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Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 11 Review - That Which Disappears

Holy hell, I almost forgot about Zero!

Sorry about that FTZ. I didn't mean to forget you. I just get bored because you're a prequel and other than a few exceptions, I find prequels unnecessary and bullshit. As all of you readers know, I don't really care hugely about this Zero series anymore because I know the outcome of it all. However, this is one of those times where I'm far warmer because, although predictable, it was well-written enough to provide some entertainment. And it also answered the BIG question these 11 chapters have had looming over it's head since it began.

"I like watching you sleep, Yuriy."
As you should remember, Yuriy was saved when Mavis used an incomplete version of Fairy Law to extract him from the blue dragon skeleton. Yuriy wakes up in a bed to see Warrod looming over him (lovely sight, huh?), and once he stops being so dizzy, Yuriy desperately asks for Mavis' location. As Yuriy runs to find Mavis, we see that he was told by Warrod and Precht that Mavis had doctors look her over and because of using the grand magic incorrectly...

Wait, have I been reading an Evangeline prequel this whole time?
When Yuriy does finally catch up to her, she's smiling. Yuriy starts to get upset, apologising to her despite her accepting the blame for what has happened. Once he's calmed down, the two sit down to talk and Mavis tells him that she is still in full health and should be fine, despite not aging anymore. Of course, Yuriy and Mavis are officially friends now (since I don't think it really counted before).

Wow. That's so close to a love confession, it's amazing.
Yuriy then offers to help Mavis find fairies, and Yuriy confirms that Mavis is the only person, other than Precht and Warrod, that he has ever been able to trust and he wants to help her find her dream. Although excited, Mavis tries to tell him he should be more careful but he vows that his dream will be to protect her from now on until the very end.

Well he's very... liberal.
And here it is. THAT moment we've all been waiting for. Yuriy must reveal the truth... Zeira is hiding and walks in front of them... and Yuriy confirms it. She's not there. Yuriy and the others cannot see her. They cannot hear her. She isn't alive. She isn't a ghost... She's an illusion of Mavis' creation.

Opinion: And THAT is how you make a prequel interesting again!

What makes good prequels interesting isn't the result of events that we already know about, but how characters develop from what they once were into the version we see them become in the main series. The Star Wars prequels' best moments involved the development of Obi-Wan Kenobi or the transition Anakin Skywalker goes through to become Darth Vadar. This chapter showed us development for Yuriy and Mavis, which is why I read this series.

That character development just hit Mavis like a ton of bricks!
I'm predicting a tragic love story on the horizon. Mavis will fall for Yuriy as time goes on, but she never says anything because of her body and thus must watch him fall in love with someone else. It'll be a heartbreaking but important experience for her, as she learns to grow and watch those she care about move on without her.

Speaking of not aging, anybody notice this makes her the same as Zeref now? Both don't age, and although she doesn't have the Death Magic, she still might know more about him and what he's having to go through in his life.

Zeira, why are you smiling like you already knew that? In the last chapter, you clearly tried to talk to Precht...
ZEIRA IS NOT A REAL PERSON! Finally, it's confirmed. It was fairly obvious but the doubt was always there. What's interesting though is Mavis made an illusion of a naked girl hugging her from behind while in the water. We got a bisexual here or what? Still, now that she knows Zeira isn't real, the major feels should be coming down next week. Poor girl.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Yuriy for being surprisingly sweet, and revealing the shocking truth.

Predictions: A tragic goodbye as Mavis must accept the horrific truth. Then a "miracle", which might be a real fairy.

Best Part: Zeira is finally revealed!

Worst Part: As much as I'd love to focus on this and Zeref, Blue Skull leader is still out there...

At least she isn't flaunting her ass in my face this time.

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  1. I think Zeira really died in that one scene and Mavis was in denial or something and created illusion-Zeira. The young Zeira that bullied Mavis couldn't have been an illusion, atleast not Mavis'. But that's kinda wierd, so I'm going with my previous statement,

  2. My theory: Mavis is still alive? I mean her body doesn't age and her spirit's still walking around. Maybe she will come back sometime