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Fairy Tail Chapters 446 & 447 Review - The Land Abandoned by God & Escape Battle

Written by Shiggins

Max must feel like crap after this chapter!

After seeing how destructive the ability of sand can be thanks to characters like Gaara, I suppose Max should have always been feeling pretty down about his own magic. However, this chapter would definitely have him crying into that broom of his all night as we finally got our wish and saw another member of the Spriggan 12 in action.

So Ajeel is black and Brandish has green hair? Nice surprise there actually. I like it.
Chapter 446:

Makarov is sweating as he reveals that he wasn't aware Spriggan was Zeref all along, and he guesses that Mest is the reason they all know about the circumstances going on right now. As poor Makarov cries about his failure of disbanding the Guild, Erza and the gang console him and tell him his actions were never meaningless because of his selfless intentions.

Wow, Natsu totally stole Erza's moment there. If I was Erza, I'd be pissed!
With the reveal that Mest doesn't have enough power for more than one more teleportation, the group all have to take a magic vehicle to reach a point where they can immediately teleport to Angel's ship. This is when Spriggan 12 member Hagaku... I mean, Ajeel appears. Obeying Makarov's orders to run, the group turn heel and move to escape someone who is most definitely on Brandish's level.

Yeah. Better not end up leaving her behind by the end of chapter 447 or anything...
Erza even tries throwing swords to slow him down, but they just enter his skin and turn into sand too. As Erza drives, Ajeel gives chase by using a massive golem made of sand. With Wendy and Natsu too sick from the transport, Gray and Lucy get on the roof to showcase their new powers to Makarov and defend the vehicle.

Lucy's new magic is basically the highlight of my life right now... Wow, I'm lonely.
Gray uses "Ice Make: Silver" to unleash a devastating attack, while Lucy uses the arrows of Sagittarius to defend against any airborne threats. Ajeel then disappears and creates an entire pit of sand to trap the characters. As the sand sinks and the characters try to get out, Ajeel boasts about how powerful his sand pit is and how the Fairy Tail gang were never near his level. And as is typical for every boasting asshole, his big trap is destroyed by Natsu's fire who attacks Ajeel head-on.

Rukia would be so proud of you, Gray.
Chapter 447: 

Ajeel gets back up and smirks, recognising Natsu's punch but not really effected by it. The sand moves around to attack and encompass the gang, which makes Makarov finally take action. He shields them up in his semi-large body but Ajeel just smirks and prepares a massive tidal wave made of sand.

I think I saw something like this in a famous manga once...
And just as it looks like Makarov is going to die, a lightning bolt descends from the sky because IT'S MOTHERFUCKING LAXUS! And he's riding Blue Pegasus' airship that has the entire B Team on it! (And Ichiya too). After some banter from the Lightning Tribe that I severely missed and the other B Team members, Mest teleports the gang onto the airship right away.

When Ajeel tries to attack again, Laxus destroys him with a lightning bolt and the aircraft flies away from the explosion. However, we see Ajeel was saved by August's barrier as August implies he does not want to lose a comrade. Of course, Ajeel claims that Laxus' attack would have never killed him and we see Zeref ready to begin!

Opinion: ...Wait, it just ends like that?

Well, what happens now? Does this mean the plot won't continue until Zeref actually sends his entire army down to invade the continent? Also, shouldn't we maybe go back and check on Sorano? I mean... she's still waiting for you guys! I'm not used to such an "okay" ending in this series. It feels like we just ended an entire arc already, but surely that's just silly. Right?

I think Mest just got some rivals.
LAXUS! Just... Just Laxus! Why is he just so cool? Is it the blonde hair? The badass lightning? The furcoat and the last-minute rescues? It is all of these things and more! Anyway, this does lead me to wonder what has changed about him since Gajeel was implying Laxus has been through something or done something new and it's quite a surprise. He seems fine so... theories, people! Is Laxus married? Is Laxus gay? Is Laxus gay-married? Has he become a fisherman? Does he have a family? Is he a dancing queen? Someone tell me!

Ajeel: Wait, does this mean we're friends now? I had no idea!
Speaking of which, the appearance of B Team so sudden is very surprising. In fact, I thought a lot of this arc would consist of shifting between the two groups so we got different revelations and such from each side. Whether or not this is a good development, we will find out soon.

Ajeel is fun in a way I've been hoping for. Fairy Tail just cannot win this one and I love it! Even if "the thing under Natsu's bandage" does give him the power to fight a Spriggan 12, let's not kid ourselves here. He can't take on all 12, as well as Zeref and the possibility of Acnologia. So either Erza needs to pull off the biggest "because she's fucking Erza" moment of all time, or we are going to need to see some major training and development soon.

An interesting resemblance...
August has lost people in the past. It's not exactly subtle but it is interesting, so I think we should keep our eyes on him in the case of a tragic backstory for now.

Manga Rating:

446: 3/5

447: 4/5

Character of the Week: Laxus because Laxus.

Best Part: LAXUS... FUCK YEAH!

Worst Part: ...Now what?

Predictions: Some more banter on the airship, then Natsu will try to protest and stop the airship so he can go back and challenge Zeref. We'll find out who Laxus is married to. (My money is on Hibiki, who is clearly overcompensating for his homosexuality.) Oh and we might get more Zeref.

Wow. I stared at this picture for ten minutes before realising the big dog thing... I got distracted.

Bonus: A new spinoff, written by Hiro Mashima-senpai and with art by Kyouta Shibano (Dragon Collection: Ryuu wo Suberumono) has now begun. Chapter 1 review will begin soon enough.

As happy as I am about this decision, my campaign for Levy Tales will not rest!

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  1. I wonder If the 12 are really as powerful as everyone makes them out to be. All of them are supposed to be as powerful as God Serena, yet Ajeel almost got killed in one attack, does that mean that Laxus is at Serena's level as well?

    1. I think Laxus is the closest to Serena's level since we did see him defeat Jura. If that attack had hit Ajeel, it would have probably hurt him greatly but not killed him. At least, that's what Ajeel seemed to be implying.

    2. That's Leonardo Watch from Kekkai Sensen. I see you. I SEE you.
      Episode 12 when?

    3. Blame Zapp! It's all his fault!

  2. What now indeed. Their goal was to get Makarov out of Alvarez, since the whole negotiation thing went south. I guess Makarov will have to tell what Fairy Heart really is, and plan out how they are going to protect it. I guess Zeref will give a deadline until they start to invade Magnolia of Ishgar, but until then, they have time to get stronger. So training arc? Hopefully no second origin cheap shot. Was one year time skip enough to make them stronger? I wonder what Zeref needs Fairy Heart for...
    And geez will Mashima ever touch on Layla Heartfilia's story and the One Magic?

    1. A history lesson of Fairy Heart and a training arc/montage? That'd be really good actually. And in a previous review, I speculated that Fairy Heart might be a type of purging magic that removes all evil, so maybe Zeref is going to use that to kill himself (and almost everybody on the planet since they surely have some evil inside them somewhere).

      I totally forgot about Layla! So much has been happening, I guess we'll need to wait for that one. If we ever do go back to that, it'll probably be after Zeref and E.N.D.

    2. My theory has always been that Layla had some connection to the dragons, since she died in year X777. Maybe she's actually the Celestial Dragon Draco.

    Err.... I mean...

    Anyways, liked these chapters. Can't wait to find out what's next, and they do need to find Angel (again), but I'm satisfied- it does feel like the end of an arc, though it's only just beginning.