in the country, has abandoned his country and joined the enemy! To make matters worse, he is part of Emperor Spriggan's "Twelve", all of whom are of equal strength as Serena, the First Saint. And fuck me raw, because look who God Serena appears to be!

Yuriy is going to kill us all!
Opinion: Did I mention we be boned? 'Cause you know... we be boned!

The first thing I want to mention is the translations. After reading several translated chapters, I have deduced that the Western Continent is known as Alakitasai, while the main threat is the Albareth Empire, not Albaress or anything like that. So chances are, I'm going to do my best to stick to those names.

It is I! Count Drinkula! I'm here to suck your wine! Bleh!
The Four Saints have been introduced in a surprisingly underwhelming fashion. No big dramatic moment, they just walked in and went "Oh shit, we're going to get attacked. Better start panicking". My favourite so far is easily Hyberion because that's one letter away from a Greek Titan, he has a moustache and he just seems like such a cool gentleman. 

The big shock of the week consisted of God Serena, the strongest mage of them all, being a villain. And not only that, he appears to be Yuriy from Fairy Tail Zero! Or at least, I hope he is because not only will that make his story VASTLY more interesting, but that design will be far too similar otherwise. It's interesting to remember that the newest FTZ chapter had Yuriy promising to always protect Mavis no matter what, so we can assume that his new form of "Serena" believes he is doing the same thing. Also, he doesn't appear to have aged. Maybe the "Fairy Law" that made Mavis unable to age did the same thing to Yuriy? Or is there something more sinister afoot? Or is this just a horribly-similar character with no relation to Yuriy whatsoever? Find out more, next time on Fairy Tail Z! Or just Fairy Tail...

"I think I peed a little..."
Emperor "Spriggan" has a group of 12. I am so thankful for that, because this prevents the likelihood of a massive faceless war of bland pointless armies. I'm sure there will be one but this gives a more likely chance of close, personal fights of emotion and maybe even some strategy. Let me count here... Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Gajeel, Juvia, Laxus, Mirajane, Cana, Pantherlily and hopefully Elfman too... That's enough fighters!

I know the main focus will be on "A Team", but goddamn do I want to focus more on B Team! As you know, my favourite character is Gajeel but I love Pantherlily and Juvia and Cana and Laxus, and Mirajane is pretty cool too. I'm not that warm to Natsu and Gray and my opinion of Erza keeps shifting back and forth depending on my mood and the position of the sun. Oh and Happy... Fuck Happy. Pantherlily deserves to be the main cat in the house!

My belief is that Makarov has joined Spriggan and isn't coming back because he wants what is best for Mavis, as do Spriggan and Serena who have both convinced Makarov that this is the right path to take.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Gajeel for forming a far more interesting team, and for going to get Laxus.

Predictions: The journey shall begin by boat, and we'll see new and old faces. Should be a lot of fun, if we're lucky.

Best Part: B TEAM!

Worst Part: Erza's mini-speech was completely unnecessary. 

I feel like there's a backstory to this picture... Ah well, who cares.

Twitter Picture:

A lovely picture but can we JUST CONFIRM IT ALREADY?! I'm so tired of series dragging out a romance we all know is canon. Both sides have shown it! And we've got plenty of other ships to dance around with. Just make this one and Gruvia canon. It will provide humour and satisfaction! JUST KISS ALREADY!!!!! Sigh... Mini-rant done.
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    1. The hair, the eyes, the jawline... Seriously, it looks far too similar to Yuriy for me to ignore. I really hope it is too because:
      A) Loads of drama and intrigue
      B) It'll be a lazy design otherwise.

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    What I read: seriously, if that ever happens Tumbr and Lucy are going to be eaten out by Juvia.


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