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Fairy Tail Gaiden - Kengami no Souryuu Chapter 1 Review - The Melancholy of a Master

Written by Shiggins

Remember that spinoff chapter where Rogue squeezed Yukino's tit? This is a bit like that.

Ever since Sting and Rogue made their appearance in the series, you can tell Hiro Mashima-senpai is in love with the duo, as are many fans. And to be honest, I can totally see why. They're tough, they're cool and they're not as two-dimensional as some of the other characters. A spin-off about these two was probably inevitable and while I am admittedly disappointed Mashima can't do the art, this chapter is still worth talking about.

The art isn't awful... It's just finding it's footing.
The artist Shibano Kyouta is definitely doing his best here and in respect to him, I will say that it's nowhere near as bad as Ice Trail. It's obviously not at Fairy Tail level but give him a break here. This is a new artist with much less experience. However, let's focus on the story instead. For you see, this chapter begins with a bunch of jewel thieves being interrupted by the badass mages of Sabertooth.

Yeah Sting... I had the same reaction to Jason too.
The thieves are defeated by Rogue, Minerva, Rufus and Orga... while Sting doesn't get a chance to because the others beat him to it. I think we can assume Yukino helped too but I never saw it. Anyway, just as they are celebrating their victory, out comes.... OH FUCK! Not him! Oh god... It's Jason the "cool" reporter.

"Uncharacteristically"? What even is your character anymore? Are you badass, a sweetheart, a bitch... WHAT?!
So back to the Sabertooth Guild where Jason is admiring everybody except for Sting, who is off to sulk. Personally, I'd be ecstatic if that annoyance was nowhere near me but I'm not Sting so I can't judge that. What I can judge however is the outburst Sting goes through that gave me flashbacks of Alibaba wanting a girlfriend (if you read Magi, you know what I mean).

Two all-time lows...
Deciding to help him out, Yukino gives him cookies and Sting starts floating because cookies can be magic now. Apparently, it's a treat usually used to comfort children but it works on Sting and some of the other members too. Thankfully, this scene is short and we move on to the next morning where we see Minerva looking for Yukino so they can go on a job together.

Alright, I'll admit. That's a bit heartbreaking to see.
Yukino arrives, apparently having overslept but Sting isn't fooled and knows she is an impostor because no matter what, Yukino always arrives early. The impostor gets smacked by Sting and we see he is a man who is part of a guild that have kidnapped poor Yukino.

Opinion: I feel like I should like this a lot more.

Sabertooth are great. They're quite diverse and have great designs and the idea of them having their own stories is much-deserved. However, this has the same problem I had with the omake chapter. When it focuses on silly humour so much, it gets awkward. Seeing Sting float about because of cookies... That hurts to write about.

This really does make you want to go Sting x Yukino though, so that could be a plus if you don't believe that squeezing a breast by accident means "ultimate couple".
Yukino is kidnapped! Oh no! Ah, she'll be fine. Unfortunately, they'll have to make sure this could be considered non-canon so I can't see any massive developments or tragedies occurring which is a shame because this story could go really dark if it was allowed to. In fact, I bet a tenner that it's a generic Dark Guild that want something really generic and dumb from her.

Am I going to keep reading it? Yeah, I think I will. Maybe it'll make me like Minerva somewhat. Or I might get a good laugh from Rogue. Just so long as Jason doesn't fucking return...

Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Character of the Week: Rogue for keeping dignity, unlike Sting.

Best Part: The more subtle moments of humour.

Worst Part: Sabertooth love cookies!

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