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Fairy Tail Chapter 448 Review - FIGHT THE POWER

Written by Shiggins

Fairy Tail are back... yet again!

After another break, we return to Fairy Tail Guild. Yes, we've literally just gone right back home! And I'm not gonna lie, that opening page had me instantly unsure about how to accept this. Is it good we've all joined together and already left Zeref's country, for now? I don't think it is. It feels like their visit to the country was too quick, and honestly it's not the only disappointment this chapter has.

And now that I have been deprived of seeing this, my life will never be complete.
So everybody is happy and back together. Erza even says she'll step down and let Makarov be the Master again, and everybody is getting wrecked with alcohol. We find out that the Lightning Tribe worked in Blue Pegasus as waiters and that Laxus himself was some sort of entertainer there. And no, we don't get to see it.

The entire fandom during this week's break.
Mest reveals that Sorano has returned safely, having finally been able to contact her, and we get some more fun banter between the cast. We then go to Lucy, who begins having her inner-monologue again although unlike most times where she expresses her thoughts about the Guild, this one is mostly just giving a summary of the situation right now. Interestingly, she talks about not wanting to lose anybody while having a drink with Cana...

If this turns out to be some sort of heartbreaking foreshadowing...
Makarov goes on the stage and begins his apology, then talks about how it's inevitable that the country will be invaded. Natsu speaks up and gives a speech about how the Guild have always fought together and they'll overcome this and blah-blah-blah we've heard it before. And of course, Makarov makes them all cheer as they are ready for war.

Pretty much my face when I have a drink too.
Everybody is feeling pumped up, and motivated to do what they have to do, and we finally get the chapter's biggest redeeming feature. Mavis herself, who might actually be physically standing in front of them and is about to explain the truth about Fairy Heart and her hunt for the One Magic with Zeref.

Opinion: I'm sure you saw the problems here as much as I did.

We skipped too much! Both A Team and B Team got home without any other problems, and we never needed to go back for Sorano! The big reveal that Laxus was an entertainer could have been hilarious, but instead we found out about it in one panel without any comical visuals or explanation. In fact, this entire chapter feels like Hiro Mashima had plans for some extra events or chapters involving Sorano or Laxus, but had to skip it for whatever reason.

Anybody else having Tartarus flashbacks?
I think the biggest disappointment though was the Guildmaster problem. I mean, I was really excited to see Erza be the 7th Master of Fairy Tail and I was hoping we'd get some more development but instead we get one panel where it gets tossed on Makarov. AGAIN! Although... this leads me to something I've been wondering about this arc...

If it wasn't for the fact that this was Fairy Tail, I could swear that someone major is about to die. The entire arc is situated around a war (sigh), and this chapter in particular seemed to really want to bring the message home that they really want to live, more than to succeed. That moment where Lucy takes a drink with Cana while thinking about life makes me worry for Cana's life, while Makarov's fate has always been risky with the amount of near-deaths he has had throughout the series. And his age. And his status as "father figure". Wow, Makarov is in danger!

I have a dream... That I won't need to give this goddamn speech another goddamn time! Goddamnit! 
Mavis appearing at the end really helped me deal with the skipping ahead though. Fairy Tail Zero neglected to answer quite a few questions we had about the series, including the extent of her relationship with Zeref, be it romantic or platonic. My theory is that Lucy is connected to Fairy Heart, as is Layla. I mean, the family is called Heart-filia after all. However, I also love the theory that Mavis is the ancestor of Lucy... but I also want Mavis x Zeref which can't happen if Mavis is the ancestor because then that will make Natsu and Lucy related and that's gross!

Manga Rating: 1.5/5

Character of the Week: Mavis for making me not walk away in total disappointment.

Predictions: The One Magic is secretly the mother of all dragons and is the reason Zeref got Death Magic! Of course, this results in Zeref losing his mind and going to kill everybody, until Mavis stops him. She then has two kids with Yuriy, one of which becomes Makarov and the other is Makarov's long-lost sister who is the one that had to seal up Mavis' Fairy Heart power when she tried to use it against Zeref years later, and then this woman called herself "Heartfilia" to show that only her bloodline had the key to release Mavis from her tomb... because of reasons.

Best Part: Mavis begins to tell a tale that all shippers are on the edge of their seats for.

Worst Part: Makarov is now the 8th Master and unless he dies, Erza's time as master was pointless.

Cana.... You REALLY need a boyfriend... or girlfriend.


Damn! We all deserve such a great sight after these disappointments!

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  1. In your predictions, are you saying Layla and Lucy are descendants of "Heartfilia", because if so there is a major flaw in that theory. If your theory is correct then Heartfilia's descendant would be Jude Heartfilia, not Layla.

    1. Oh yeah... Unless Jude took Layla's last name of course.... Ah well, the theory was a longshot anyway.

  2. My first thought when I saw the word entertainer: was Laxus a male stripper?

    1. Damn... I'm hetero and I still consider that one of the greatest images of all time.
      Magic Mikexus!

  3. I predicted Makarov having to tell them about Fairy Heart, but I didn't expect Mavis herself to explain it. Can't wait for her story. Zeref and Mavis probably sought for ways to reverse their curses. They delved deep into the origin of magic, with Mavis finding Love and Zeref finding Darkness. *shrugs*
    Layla, what do you know?!

    1. Maybe, yeah. I'm very interested in the "sin" that Mavis committed too. Maybe she ended up betraying Zeref for her own gain in the heat of the moment when finding the One Magic.